junior school | Reviewer: bharat chauhan | 8/25/14

We sang this at our school in Louise Mountbatten School in the choir and we loved it and the song has stayed with me for years ..so lovely ..one of my best songs

beautiful hymn/song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/14

My oldest son had it in his wedding 14 years ago, now my youngest son is getting married and he and his fiance have chosen it for their wedding. I have also heard it sung in many funerals, I think because it brings peace and hop to the bereaved.

Incredible | Reviewer: cindy zellner | 5/28/13

Every time I hear this incredible song what ever I am doing stops and I just savor the richness of Cat Stevoice.. I feel this song
praises God our heavenly father. It always brings tears to my eyrs and I feel one with God.

Thanks | Reviewer: Mike | 4/21/12

I heard this song years ago. It was part of the soundtrack to a movie called harold and maude. This song is part of all of us. I wish for everyone to he&r it and feel it at least once in their lives.

Beautiful: | Reviewer: Claudia Reaves | 4/19/11

This melody has been haunting me for days and I've no idea why, I knew I had heard it in the past and could only remember the first line and I knew I had to hear it in its entirety-It is truly beautiful-Thank you for sharing it with me. Claudia

In the beginning was the WORD... | Reviewer: kstesney | 8/25/09

...and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God...". This song is a beautiful metaphor of how the break of a new day is like the start of the world in the Garden of Eden.

Praise for new life springing fresh from the Word (Jesus).

Tune: 'Bunessan' (Gaelic traditional); Lyric: Eleanor Farjeon, 1931 | Reviewer: Mike | 4/21/09

You might be surprised to find this in the hymnals of some Protestant churches. The coupling of the tune and the lyric was done almost a half-century before Cat Stevens' emotive rendition of it.

Rick Wakeman, better known for his work with the art-rock band Yes, performed the piano arrangement in this tune.

Prayer of Praise | Reviewer: Clare Parambi | 3/2/08

To me, this song is like a hymn of praise, A 'good morning' to the world. As I open my eyes in the morning this is the tune that comes to my mind, and not knowing all the words has given me a sense of 'non-completion'. Thanks to the writer of the song and the composer of the music and the singer as well. May God bless you all Clare

the morning george was born | Reviewer: frances wedgwood | 7/29/07

When my first son George was born just as a lovely sunny day was breaking the first thing I heard was a blackbird singing and I felt I had been given the sun and the moon and the stars as I gazed at him in the cot beside me and I couldn't believe this wonderful gift I had been given - it was the most amazing mind stoppingly magical and spiritual experience of my life. one day 28 years later I heard these words, realised their significance for me and thought how fitting they were for such a special moment in our two lives.

Interesting | Reviewer: Cassie | 3/30/07

This song is interesting. The lyrics are smooth and bring a tear to some eyes. I feel its a nice calming song. Could be used for relaxation melodies to sleep as its so smoothing to listen too.

Great all time hit.