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Performed by Cat Stevens

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for my soulmate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/11

One day I told my husband to listen to this song....I told him how i loved the way it felt from the heart...he listened intently. A few weeks later he passed away (at 54). This song is special to me...we are soul mates who separated too young. Heaven sent him to me.. I will always love you Jeff

The day my love played this for me | Reviewer: Ellen | 1/11/10

So long long ago, I was with the love of my life, and one weeknight, we were together, and he stood with me and said to me, "Listen to this!" Although it was over 35 years ago that this happened, and he and I are not together...I just love listening to it tonight and recalling the pure love he and I shared.

Foreigner Suite | Reviewer: Aouruoa Omar Abdullah | 12/18/08

This is a very important song for me. As a teenager, when Foreigner Suite was released, I bought this LP that very hot summer. I was amazed by the leangth of the title track, I was amazed by the lyrics of it, I was amazed by the music and by Cat Stevens harsh voice clinging like gold. I played it and played it and played it. The lyrics form both outlines and substance for many a love letter in peoples minds, when meeting love for real, stunned by its imaculate power expressed in all the veins of the body spreading like fever when touched by anything, just anything from the lovers appearence. Nowadays I have also converted to Islam, and found in this mirror looking back on my former life, fragments that eventually lead me to become a Muslim, in the strenght of this wisdom by Cat Stevens sharp pen, although without the power of Allah - Subhana wa te Ale - and His Ultimate Grace making me a Muslim also nothing of this would ever have happened.
Aouruoa Omar Abdullah

greatest love song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/05

I've been enjoying this song all my adult life. It never stops thrilling me. The passion that created this masterpiece fills me up every time I hear it, and I'm reminded of what, and how, great love can be, not only between two humans but also within each human heart.

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