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Performed by Cat Stevens

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The Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/06

Hi There is a lot of confusion about this song, harry Chapin wrote and sang the song, the song everyone knows from the radio is Harry Chapin not Cat Stevens. I think the confusion comes from the word "cat", cats in the cradle and cat Stevens but there is no real link between the two. If anyone believes Cat stevens sang the song, please list the album.

I just checked too! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/06

I was under the misguided impression that this song was by Cat Stevens but it is not! It is only found on Harry Chapin's album.

Which cat in which cradle? | Reviewer: twobluemoons | 2/1/06

I just tripped into this site by accident looking for something about Harry Chapin, and am puzzled by what I read, as I have never heard a version of Cats in the Cradle by Cat Stevens. I've searched everywhere on the Net, but the closest I could find was an album called "Cat's Cradle" -- but it did not have the song "Cats in the Cradle" on it. I've never heard any version but Harry's, and that's the rendition that was famous, I think. If you believe that Cat Stevens DID record that song, which album of his is it on?

this is for u | Reviewer: Lindsey | 1/8/06

ok this is for all the people who say that cat stevens never sang it and didnt really write it.....
nobody is deniying that Chapin wrote it everybody knows he wrote it, so full credit to Chapin it is a great song, but give Cat stevens the credit for making the song what it is now. It has such a great meaning and cat stevens made it a really well known song.

What does it matter? | Reviewer: Dayzed | 12/22/05

Chapin wrote it, Stevens made it. Doesn't matter anyway, the song comes from the heart... a son and father who are worlds apart... and the cycle goes on and on. I know no one cares, I sent the song to my father when I was little, and when you become your father (but it's too late to fix it)... it seems totally beyond your control. Very sad... don't point until you've felt it.

deeper meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/05

This song obviously has a deeper meaning to en entire generation of men and boys so does it really matter who wrote it? Cat Stevens sang it to it's full potential and and revamp would only bastardise it.
Ok so send the royalties elsewhere he probably wouldn't want to get the money for it since he changed religions anyway.

The myth of Cats in the cradle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/05

Cat Stevens did not write this song. If he covered it, I have not heard it. If the Harry Chapin foundation received royalties for every time this mistake was made, the world would be fed overnight.

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