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Performed by Casting Crowns

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who am i | Reviewer: charm | 2/24/10

I love the song- WHO AM I becAUse it reminds me of how great is the love of God for us. I used to sing this song on my own. one day, my board mates heard me sing this song and they asked me about it. and know, this song has been the favorite christian song of my board mates. We are really inspired of this song.

May the message of this song reach the whole world so that people will kneel down and praise God.

I am not near to God.. | Reviewer: Tears | 2/17/10

I don't come near God. I hurt when I think of Him. I had almost all blows in the world and yet nothing seem to stop that I just brace myself for what's next. But I realized, to still be here, he must have shielded me with His self so that those blows will help me keep my life and when I am ready He will guide me to a new life. How I wish I can hug Him and cry and cry.

Miss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/10

right now i feel a heavy burden on my heart of things not going well in my life,,, who am I?!
i do i go through all what i am going through? I am just like a flower, a vapor,,, why should the days be so full of hardships,,,
its not because of who I am,but because of what you've done. Not because of what I've done, but because of who you are.
I will head up high, because you have done all that needs to done for my sake, all the cost have been counted,,, oh no even paid, yes paid...i live by grace.
my honor will be in glorifying your name...Love you Lord.

God is my everything!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: iloveJesus! | 2/10/10

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I love this song!!!!!!!!! And it goes to show how great and wonderful God really is!!!!!!! And the person who wrote "The Lord has come!" I just want to say to you that if you are a believer then i am glad that i will see you in Heaven!

So see u in Heaven-

God bless!

the Humble heart of the Lord | Reviewer: imay"eman" | 2/9/10

many times i fail, i fail to follow the Lord, i always cheat Him, instead of going to church, i stay at my room. instead of praying i devote myself in reading worthless books, but He's so forgiving, he always forgive me, he always guide me, he always,answer my prayer, when i hear this song it makes me cry, because it reminds my past, my bad works, this song is so powerful.
yes, i really admit, i'm a sinner but he cleanse me and forgiven me, and the most important, He makes me His child, His precious child

What motivate me? | Reviewer: Ted Spencer | 2/8/10

Who am I anyway. I ask myself this question many times. Is it because of what I've done that got me where I am? No, it it because of what Christ did for us. He suffered and died on the cross that we could have a life in Him, He showed us what "real humility" is all about. His death should be a motivation for us be have a better attitude. So when we think we are having it bad, let's think how good He made it for us. Thank you CASTING CROWNS FOR THIS REMINDER!!!

God is good...all the time.. | Reviewer: gemma bulan | 2/4/10

life is almost always unfair.. but life loves the person who dares to live it. God often uses small matches to light great torches, no matter how small we feel in this world, we are always special and great in His eyes...

Enlightened | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/10

I had a really terrible 2009. My father just passed away last December - 6 months after we learned of his illness. Even when I was a child, my parents have instilled in me the power of prayer and the power that God has over His people. Growing up, I remember our family being strong believers of Christ. I can definitely say that everything went well in our lives. We've had problems and pains but God has always been at the center of our family and every obstacle and hardships that we've conquered were all because of Him. When my Dad was diagnosed of cancer in July, we got more close to Christ - asking Him once again to guide our life and heal the sickness of my father just like He always do. I strongly and firmly believe that my belief as well as the rest of my family's belief in Him can heal my dad more than anything else. Of course, we still go to the doctor and run the tests and treatments necessary to prolong his life. We've believed in the power of the Lord more to heal my dad even if the doctor has blatantly stated that he's only got a few more months to live - 5 to 6 months to be exact, the doctor said. I graduated with a medical profession but not even that could hamper my belief that my dad's going to get well. Even if I knew perfectly well what this sickness meant, I seem to find myself defying everything that was written in medical books and proven by experts.

And then he died.

It seems to be the end of the world for me and the rest of my family. I've asked continuously what went wrong, where have I gone wrong, what ways havent I done to make him better. Those were the questions rummaging thru my mind on that fateful day. But one more question kept lurking at the back of my mind - why did God allowed this to happen to my father? I tell you, my dad is the greatest dad ever. He did not finish school but he became the most successful man I've come to know. Everyone simply loves him - for his simplicity, his generosity and more so with his kindness to just about anyone he meets. I couldnt ask for more... and then this tragic thing happened. I couldnt understand why this happened. Why God seemed to have left us after all these years. It just seems so unfair. There are a lot of criminals walking around, why does it have to be my dad? Questions of that nature seems to keep popping in my head.

And then I heard this song...

I dont know what happened but it suddenly dawns in me that God might not have left us afterall. I am still in the process of healing and I hope God would patiently wait for me to completely heal. I hope that with this song, I can be renewed again...soon.

Am loved | Reviewer: uggie | 2/7/10

I love this song, it makes me feel loved again, accepted by Christ after all the wrong I have done. Who Am I that he knows everything about me, I see myself as a nobody but with Christ I feel great. This Song has gone far in my life. God Bless

God is our savior | Reviewer: emman | 1/23/10

Whoever meets Christ is Changed by Christ!!! In times of difficulties I have a God to Listen to my appeals, I have a God that is willing to help me. It is true that we have only one God, and this song prove it. How we can response to the love of God that He shares to us? He invites us to follow His teaching and spread His words and deeds to all humanity. Please respond to God's calling because our world today is full of violence and injustices. God Bless!!!

who am I | Reviewer: mary jane | 1/20/10

As what I’ve read the lyrics of this song, and the way I listened it touches my heart. I really appreciate the singer and the composer. They are very humble. They also remind us that despite of what may be the circumstances we encountered, problems and even if what we did whether it is good or bad someone is always there, God. He hears our prayers and he is willing to help. It also reminds us that in every blessing he gave, we must always remember if who really we are. If we feel that we are already in the ladder of success we must look back if where are we come from.

finding myself......through this song.......... | Reviewer: jogie | 1/10/10

when I first heard this song, it captured my attention specially my was heart whelming and very soul healing song...god never forget us specially when we are in our deepest sorrow and problems...
he's my inspiration and a mentor of my success.....
don't lose hope....because god is with us...

eli maravilla | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

Almost the same with everyone else...Before I thought this is a love song... Its just today that I realized that It's greater than any love songs these days... the love of God is the greatest love of all... GOD'S LOVE WILL NEVER BRING YOU DOWN...

The Lord has come! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/09

This morning, I was in bed and I couldn't get to sleep, so instead of trying to sleep until 10, I got up at 9 and felt a nagging to get on the laptop for some reason. I was sort of hoping my crush was on (he hasn't gone on for ages) and I thought, Who Am I? as I was eating breakfast. I searched it up and... Voila!
God has brought me here.

this song means a lot to me.. | Reviewer: Wewillwin | 12/7/09

this song is so powerful... it actually connects me to heaven i'd say whenever i listen to it.. this one's really deep ...all that is needed is to really connect to the song...

trust me people... spare some time on some midnight n go to your terrace or sit back on the grass in a farm somewhere n listen to this song on ur earphones while you watch the moon and stars..

see how it takes over you

PS - we should all be really really grateful to CASTING CROWNS for this masterpiece :)

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