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Performed by Casting Crowns

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God has done a lot of work in my life | Reviewer: nichole | 11/26/09

THIS SONG IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES AND WHEN I FIRST HEARD THIS SONG I WAS LISTENING TO LIFE 107.1 KNWI. My aunt introduced the station and that made me change some of my thoughts. I even am considering becoming a preacher.

God is amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/09

Thelma and Bwiko.the first time we heard of the song it was on our brothers laptop and then we got it and put it as the ringingtone and it was later changed to the message tone. We now have the lyrics and we sing it over and over again. Its realy amazing that nomatter what we do and what we go through God never forsakes us.GOD BLESS.

GOD I am yours... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/09

this is a very good song.... it greatly touched my heart and intensely warm it to back from what i had before... i am so thankful for the message of this song because now i believe that god is the reason why there is a trial and after that trial a humble beginning will open for you... just trust him and you will find what you want to be in your life...

God is so wonderful! | Reviewer: mg pajarillo | 11/19/09

I first heard this song on the radio and i love the meaning of the lyrics. And i fully understood the message when this was sung during my mom's matter how heavily laden we are, if God Jesus is our fortress, we are not left alone for we are His children and He loves us so much. He is just waiting for us to call upon His name...God bless!!!

God Knows "Who Am I" | Reviewer: dimencia | 11/12/09

Many people love this song, but did they actually really know the meaning of this song?like in our place many people love this song because of the ryhme and rhythm., but they didn't know what the lyrics means T_T..For me this song is great., i always remember God when i hear this song., i hope that all people would understand the meaning of this song before its too late.,

good and touching song | Reviewer: ruth l. varte | 11/9/09

its a good good song i heard it first from my frens mobile and then later i sent it to my phone and use as my i hear every morning and really make my day fresh...its my wake up call every morning...and even now and then i use get different kind of miracles in my life.....God bless

WHO AM I.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/09

i heard this song in the radio... until someone sung it in our recollection day... it touched my heart and realized that God is there to listen everytime i need Him... but im not aware of calling Him... so many things i realized with this song... it really affects the listeners...

amazing song | Reviewer: jj | 11/7/09

the first time i heard the song, i immediately looked for the lyrics. i played the song again and read the lyrics at the same time. my tears were steaming down...i was just so touched. i realized how i've fallen short of God's glory yet He is always there if we only call on His mighty name.

GOD, I AM YOURS | Reviewer: Nerine Azores | 11/5/09

So amazingly, I heard this first in a bus with an open window, I cannot fuly understand the song but it touched my heart immediately. Every line makes you see the WONDERS OF HIS LOVE. With humbleness you can say "I AM YOURS"

God is our strength... | Reviewer: lino | 11/3/09

the first time i heard the song, immediately searched for the lyrics and got hold of the cd..i really love the song for it reminds me of God's presence in us especially in times of crises...i have gone through many crises in life since year 2000, and i am so glad that i clung to Him and it gave me the strength to go on...indeed God is our strength...

Who Am I | Reviewer: agnes | 10/27/09

What a wonderful song, It make me feel so blessed, so loved, that despite of who i am, there is someone who says he loves me, not because iam good enough, or because i deserve it. I heard it first on the radio, i searched for it tirelessly until i found the lyrics. I am yet to get it for myself as in my country we dont seem to have much of this. I listen to it online but it keeps buffering. I will not stop until have it.

amazing love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/09

my housemate has this song in his laptop..i heard him play the song and i was was indeed a great song..its a confession of Gods grace and moves mmy heart every time I hear this song..Praise God..shalom

Who Am I | Reviewer: edz | 10/22/09

When I first time heared the touched my heart..I couldnt believe that these song has so much meaning in our lives..God is really good all the time, we just have to acknowledge his goodness all the time..Have you thank the lord today?

nice | Reviewer: ciara | 10/22/09

.i heard this song from my cousin.
.he asked me if i know that song.
.i said no.he answered me that it is popular in theie town.he let me to listen to that song,.and i asked what is the title, he said"you should guess what is the title".i searched it on internet, i found it!!..and i always listen on it,.i repeat it everytime it is finished. i put this song on my cellphone,iPod,laptop,mp3,and it is the only song that im listening, and i realized that the world is lucky because im part of it,.I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!

Who I was | Reviewer: Kennedy Odife | 10/17/09

I heard this song first on d radio. Since then, i searched 4 the song relentlessly until i got it 4frm a friend.
Actually, i must confess this is a wonderful song which everyone shld listen to.
It reminds me of what Christ did 4 me, being a wretched sinner.
Thx to God who gave Casting Crown this wonderful inspiration...

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