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Performed by Casting Crowns

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he's always there... | Reviewer: chloe | 9/4/09

i sometimes givin' up all the chances that's left in me when pRoblems had strikes me,,i, sometimes need a helping hand or an ear that's ready to listen me... i thought of being helpless many times BUT then it wasn't the reason for me to give up..
god is always there for me..that song reminds me of how god had revive me for so many times.. that song had touches my heart that made my eyes teary..

bright morning star by roxanne enriquez | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/09

ive heard this song few months ago, during our annointing service.. this song is played together with the video presentation of some parts of passion of Christ. i am a Christian, but ive gone through rough times as if though suffering and pain has to overwhelmed me. i lose at our campus council election where i run as the president. i was turned down by some of my mentor in representing our school for outside competition. I didnt got the chance to be the editor in chief our our campus publication. i got sick, i slowly becoming weak. and ive started to question Him about why all of these are happening at my last year in high school. i am deeply losing my faith, nearly to give up in holding on. but then, one night, my sister came and she showed me her newly bought phone. when i was browsing its music player, i saw this song. then it moves me.. and it reminds me of what ive watched during the annointing service.. it reminds me of how God suffer just to save me! This song shows me how great is our God that despite of our thousands of failures, He still forgives us each time we repent. though we are always hurting Him by committing sins, still, he remains just and loving to us. Christ died at the calvary as the payment for our debts. He laid down His life for us, us who are sinners, earthly people.. That's how much He loves us. And there's no greater love than that. I discover what's my purpose here on earth, and that's to be His servant who'll continue His unfinished business.

marta sanchez | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/09

i heard this song at my church i was at my second recollection this song touched me i started to cry because this song and kids testimonies really did reach out to me and i started thinking who am i and i said i am a servant of god here for a lil while and i started to remember everything i gone through and let it all out to the past know i am am another person who found who she is

Who Am I | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/09

This song is so wonderful! I've just heard this song when I went back home to Philippines last mnth. it was when my sister is playing this with her guitar and my brother was singing. I was wondering why my borther was crying when he was singing this song.So i looked up at the lyrics that i figured out the content of the song. I love the melody even if I wasnt able to read the whole content of the lyrics and the song. Even how my sister played the intro. My brother wasnt really a religious and a bit rebellious too. But, with Casting Crowns Song Who Am I. It touched him and Im so blessed with that. So am i.. Blessed and touched. Glory to GOD!

Morning Call | Reviewer: Janette Promise Oftana | 8/23/09

Setting alarms is one of my routines. It's really difficult waking up without it. i love tones that wake me up quickly--and mostly, i choose high-pitched and high-toned ones..tones that rock my morning like Queen's I wan't to break free..and yeah,seemed effective though.. ;D
One night, a very special friend of mine slept in my apartment. I didn't know he sets up tone in his alarm too...The next early morning I thought i was still on my good dream hearing a wonderful sound of Who am I. It was not the first time I heard that song, but my heart got excited hearing more..more..and more of it.
Who am I makes me appreciate my value as God's marvelous creation each day. It became the very first beat and rhythm of my morning. it's now my Godly morning call. Thanks casting crowns and to u my very special friend ;).. u know who u are. i love you. ;)

Conquering the FM Stations | Reviewer: Larry Lucian E. Lluisma III | 8/21/09

Just these recent months, this song "Who Am I" remarkably hits the FM Stations' chart here in Manila, Philippines. It is being played over and over. It's amazing how people love this - Christians and not. For non-christians they just simply love how the music was arranged. But as they listen to the song, somehow I believe that they are also touched. It wouldn't be an "always-requested" song if it is not.

I first heard this song when I was in my fifth year college (if my memory is right), 2007. I was in Mindanao State University - Marawi City, a Muslim-area campus but where most of the students were Chrisitians. It was popular that time in Marawi. At the same time, the song "Voice of Truth" was also a song to love.

I'm glad these songs popularized again today, here in Manila. Thank you Casting Crowns for spreading a wonderful, truthful and meaningful song. May your kind of song be shared to all.

Thank for being an instrument of God's word.

I am His. | Reviewer: Rommel | 8/18/09

i can't believe that this song will give life to my spirituality. when i heard this song from a talent show, i feel like God is talking to me about who i am. and when i am contemplating the meaning of this song, i could not but think about my mistakes and faults which i've done to others, and how God made me very contented and lucky to have the things i have now, and to be one i become now. it's all because of what You've done and who You are. I am offering my love and trust in you, and i know that i am Yours! thank you God.

God is good all the time! | Reviewer: Phaivey | 8/11/09

When I first heard the song, I don't know what I'm feeling, I can feel my heart beat fast, I've got teary eyes and I was asking my self who am I really? For the past twenty years in my life, I always keep asking my self that same question "Who am I". And now, after hearing the song, I already got all the answers. You see, all of us, here on earth are carrying big problems or trials in life. But in the song, it's telling us that no matter who we are or what we are, rich or poor, God is always with us and hear us from our call. He's always there to catch us before we hit the ground, and help us stand again. If we only think of positive things in life and not all the problems we're facing, then we can overcome whatever trials that comes our way. Let's just trust God and always have faith in him. "And you've told me who I am..... I AM YOURS!"

god is good | Reviewer: jimjim | 8/13/09

...i wanna say thanks for this song because through this....the goodness of reveal in everyone's a christian I'm proud for this song and to those who implement god be the glory...!

God is a father whom shall our worries and fears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

The first time i really hear this song is during my high school graduation as a doxology prayer.and as the song was played with the interpretative dance,a really cry a lot as i hear it's message for us all that GOD is not only our creator,indeed a savior and redeemer, whom i shall entrust my life,for he's the authour of all my bleesings,and in him i really raised all,and he's GOD i shall never feel the fear for i'm with him all the time,and this really conveys to convert life to renew your soul,for if not now,when?when can you realise and put GOD in your hearth

im in love.... | Reviewer: SENDOH AYEN | 8/10/09

just wanna express my feelings towards God...Im so happy that God is always there to catch us whenever we fall...this song means a lot to me..if we just believe in him everything will run smoothly....

wow | Reviewer: tylor johnson | 8/9/09

i love this soung it moves me in ways i cant say because god knows. it is a very good soung i sont know who am i but god does just thank wow one sec u thank nowone cares but they do because god does

Who am i | Reviewer: Antony | 8/8/09

When God created this world he did it by the word of mouth .He said let there be man and man was created many of us under estimate God this song clearly tell us Christians if the ocean heard his voice who are we it is only because of his love to us that we are alive .This world in not our dwelling place but heaven is lets all do what Jesus wants us to do .Lets do what made him take our shame, receive him and he will lead the way Thank

Life Changing | Reviewer: Breanna Waid | 8/6/09

I live in a small city in Indiana and im 13 (14 soon) years old. This song is so beautiful. God Bless you for writing it. When I heard this song it made me think. "I am a flower quickly fading here today gone tomarrow" we have a life and it's not long enough to waist. Were not garrenteed the next breath we take and why are we upset about pointless problems. I supose somtimes we forget who's still in charge, we forget who rose from the dead, who is LOVE. Why are we afraid to witness to people, "oh i'll do it tomarrow" what if there is no tomarrow for them. Would you rather offend them and possiblysavr their soul or wait until it's too late and they're gone. School starts next week and I need your prayers because Jesus is coming with me. I'm ready for God to move and bring revival. 5 boys were driving down the road. They ran of the road 4 came back. That one who died did not know the Lord. I'm not letting that happen again. God woke me up. It's time to do something and bring my peers to the Lord!

I will never be alone | Reviewer: Rein Chester A. Sawi | 8/9/09

Kn0w what? When i first heard this song really liked it,. Since, i am the kind of person who don't show my feeling and hurts to everyone because i am kn0wn to be silly, naughty, happy, talkative and all thing Seems to work so fine yet i have so much hurt kept inside-deep down from my heart,. So when i sing this song, it reminds me that i may never be alone, he was here always,. Everyone can leave you but not him,. He who gave me my life should be give as much love as what he has given us,.

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