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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Nice Song | Reviewer: brem | 9/17/10

Nice song, every tym i heared that sang my emotion goes outside myself,, i mine i cried and remember that GOD is always there to guide us,,, FAITH to him is the key to communication.... that song remind me that i must be gratitude cause GOD is always here for us wether BAD tyms or GOOD tyms. I like the song most.

GOD | Reviewer: petey | 9/17/10

i hear this song and it make me thing about who i was in the past! and who i becaming right now!! true story falling inlove with the wrong person male me realize that i need to fall in love with GOD first who am I! when i know i did wrong in puttin my eyes in some one instead of putting them in GOD.. my past is following me putting me down but i know iam HIS and HE is in every step i take in life......

god saw my he cheer me up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/10

if i hear this emotion comes out..i don't know why because it makes me cry every i hear it..
and specially given me strength and faith. and if something out of my control and i don't know what i'm doing just to make that things right. if i hear that song, i thought that everything gonna be alright.

very touching... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/10

i first heard this song played at Mart One Tuguegarao. And suddenly i was in deep silence and can not move. This song really moved me so much that I realized that its important to become a christian manager not plainly manager. i became more attached with my people and of course with myself and to GOD. Thats why i asked our customer service representative to play it again and again. When im in deep trouble i just listen to it and im at peace. Love you LORD.

god for all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/10

i love dis song so much , it really inspire every individual. most especially to those people whom they do not know themselves. it relate to my personal life and i think also to those who can listen for it . it so great and very touching. i became more positive person and i am strongly believe with god. i love to hear this every time i was alone but i also wanted people to hear dis too. love everything in this world and to god . our almighty. tnx a lots.

by: god lover

God is my Supreme lover | Reviewer: rhomlyn | 9/6/10

I love this song very much!I have a cd of this bcoz the lyrics really touches my inner being.i lost my way many times but God's actions or ways helped me to face and enjoy life positively.I am like a flower quickly fading wen I'm hurt.but God gives me love and care for me to grow as a person as he calms all the storms in me.Indeed, God will always make a way for me to find "WHO AM I?"

Myself | Reviewer: Dapot Andri A. | 8/1/10

When i first listened this song. I love it very much. Lyric of this song make me remember what god have done to me until now. Oh God, thank you for all. Now i know, all i do must be for You, cause of You i know and learn everything.

who am i really | Reviewer: myself | 7/19/10

when I first listened to this song I didnt no i could be his! i now no that you stay or you can fade its not easy though! but who said it whas going to be right! i love this song it has sooooo much meaning behind it!

Who really am I? | Reviewer: Christian Madrazo | 7/14/10

This song of casting crown is a very good song for everyone.who am I?I know Im nothing but God is everything.He made me to become his child and to be like him.Im very thankful bacause in my life i know he is always there for me. God I beleive in you.

Back to think and thank.... | Reviewer: marly | 7/12/10 really in a deep of thinking when I came back to read again all those reviews from this song it really touches me..coz until now I feel alone but with God I feel whole.Lots of problem but i'm still counting on to God's Love. I know His somewhere out there watching and guiding me
all through out my life, thru rains or storms in my life He was there to shed me.Even if sometimes i deny Him because of so much pain that i felt but He is still there in my heart and leads me to a good path, Thank you oh Lord for everything.

inspired | Reviewer: sheryanne | 7/8/10

indeed its not because who i am or what i have done but its thru His unfailing love and amazing grace that i stand.He looks on me in love and calms the storm in my heart,the God of all creation chose to know my name.haleluya i love God my savour.casting crowns God bless you.

who am i | Reviewer: baby | 7/6/10

this song really inspire me, when i hear the lyrics it gives me hope that the Lord is always here with me, lifting me up in times of troubles....
thank you LORD for choosing me to be your child!!!

god is good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/10

amen thank you jesus god is awesome and i love him sooo much he has done marvelous things for me and my family and for that we are greatful and blessed to have him in our hearts soul mind body spirit amen thank you jesus

who am i | Reviewer: aishwarya | 6/25/10

its an awesome song .... wen ever i feel bad about stuff happening in my life ..i jus listen to this song makes me feel special ..tat god cares for me ..he cares to know my name nd feel my hurt ...
it tells me ..tat a strong person like our father ..acts meek ..nd wud call out through the rain to calm the storm in me ... we r immortal ...we r nuthin infront of him ...even then he listens to us ...does miracles for us ...nd forgives our sin ...
he is a great great god !!

I found myself | Reviewer: Vince | 6/30/10

Upon hearing the song, i craved for hearing more and more, and replaying again and again for I relieved some uneasiness experiencing as of the moment.But because of the message of the song, it helped me feel that no matter what happen, somebody is there taking care of me unconditionally. I found myself in Him, I found my happiness, I found who really I am...

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