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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Who Am I............ You are important! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/08

Aubree - God does love you and will not abandon you. You are not alone. Others sometimes feel like you do, but things will get better. Sometimes Jesus helps us through others. Don't be afraid to seek help from someone you can trust to have your best interest in mind. Maybe this is a parent, priest/minsiter or relative. Miracles happen every day if you only look around and notice them.

You probably know the story, "Footprints in the Sand". A person is walking on the beach with Jesus and there are two sets of footprints in the sand. When the beach gets rocky, there is only one set. The person asked Jesus, "where were you when it was rough?". Jesus replied, "This is where I carried you!"

Thank You Kanani | Reviewer: Aubree | 3/28/08

I don't know if you'll ever read this, but you don't know how much that means to me. I'm trying to keep going. It's such a blessing to know that someone is praying for you. You're truly a miracle. Thank you so much. I can't wait to thank you on the other heaven. It really is a miracle that I saw your response. Something just told me to check this website today. What an encouragement! It really makes life all the more worth living when you know that someone cares. Love, Aubree

Stay faithful | Reviewer: Kanani | 3/27/08

I love this song, so true about us. For we are so broken and God still accepts us. When the praises go up, the blessing come down! Aubree...if you ever read this, know that I am praying for you. Don't feel selfish to ask for prayer. Stay strong, stay faithful and stay in the word (the bible). For all your answers to your struggles are in there. Take care and God bless...

loved it!!!!! | Reviewer: Winston | 3/12/08

Really its so meaningful!!! And when I heard this as a first time , I was really touched not just by words ,but in my heart!!!! I can only say that 'this s how God leads me day by day. yea, really loved it!!!!! God Bless!!!!

Prayer | Reviewer: Aubree | 3/11/08

I love this song - it brings so much hope. Could I ask you all a favor? If you're reading this, and you find the time, could you please pray for me? I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound selfish, but my soul may depend on it. I'm so confused. I thought that I was a Christian until a few months ago, but now, I'm so weary and confused, and I just can't go on anymore. I'm so close to just falling into my despair and disappearing forever. Does God still love me? If He does, why has He rejected me like this? What did I do? I'm thirteen. Is this depression normal for someone so young? God Bless you all. ~Aubree~

blessing | Reviewer: YANYAN | 3/11/08

indeed, this song was truly inspired by God for human race. to understand His Amazing love. psalm 8:5 says "what is the man your mindful of him?" this song is the answer to the question. praise God for this song. all the honor and glory belongs to God alone. amen....................

heal me Lord | Reviewer: rose ann | 2/29/08

i love this song. I was losing my hope when I first read the lyrics of this song..and I realized that God loves me no matter what the world tell about me, i know God would still believe in matter how they are putting me down, God would save matter how i was hutr right now, GOD WOULD HEAL ME..

who am i | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

GOD is good, when the first time i hear the song,
LORD told me inspite of all wrong deeds ive done, HE still love me, and even you...lets go back to GODS love and will...(victory christian fellowship of urdaneta, phillipines- dan's small group)

in CHRIST__mj | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/08

wow!!!Great is our living GOD..His mercy nd grace nd most of all His unconditional love for us...!wen i hear dis song,im so touched nd reminded of who i am nd wer i came from...that we are nothing wihtout HIM nd we can do nothing apart from HIM...Thanks 2 our Living GOD,our SAVIOR!

GOD BLESS U olweiz!

Beyond Human Knowledge | Reviewer: Annette | 1/18/08

God has been so great to me...I was on my way to go and loose my virginity (at the age of 13) to a boy i just met, then i stopped at a shop, and i heard dis song bein transformed me there and then....
from that day ive became a christian...i stopped ALL the bad things ive been doing...X


carlos | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

god is so great.... he help me change my life.... the song feels me happy everyday i hear this song... i love you LORD.... lets all come back to the plan of GOD for us.....

Beautiful thought | Reviewer: Paul | 1/16/08

what a simplest and most complicated question is that, who am I? this song gives us a thought, an idea to ask ourselves, to look at ourselves objectively from the God's side

Who Am I | Reviewer: Eiyele | 1/11/08

I've read some of the lines in song through my devotion last night. I never heard this song before but i was amazed that when i read the lyrics, the melody just came into me and suddenly i'm singing to it. the song has a big impact on my life and help look through life in a new perspective... GOD BLESS YOU ALL

WOW!!! | Reviewer: ........ | 1/2/08

wow the Lord is so ever loving, ever caring and ever graceful that he reminded me that i am from dust that i am nothing without him....
Who am i that the Lord would save me and love me, not because of what i have done or anything but rather who is He and what He has done for this world including me... i am ever thankful to HIM who save and love me... how great is our God Almighty and i hope may this song continue to inspire others and be reminded that we are nothing without GOD...

God is MIGHTY ! | Reviewer: Jennie | 12/28/07

God is just like a stem. And we are the flower. Without him, people can't see the beauty of our flower.

And I was very touched when I first heard this song. It makes me feel how precious is God's LOVE.

God bless

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