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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Amazing song | Reviewer: Fanney | 6/4/07

I love this song.. i first heard it earlier this year when my boyfriend told me about the band casting crowns.. its a wonderfull song.. when i was younger, i thought the Jesus could not love me.. becoz i was a terreble person.. i grew up in a very shatterd home.. and people have done all kinds of bad things to me and i thought i wasnt worth nothing.. but then ofcourse Jesus came to me and I opened my heart for him :) and this song is just amazing and showes the feelings of many people.... Amazing song :)

AMAZING | Reviewer: tracy | 6/3/07

this song is sooooo touching. i loved it the first time i heard it! (i still do!) wen casting crowns rote this song...they really were thinking about their how they are not worthy enough 4 the LORD 2know them and AMEN! the lyrics are really amazing and i couldnt put a better way 2explain myself (or everyone else in this world)thank u and GOD BLESS =)

Who Am I | Reviewer: Brenda Mayinga | 6/1/07

What a wonderful song!! it is realy Good and blessing to know that we are flower quickly fading here 2day and gone 2morrow,like a vapor in the wind. It is telling me that anytime God can call me home so I must be clean. I first heard it in my sister's house she bought the CD, and I was so shocked to hear such a words actual was the way God wanted to Talk 2 me and after dat I got SAVED. AMEN

lucky song | Reviewer: dihkei | 5/31/07

this song is really great.. i love the lyrics itself.. a memorable song for me.. that's why it is lucky..

This is awesome | Reviewer: Toluwa | 5/26/07

This is song is one in a million, the song is amazing and inspiring and touching and uplift my spirit anytime i listen to the song and made me know how much God loves me.

whi am i | Reviewer: lyn | 5/25/07

...i rally love this song...i first heard this when they sung during the tistemony time...this reminds me of the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ...God is so great...

Love it!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

I also love that song, I always hear it while Im driving and its very often that tears come to my eyes, because I feel God`s speaking through that song right to me!! Thank u, Lord!!

who am i? | Reviewer: Charyssa | 5/23/07

i love this song, every time i hear it, it reminds me how i could be nothing to the rest of the world but to God i am everything. i sometimes think about how it's hard to believe that God can hear all of our prayers, that's a lot of prayers. but the truth is, he can, and he listens. and he loves us very, very much, this song reminds me of that every time i hear it.

wow | Reviewer: Theodora | 5/12/07

i first heard this song at the student life conference in dallas in february. it was played by casting crowns, and the feeling was overwhelming. i don't song is one to help uplift your spirit during the week.

Amazing | Reviewer: Katie | 4/30/07

My church choir and I sang this song last Sunday in front of the whole church, and I believe that God really spoke through us to the entire congrigation! It was simply amazing! It felt as if no one was just singing because their parents were watching them from the pue, but I truely believe that everyone was singing for the glory of the Lord! It felt great to be able to sing this song! It really touched me in a special way, and I will never regret or forget this special feeling!!

AWESOME!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jessica H. | 5/4/07

Oh my gosh! I absolutely looooooooooooooove this song. I'm singing it Sunday(May 6)!!!!!
Keep making fantastic songs.

GOD'S MErcy! | Reviewer: LAI | 5/3/07

Man cannot fathom the awesomeness of God, He truly loves me despite of what I have done. care enough to know what i am going through. and everytime i hear this song, i cannot stop thanking God of what He has done for me. the lyrics itself is simple but full of meaning, keep it up Casting Crowns!

hurray f0r this s0ng! | Reviewer: mayee | 5/2/07

i heard it when it was played in our school..and it really touched my heart!..and i love it!,,i l0ve to hear w0rship s0ngs!..,

This song is so powerful! | Reviewer: Karen | 5/2/07

I don't really listen to a lot of Christian music but the first time I heard this on the radio, I felt like it written just for me. The words describe perfectly how I feel about the Lord but most of all, somehow, I can feel his spirit in it, telling me how much he loves us all, everyone one of us. I play it over and over again, and it brings tears to my eyes. This song could only be written by someone with the Holy Spirit. You just feel it in the words and the tune. What a treasure!

simply amazing | Reviewer: brianna | 4/28/07

this song made me feel like God really does care and it really helped me cause it made me want to get confermed and even though i have listened to it like 100 times ever time i hear it it really just says everything in my heart the song is simply amazing

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