Reviews for Who Am I Lyrics

Performed by Casting Crowns

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Most awesome song | Reviewer: Elisha | 12/1/07

I love this song. I can relate a lot to it. I love to sing it too. The words are so powerful and touching. It makes you think. Who am I that God would die for me. I'm a sinner and i all i know is that he loves me so much. It definately makes you think wow we have an amazing and awesome God.

The song is wonderfull | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

I´m girl from Denmaek. Denmark is a contry in Europe. Abaut 4 month ago Casting Crowns were in Denmark an played. The song Who Im I is the most wonderfull song I ever heard.

God blesed you every one!

i need help | Reviewer: Tasha | 11/21/07

i want ot learn about god more and more but i never gotin touch with him until myfriend told me about him ... and i listened to Casting crowns it really touched me and i want to be a good person! ♥

trully make me strong... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/07

i'm Stephanie.. i know this song so long a go.. when my sister played it in my itunes.. but.. this song was touched my heart when i was in my retreat

i know my God will help me and i realized that He will never let me go.. really inspired me... and i hope will inspire all the people who hear this music..


light in darkness... | Reviewer: dave | 11/19/07

this song really inspire me...when im down im olweys listen to this and miraculously after the song i feel well...i feel Jesus is with me...and this song teach abt the sacrifice of god for us...praise his name..GBU!!!

who am i | Reviewer: Grace | 11/16/07

i am Grace from Kenya this song is the most wonderful thing to hear in the morning when one is going thru a depressing time.God bless casting crowns and continue inspiring them

who am i? | Reviewer: Chase Wilson | 11/14/07

I am an eleven year old boy who was headed for a very sad life of fire then I met a light named god now i'm a very strong christian who am I am I worthy I don't think so because of my former life but it's not up to me now I love god we are flowers waves and
Vapors but now I know i'm a christian who am I i'm a
follower of god praise him

amazing.. | Reviewer: chris | 11/13/07

who are we.. that were getting loved by wonderful God and he whom sees our unbelievable sins will look unto us with infinite love and
forgive us with his own blood....
would you die for Jesus..? if someone points his gun to you and say do you believe in Jesus,
would you say yes. i Do. ?
He died for us.. he died for our sins.. Believe Jesus, God with your faith and inside belief.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

i've never listened to Casting Crowns before, but when we practiced singing this song in our youth group, it just completely took me over. I was praising Him and I didn't care who heard! In the end, everybody looked at me because I was the loudest singing and actually doing a really good job. Thanks for such a wonderful song

EXTRAordinary | Reviewer: Jennifer | 11/8/07

This song really inspires me. I have decided to sing it at my church...along with my cousin...and hopefully inspire someone as it has me.

great and inspirating song | Reviewer: Elias Silva | 10/27/07

Im ecuadorian and i used to listen this kind of songs...all that i can say is Oh God you are blessing people in the world to speak and sing words that i cant...thank u Lord.

Casting Crowns are awesome!!! luv them!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

Who Am I is a very great song!! i luv to sing and i probably couldnt tell you how many times i have sung this song at so many different churches!! its a very touching song and has a great meaning to it!! People if you dont get a blessing out of this song then something is wrong!! its a awesome song!! great job Casting Crowns!

who am i? | Reviewer: ryan | 10/26/07

Who am i?.. i am really inspired by this song.. i love God, Jesus' love for us is infinite, what an undescribeable feeling when Jesus is with us.. just love and follow Jesus Christ.. let's commit and submit our life to Him..

God,who am i? | Reviewer: miggy | 10/22/07

i really like this song. i just had my retreat last oct 19-21, 2007. i'm with my classmates. this song made me realized that i must turn myself back to God. i'm such a bad kid. but after the retreat, i found myself in the arms of God again. i was touched by God in my heart. he welcomed me again and accepted me eventhough i;m such a bad child. i'm very thankful to him and made me realized that i'm special, you are special, and we are all special. :) thanks God always and there is nothing imposible if God is there.. remember, God is always there. he never leave our side...

inspiring | Reviewer: mimi | 10/19/07

i love talaga the song inspiring napakakalma ko ang self.pag wala samood .. i love and my boyfriend love this song so much....:)

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