The reverberating, most powerful voice..... | Reviewer: mark brian antonio | 11/2/14

In every step we are going to take along the journey in the narrow and dim road, we must only depend on the light of HIS instructions. We may be called once was a filthy being because of the sin we have made at the past but we must not let the past knock us down. We must not listen to it, but we must listen to the voice of truth. The voice who uplifts burden into a blessing, a problem into a solution and sorrows into joy. That's the promise of CHRIST that will never be ruined by anyone. Listen to the uplifting voice because HE has a special plan for your life, HE's still working on it.

The voice of truth. | Reviewer: Felicia Omotoso | 3/18/14

I woke up this morning with this song in my heart. I believe it is a word from God telling me not to listen to all the other voices that are speaking. I believe I have received my deliverance this morning.
The Lord will bless you and make you a blessing and a joy unto many generations in Jesus name.

I have blessed...... | Reviewer: Nathan Paul | 2/5/14

I have blesseb by this song.I have heard that song from a group of singers had sang that in a Holliness camp in Pabrabuk,the pacifi Bible college of Papua New Guinea.
which I believe its really change my life...

This song is a vehicle of the Holy Spirit | Reviewer: Jorge I Rodriguez | 1/25/14

I had not heard this song since my days in California...when it came over my Christian station I could not hold back the tears thinking of where I was last Sat. night, drunk n on a date, both of which I said I wouldn't do again..but there I was pulled over by a Ct. State trooper with a bible on my front seat from Fridays bible study......n he let me go n I thought....thank you Jesus for your mercy. This Sat. night I'm home...sober!!! :-)

can't stop crying | Reviewer: Chinedu Lawrence | 12/3/13

Thank you casting crowns. Thank You Jesus for victory. Thank You Jesus for encouragement. I won't be afraid just as the voice of truth has spoken. And i'll listen only to the VOICE OF TRUTH.

I find the real hope, security, and love in Jesus | Reviewer: Sheela Socito | 8/29/13

I first heard it, from my brother. Everytime I felt conscious, anxious, and weary.. I quickly play this song..(only 2 song in my cp) that behind discouragement, fear. I have Jesus who knows my heart, and can help me to overcome any circumstance. It always remind me that the one I am pleasing is not people surround me, but the Lord from above. This song always lift up my spirit.. to work as if Jesus is the one I'm really serving. Praise the Lord!

I will choose to listen to the voice of truth | Reviewer: sonia | 8/6/13

I’m being inspired & strengthen with this song.So many times im being discourage by my past failures,as if no more chance to come,but I choose to listen & believe the VOICE OF TRUTH.God bless you Casting Crowns.

Revival | Reviewer: Acme pandit | 7/15/13

I'm so inspired and awakend, what an amazing ministration!, this is one of the musics i can't do without because in that difficult time i used to think it is over, on my own i just decide it's the end, a voice is always asking me never to quit, the actual significant of that voice reflects in this ministration.

Glory to God | Reviewer: Chiso Sapitana | 6/4/13

Am touched with this song What i wud do to hav the kind of strength it takes to stand before a giant with just a sling & stone,David got his victory with nothing but faith in GOD,i now believe that"Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it" i'll never give up though the pace seems slow.
CASTING CROWNS hoping to join your singing in heaven,let us hope that you will be in heavenly choir,i believe you wont fail,right? See you there.

Lyrics of the voice of truth. | Reviewer: Seun Ogedengbe | 3/18/13

The voice of truth tells me a different story. And the voice of truth says do not be afraid. And the voice of truth says this is for my glory. Out of all the voices calling unto me, i will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth. Oh what a wonderful revelation, motivation and inspiration.

Lyrics of the voice of truth. | Reviewer: Seun Ogedengbe | 3/18/13

The voice of truth tells me a different story. And the voice of truth says do not be afraid. And the voice of truth says this is for my glory. Out of all the voices calling unto me, i will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.

This is one of the Best Songs I've heard! | Reviewer: Dorwen Yu | 3/12/13

this is my first time listening to a song the is made by Casting Crowns. from the lyrics from the song, it motivates me to study harder for the coming years to come. because of this song, I learned that God is always with me whenever I have problems. the line " The VOICE OF TRUTH says "Do not be afraid"" strikes me te most. I'm a person who gives up easily in different problems. But I realized that I shouldn't be afraid to anything. This song tells me that in every problems I face, God is with me to help me. Thank YOU GOD! Awesome song by Casting Crowns!

Voice of Truth | Reviewer: Phil | 3/1/13

This song helped to save my life. Your other songs did no damage either. Seen you in concert in 2012 and was only 6 rows back. Will get front row next time you are in area. Looking to get tickets to see you in Ashville, NC if I can find. Thank You for being a servant of the Lord.

Only LIsten to the voice of truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/13

Listening to voice of truth just reminds me of many challenges that through Christ i have overcome time to time i was born with a condition that makes me sick and weak most of the time, Being in high school where i had to miss classes many times and was sometimes not strong enough to handle activities as the rest. Many waves will lough at me that 'boy you never win' But Voice of the voice of truth encouraged me, i passed my exams and now in the university, God also provided my university fees through ways i never expected.
My advice to any person who will read this, don't listed to any other voice BUT THE VOICE OF TRUTH.

greetings | Reviewer: samson keya | 1/18/13

Dear brother in Christ,
Family and christian greetings to you via the good name of Jesus Christ our Father the Lord.We all thank Him for the great care for the whole of the year 2012,Its our hope that we will end the year with Gods power of winning souls and telling others the will of our God.
I pray for Gods blessing for all the people in U. S. A and all saints of God in America in the year 2013.May you continue looking up and God will bless you and your family.We still pray that God will bless you and send us Bibles and materials for evangelism.May the Lord God of blessings bless you and all your plans in the year 2013.God bless you brother.
Your brother in Christ,
Samson keya.
p.o box 30 post code 40212.
East Africa.