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Performed by Casting Crowns

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this is God's word | Reviewer: rita | 3/22/10

i heard the lyrics of this song while watching the movie "facing the giant" and since then God has been using it to strengthen me when i am weak and feel overcome by anything or when my past is so much of what i see.I pray that song writers continue to let themselves be used by God to reach folks out there.meanwhile God bless casting crowns.

the voice of truth,the voice of God | Reviewer: rita | 3/22/10

the first time i heard this song was while watching the movie "facing the giant" and since then God has been using the song to strengthen me when i feel like all is lost and also when more of what i am reminded of is the past.I pray song writers and singers will make themselfs available for God to use the reach folks out there in this difficult life.Meanwhile God bless Casting Crowns

Jesus Saves! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/10

I will always love this song, it has so much meaning. Satan will tempt us, but when he is always listen out for Jesus. I love how the Casting Crowns use bible stories to tell the story of this song. Lord i lift my friend to you, she isnt doing the best and bring her back to you, remind her of the day she got saved and how amazing it is. I hope she is listening for the voice of truth.

salvador roy,m 22,ph.manila,tondo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/10

Praise god,yeah god is great..Very inspiring when i hear the songs cause i can successful handed all problem that will arise me everytime face it so i choose and believe him the truth is always there..Now i become stronger cause the hands of god is with me i touch and feel his spirit around the reason is being human god create me so he sent his begotten son Jesus to pay our sin and blood is wash away our pain that is THE VOICE OF TRUTH...I am thankful for all good thing because my life is full of hapiness,hope,glory,radiants,patience and love i feel good physical mental and emostional nal..All things are possible like that songs..more power to all god bless.

His Grace Is Sufficient | Reviewer: Shaun | 3/8/10

To have Christ Jesus Almighty in your life,is the ultimate choice to accept,If we do sin He is faithful & just to forgive us our sins 1 John1:9.This song uplifts you saying you can do all things through Christ who Strengthens you Phil 4:13..CHRIST IS KING!!!FOREVER

His Voice | Reviewer: Ashley | 3/1/10

He will always call to us. He loves us and He wants us to hear His voice when He needs us the most. Remember God made all of us in a special way, He wants us to listen to Him so we don't get tempted by the Devil. God bless you and keep you safe.

Age: 13

New creature in Jesus | Reviewer: karla | 2/25/10

I decided to have Jesus in my heart and i have a big battle in my mind and this song help me focus my eyes in Jesus, that hes in control of everything and he let us be tested cuz he has a plan for us, and maybe we dont understand why we go thru problems, but hes always is in our side.God bless you.

Thank God | Reviewer: aljen | 2/10/10

this song is really inspiring.. it always reminds me that whenever i feel unfortunate still God is with me and lead me in a right way. I know that He will never abandon me because He loves me...Thank You so much to our Almighty God!!

great almighty god | Reviewer: Brittanie Strouth | 1/28/10

This song to me is a song of truth because no one has the strength to do the things in battle.
This song is so true. Our god is almighty and helps us he is our almighty god i think people will be touched this song. Really people don't realalize how great our god is and how good he is to us I hope whoever reads this will respond to me by emailing me. If none of you have seen facing the giants ,the blindside ,or fireproof I inspire you to watch them

God is my rock...that I'm hanging onto for dear life. | Reviewer: Kateri | 1/3/10

I heard this song the other day and it gave me a renewed sense of hope. I am going through a very rough time in my life and I do sometimes hear the voice of the enemy trying to tell me I will never overcome, that things will never get better, and that I should just give up. But each day I keep fighting to overcome because I have God. And through him I can overcome. I can win. Praise you Lord and please carry me through this time of darkness.

A Theme Song of Giant Slayers! | Reviewer: Jett S. | 12/15/09

Whenever I heard this song, I am so encouraged to look at the things in my life as not impossible nor miserable, but looking at my life as victorious and indeed a conqueror of things without fighting because God is always there with me. The same God who favored david in slaying Goliath, the God of Moses, Abraham and other mighty men of GOd. I would choose to listen and believe the VOICE of TRUTH. Cause above all, God's Voice prevails.

amazing God | Reviewer: cindy | 11/27/09

life is always full of twists and turns....sumtyms u fil lyk giving up...but u realize God is just waiting for u to call on to Him and..before u know it, He's the one carrying u all along..the problem with us humans is that..we sometyms put God aside and make Him as our last resort..if all else fails..which is not suppose to be...i've had my own share of facing "giants" and im so thankful that i don't have to face them alone..because God is with me always...tested and proven....God sure answers at the ryt place at the ryt tym...To God be the Glory.........

This song is Awsome! | Reviewer: karri Willard | 11/16/09

when I was at youth camp we sang this song and so many people got blessed by this song and I was one of them even though I was in the choir singing it with them it touch my heart so much I will never forget this song and who ever reads this I hope you will lision to this song and I hope it will touch your heart as it has touched mine. God Bless You all.

I am more than conquerors! | Reviewer: Mervin | 11/6/09

I'm sure that inspite of my weaknesses, God will never allow me to be fall down. I always trust in Him. He is my refuge, my strength and my shelter.

Through Him, I am more than conquerors.

Romans 8

Love Jesus | Reviewer: Annie | 11/1/09

I am so glad and thankful that in the midst of my sorrow I can surrender all of the bad to God. This is such an uplifting song that reminds me of what an awesome and incredible God we have. I love it. LOVE JESUS! God bless you all!

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