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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Touching | Reviewer: Eric | 1/22/09

I am only 13 but when I here this song in makes me cry.
This is A great song for everyone old and young.
This song shows that people trust God so much that they do
so much things to prove it. I was going to sing A song for Church
and I chose this song because it is really a touching song.
I listen to it a lot and it never gets borring.

Facing the giants | Reviewer: erwin obdin | 1/24/09

I've been so inspired when I first hear this song,
I'd just watch the movie this week. And I can't believe what does the LORD do for them, He's very amazing.And all I can say, there's NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE with God!!!

amazing!! | Reviewer: bob | 11/3/08

i absolutely love love love this song!
so amazing and incredible.
i listen to it every single day it is so amazing.
i love singing this and the meaning behind the lyrics is incredible.
how mark hall wrote this through the struggle of his childhood dyslexia and stuff.
yeah, this song is the!

This is for My Glory | Reviewer: airamatsncire | 10/8/08

i have been a christian for such a long time now, to be exact 19years, i once accepted Jesus as my savior on August 3, 1989 - i still remember that Day, i was led by the Holy spirit to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and the same feeling i felt when i first heard this song last october 2007, when i bought and watch the movie Facing the Giants, i love basketball very much, but everytime i see a movie reagrding american football, stories of people and how patient they were and their passion to this game, that i would love to see.. i never thought that this movie is inspirational and spiritual in nature, a football coach who never won in 6 years, getting baldy, and has no child for a long time, i said to myself huuh...kind of difficult, the school board of directors wanted him out.. kind a discouraging in life and to live as well, but one day he finally met te BIG ONE (Jesus), just lyk me, 19 years ago, i've been going to the church 13years before i finally met the BIG ONE, i thought everything is fine, i thought i was already saved because my family are one of the pillars of the church, and i am busy with youth choir, but all the things i've been doing are none sense at that time. now i am married, working in a multinational company, having a small business, that the Lord has given to me all, He has been very gracious to me and my wife.. of course we wanted to have children but if that is the Lord's will then so be it, probably i was not meant to have children and to raise them, and as the voice of truth says... "This is for My Glory"

yah know what you are all right, everytime i listen to this song, it makes my heart cries that i cannot stop even in front of people, i am practicing it ryt now to give Glory this coming sunday in our worship celebration...

God bless Casting Crowns and God use in His ministry on earth!!!

Cuts my HeaRT | Reviewer: Jill Estrella | 10/6/08

I really, really love this song! It just strikes the innermost part of my heart when I listen to it.I could remeber how God demonstrated HIs love for me and how HE demonstrates it daily. I've got to listen to the Voice of Truth- Jesus Christ

loved the song !!! | Reviewer: mar | 8/25/08

This is a beautiful song that tells us clearly at what we should listen always, ofcourse the voice of God.
The first time I heard it was on the movie Facing the Giants, great movie that I think everybody in the world should see it.

"with God in our lives, all things are possible"

"Jesus is the answer to all our problems"

TOP 40 | Reviewer: TJ | 8/11/08

"Voice of Truth" is like the new generation of the "Eye of the Tiger". Its the most motivational/spiritual song that I've ever heard and should be one of those crossing songs on the radio because for those who have the slightest doubt in belief, it will reach out to those that need Christ in the heart.

the voice of truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/08

this song has really made me closer to GOD.for a while i did go to church but now i go all the time now im suposed to be doing a dance to this song in front of my church and i was scared at first but then i really listened to this song and now im okay with doing it

God bless everyone | Reviewer: Claire | 8/1/08

i heard this song at our church organization. and i heard this again on the movie FACING THE GIANTS, and i sooo cried a lot. God is all powerful. God bless everyone. This song touches lives. Let God be Glorified and Honored.


Help through cancer journey | Reviewer: | 7/17/08

hey there.. I just have to say thanks for this song.. it was our theme song through my cancer year of 2005. There were SO many voices out there... do this.. do that.. fear the future... worry... fear and more fear. We clung to the 'THIS IS FOR MY GLORY' line... and God has been SO faithful!! Not only did we make it through when that was uncertain, but we are stronger and God has opened so many doors for us to share our story. He has indeed used it for His glory, and we are humbled and blessed. Thanks, CC, for allowing God to use you to bring hope!!

woo! | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/9/08

ive been having alot of problems "getting out of the boat" with my spiritual life.... this song has really helped me. im going to NYC on a missions trip in a couple weeks! pretty freaky, but im excited.

casting crowns is amazing!
God bless...


I just want to say thank you so much counting crowns for writing this song, it has really helped me in alot of areas where i was spiritually lost and dead.I wanted to just sing it or listen to it and bow on my knees to thank God for being the voice of truth in my life. the Voice of Truth tells me not be afraid because it's for His glory..

Best song ever | Reviewer: anon @ PSALM 23 | 5/24/08

I just want to say thank you so much counting crowns for writing this song, it has really helped me in alot of areas where i was spiritually lost and dead. one of the problems it helped me in was wen this one girl ate my skwl was giving me hassels and my one very good christian friend told me to just listen to this song, and i must say since tehn i could and still can handl eanything that she throws in my path.


Deep. | Reviewer: Muthoni Kabugarah | 4/5/08

This song is deep. speaks directly to my heart. when i got convicted by the Holy Spirit to give my life to Christ for keeps this is the song that took me there. azin I dint even like gospel music but that day i was singing that song like i was the one that i was the one who had written it. twas truly moving. it will always hold a special place in my heart. be encouraged y'all. Jesus is the Voice Of Truth amidist all thind yu and I go thru.
Mungu Awabariki....that's Kiswahili for God Bless Ya.

I Love this song | Reviewer: A person | 4/4/08

Casting Crowns has such nice songs. =)
It makes me come back to God so much, and I get so touched my it, and I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit back to me again.
I once got so drifted away from God that even when I tried to get back to God, it didn't seem the same. But then Casting Crown's song helped me to get back on track with God.
This song is my favorite especially, and then the "Who am I" song and the "Lifesong" is cool too. =D
Casting Crown's song blesses me alot =D

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