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Performed by Casting Crowns

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very encouraging | Reviewer: danielle | 3/27/08

I feel so blessed to be in touch with God again...God helped me to have faith again, along with the help of my friends and my local church...I am so greatfull! And everytime I'm down, or I begin to feel like I'm losing touch, I listen to this song and all my troubles wash away.

God Bless everyone and thank you Lord!

Touched | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/08

The lyrics to this song are truly touching and encouraging. It sums up everything I've ever thought about pressures from the world and ties it to Jesus. I love the creative venue they chose to express God's love. AMAZING! 5 STARS!

God Bless

voice of truth | Reviewer: jonathan dobson | 2/13/08

i really like this song because i used to be a failure and used give up everything i did every time i messed up. and when i heard this song it amazed me and i decided for once i was the driver of the car even though i am nine



he is my savior for the rest of my life.and i will dwell his house | Reviewer: rechelle | 2/6/08

i really2x love this song very much coz it gives me an encouragement to my life.and i really praise God for everything for what he has done into my life.and i give all back to the glory of God.and this is telling the voice of thruth.and makes me touchable into my life...GOD BLESS YOU ALL>>>>>>>>>

God is the voice of truth!!! | Reviewer: Elisha | 2/1/08

I really love the song! The first time I heard it was at youth group and I wanted to just sing it or listen to it and bow on my knees to thank God for being the voice of truth in my life. Thanks to God for loving me and being there for me!!!! Can't wait to meet him in Heaven someday!!!!

voice of truth | Reviewer: eliza | 1/23/08

i love this song!!!im puerto rican but i love english music more than spanish i mean spanish has nice songs to but i think english gives me more understanding and hearing this one i loove it .As soon as i heard it in 94.3 i mean i my be only 12 but i felt something in me.i may have heard this song like 20 or more times thats how much i love it one day i want to sing it in my chruch.i had to get the lyrics

good bless
eliza cruz puerto rico!!!!

It's all for God's glory... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

I'm soooo encouraged by this song. i recently moved towns to take up a job where i really believe God wants me to be. left all family and friends and christian community behind. i am scared of failing God... coz "i never win"... but the Voice of Truth tells me to not be afraid because it's for His glory! wow - we serve an AWESOME God. And it's ALL for HIS GLORY! All praise and honour and glory be His...

Where Jesus is | Reviewer: | 1/15/08

As I heard the song "The Voice of Truth" this morning on WRCM the words " climb out of this boat I'm in ... into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is ... Do not be afraid" grabbed a hold of me and I realized in a new way that my boat was depression, rejection, and loneliness. I had done a yoga class earlier this morning with a small group of people who are delving into meditation. The word from the instructor was to go deeper into yourself, a place where you've never gone before searching the realm of their unknown self. She used the example of the describe ... It seemed to me the exact words from this song except this song directs us into the realm of the unknown "Where Jesus is". In my exploration of meditation and going into myself I find nothing. Going into the realm where Jesus is I find Love Acceptance and Joy. Thank you to the author for writing the words and putting the music to it, Casting Crowns for recording it, and WRCM for playing it, And to our all-knowing God who timed everthing to place it in my life at this most opportune moment.

..beaituful and enriching.. | Reviewer: marigold manlosa | 1/13/08

...the somg voice of truth os a one pice if art that is enrichimg and can encourage a weary heart....
...ot exudes so much power that o was moved and touch by the serves as a powerful driving force to never give in the race of life and to continually move forward with life's race..
..may evrybody learn to appreciate the truth and and realize that the Lord is always on our side..

my testimony | Reviewer: jhyzhone | 1/4/08

the first time i heard this song, i felt the presence of the Lord. it seems that He is talking to me. at that time also, we were searching a name for our team and then i recall this song. from then on, we call our worship team VOICE OF TRUTH.

GODBLESS:) | Reviewer: jan | 1/3/08

i feel so blessed when i first heard it in AM RADIO at 702 DZAS , although i dont know the lyrics but theres something in that song that touch me( my inner me), GOD is so wisely and powerful He never stop calling us and remind us THE VOICE OF THRUTH , is JESUS is always in a big YOU ? then always LISTEN to the VOICE of Thruth wich is JESUS. Thank u and GOD BLESS you more :)

the voice of truth | Reviewer: Taylor | 12/20/07

i think that thisson is very nice and it makes all of my friends like it and they don't even go to church though i know you do not have to go to church tolike a song but still i think that this song is insperational to others and tells them not to give up

help | Reviewer: sjppo | 12/9/07

this song has pulled out of the dumps every is teasing me becaus i'm english and i talk strange this song makes me look forwd to the next day knowing God is with me

He's my everything | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/07

its a very good and inspirational especially to us Christians.. When i first heard this song, i cried.. this will only reminds us that God is always there, and there's no such thing as a loser. We can say that we are the winners of this world because we are the sons/daughters of God and because we have putted our trusts and our everything for his purposes to our lives. God bless you guys.continue to do what is good and pleasant to the eyes of our Only One,and All-knowing God.

this is me! | Reviewer: marco | 11/29/07

i am a bible school 20 years old and im in my fourth year now and part of our curriculum is to be sent out somewhere where we can put to practice our learnings about biblical matters and church administration and some sort of that stuff...basically thats what im facing right now....the school has sent me out into the field, into a place where i have no so-called fiends or acquaintances. its scary, although i was train for it but its just really scared me a lot! i dunno what to do but i know there arent comfort zone upon following Christ! and i have to give up my rights for him but due to my upbringing, childhood experiences, i tend to im in great doubt. should i proceed or back out? which is which? im kinda embarrass because i have this teeth problem--i have an ugly teeth which makes me hideous (i think)..this is the reason why i want to quit but as the song played in the player (ive heard this many times and i like it very much but its only at this very crucial time i was able to integrate the words deeply) ..i think i ahve a small GOD! im sorry Lord!

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