Helped me stay strong for my baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

My baby was born very premature. She had to stay in the hospital many weeks. We had a very long drive to and from the hospital and every time I heard this song it reminded me that God does see us through everything. I knew this was a passing storm and I just praised him for the life that was my daughter. She is a year old now and the light and joy of my heart.

Dealing With Hurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

This song has brought me through some dark times; times when I was angry at God for taking away my grandfather who was also my pastor and and my friend. This brought me back to remembering that there is no pain that God does not attend to. And in time, I started to reflect on His greatness and power to reign over our lives in the most just way. Nothing that God has allowed to happen is without purpose or that could remove us from His love for us. If I held dear was taken away, God would still be awesome and worthy of my life. So, I am learning to trust Him and "give thanks in all things" . Be encouraged brothers and sisters ;-)

As the thunder rolls | Reviewer: Julie Huneycutt | 3/12/10

We buried our precious 20 year-old daughter, Anna, today. She had battled presciption drug addiction for the past few years. The struggle has only been tolerable through God's grace. I knew when she died on March 6th that I wanted this song played at her funeral. God had spoken mightily through this song to me and I listened to it constantly.

Here is God's amazing mercy of today: At the graveside it had just begun to rain and the pastor was speaking about how some lose their way but God is still there, and when he said that, there was a roll of thunder and the skies opened up with a dark rain. It was so POWERFUL. I was not saddened but heartened that God showed His mercy and He was actually telling me at that very moment He was with me. He IS with me and my precious Anna is with Him.
We are establishing a fund through our Community Foundation called 'Anna's Hope' to help other families with children of addiction. God will and has already been using Anna's life in a mighty way. The music of Casting Crowns is a balm to my soul and God is glorified through this music. Thank you for your gift.

Thank You for this Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

I'm a 20 yr old college drop-out who is lost and confused. I've been through a lot of storms but GOD is everything. I will definitely praise him through all the storms, trials, sufferings, pain because he works in mysterious ways. I know GOD you have a purpose for my life. I can't see it right not but I BELIEVE... GOD IS AWESOME!

Hurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/10

this song hasnt done anything for me. it just makes me realize what GOD has done for me. i have played it over and over a gazillion times. my best friend in the whole world of four years lied to me apparently more than once and when i found out...well, i cried myself to sleep every night for months wondering wut i did to make her not care when she lied to me. if she ever happens to read this, i want u to know that i forgive you. i doesnt matter if ur sorry or not...i forgive you. those of you who are older and messing up ur lives, im only 14 yrs old. God wont wait forever before He tests u. get ready. thank you casting crowns for making this song, yall have sang about something noone else wants to sing about, thank u.

the storm in my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/10

my wife told me 2 weeks ago she didnt love me and she hasnt in a long time but didnt want to hurt me....she packed and left on valentines day...this song has been what has kept me going i have it on is an annointed song

... | Reviewer: dixon phillips | 1/27/10

this song has blessed me with everything that i am going through right girlfriend and i of 16 months have just broken up and this song gives me hope and shows me that God cares for us..and the fact that all of our tears are held in his very hand amazes me..i love this song

powerful song | Reviewer: Diana | 1/21/10

This song has blessed me a lot, esp during my hard times I've been having lately. I believe this song has blessed many people too. This song made me realize no matter how bad the situation you are in, God never leaves you nor forsake you, as what He promised. Thank you Casting Crowns for writing this song. It is such a powerful song

Praising despite the pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/10

This song is helping me get through one of the saddest moments of my life. The earthquake that occurred in Haiti has strongly affected my family. It sucks not to know how your loved ones are in such a tragic disaster, to watch the videos and see pictures of people suffering but every time I want to cry, I think of this song and it gives me hope.

A song that tugs at your heart | Reviewer: Al | 1/7/10

I am so blown away by the passion and love that God has put in this group. Their songs are amazing and God have used them to build my life up on the rock who is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Everything has a purpose in life, especially storms in my life. How easy would it be to just have a life without problems; however,it's with those problems and tribulations that we learn to to live to love God even more.

God bless you all!!

I will praise Him in this storm | Reviewer: Moses Zimba | 12/25/09

How does it feel to be a reject? I'm expriencing rejection in my life right now which has resulted in depression in my life.This song strengthes my soul to take courage and still praise Him and i know all this will come pass.

A 10 year storm, but, still praising HIM | Reviewer: Mary Pfister | 12/28/09

Entering our 10th year in a store front Ministry, we continue to Praise Him through all the storms the enemy sends to try and close our doors.
But....God always gets the victory. We will be using this song and our theme for our New Years Eve celebration. THANK YOU for this song.
May God Bless you richly in the coming New Year.

praising God in every storm | Reviewer: bridget | 11/30/09

wow, the first time i had this song, i promised to lift up my hands and bow down my feet in every storm because of the courage i got from this song, its a very amazing sog that causes the blind to praise God

In every storm | Reviewer: Haley | 11/25/09

This song is so amazing. It lifts me up everytime I hear it and it's like everything goes away. I recently started playing guitar and I can feel God move within me when I sing this song cause this is my own personal form of praise.

Lori RN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/09

I have used these words to help some of my patients and their families as they face medical storms. I just used this song today to help myself face one of the largest storms a parent can face. My heart is shattered. You see, God blessed me with a beautiful son 26 years ago. I love him with the depth of my very being. I am afraid I will lose him. He is an addict and in legal trouble again. No matter, I will praise Him through this storm. I know He holds every tear I cry in His hand and never leaves my side. Thanks for making this song. You have touched many with it. God Bless!!