praise him in this storm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

Just a few days ago when, i introduced to this song, im in my lowest point of my life. i am a singles for christ for 5 years now, even though i am, still there come a time that im trouble by problems and trials. a week ago, i have a problem in my work and in my colleagues and i thought that i will give up, and i thought also that when i have my annual vacation on december i will not coming back here. But the Lord, sent his angel for me in a form of a human and a singles for christ also, later then, i told my problem to him, and he let me hear this song and by then i am lifted up...really do god answer my prayers, he will not leave you in times that you need him, in times that you dont know where to turn to or to run to. he will be there always waiting for you to call him and to run to him. as the lord say " my child you are not alone, for wherever you are i am always with you". God loves as so much, the father will never abandoned his children specially in times the he needed the. Have love and faith that everything that were goin through will come to an end and there will be a better day for us. Lord will alwyas be with us no matter what happen just hang on in his love u will never be alone...
Yay!! thank you casting crowns for this wonderful and meaningful song you really are gods angels....and i say "AMEN"...i love ou JESUS i wll praise you and you alone....


Amazing | Reviewer: ChristianGirl | 6/18/09

When I hear this song i get goosebumps. Like im scared. But i'm not. I'm more amazed than scared. His power carries on. Strong and true. This song paints a strong image that reads "Praise him any where and everywhere."
"No matter what you are going through praise him ask for help and never be ashamed to ask." "For he will answer whoever calls" He IS with you.
He is allmighty. He gives and takes away. This song has a great point.
I was raised in a christain envionment. I have been singing this song since I was 3. Now I am older and I fully understand and appreciate his love.

love the lord | Reviewer: abegail | 5/28/09

its a beautiful song in my heart praise the lord for he save us from evil love the lord your god and thou shall be save amen casting crowns i have a message for you do not give up sing for the lord our god

every tear i cry you hold in your hand | Reviewer: helrodz | 5/21/09

yeah this song makes me feel like we r not alone im going thru a reely hard time in my life right now is relly a long story but on sept,of 06 my wife and i desided to get married a three days later my mom in law my wife and me got babtised lil that i know that by getting married i was going to lose my prevalge to be here in the united states of america i grew up in los angeles CA since i was four years old my dad didnt make that much money at that time so thats why we didnt become citizens cause there was no money to pay for an atorny and pay for the INS aplications it was four of us that were illigal any way a six months later my wife and i moved to Georgia and we bought a beautiful house in chatsworth a year and a halve my working permit expire so i wasnt able to renew it beacause i had gotin married so i lost my prevaleg to work my wife cant work do to an injury to her shoulder so i had to go back to california were i know a few employers that were mentors to me when i was yong and they hire me paying me cash so that i dont have to loose my house but the sadest part about it is that im away from my loving beautiful wife but thru my storm i hear him say im with you because if wasnt than i would of lost everything i love and own but never my faith


This song came to me at a very critical time in my life. There was trouble in our church and a storm that just kept getting bigger and bigger. I never thought it would touch my husband & I because we weren't people to get involved in petty things. And then one day it touched us and it was such a violent storm that it nearly crushed us. I am so grateful that He hears us when we call. And where would we be if we didn't ever go through a storm anyway. You can't live on the mountain top but you can go through the valleys and the peeks. I's so grateful the He is all powerful and He is my strength! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

saved | Reviewer: noah hensley | 5/6/09

i want to say i am proud to sevre the lord i got saved in 08 summer i was at camp caswell it hit me i am going to hell if i dnt accept him i thought it was a joke life was a joke but i realized he is allsome and he rose from the die on the 3rd day god is alive if ur not a christ it bad christ make life funner and hard at time but u aint save trust me it the best thing it happen to me . my motto is " take it day by day ""live ur life wth god i am 16 i love god and i aint ashamed

blessed | Reviewer: Isabel | 4/24/09

this song is so powerful and it gets me through the day even though i am 13 i've gone through allot and hearing this song helps me to realize no matter what i do God will love me when i fall he'll catch me.just a few months ago i would hear this sound in my ear and i use to hear it when i was little and my mom would pray over me and it was gone but i faced it yet again when i was 11 or 12 and i didn't believe in God my mom was a strong christian still is but she kind of forced it on me and i always thought i was christian cause my mom was but i just thought if God was real all this bad stuff wouldn't happen and so i doubted him. but when i started hearing the noises again my mom took me to church to get delievered and i didn't want to but the paster prayed over me for awhile and i ended up falling in love with church i found out so much about God and i started to love him i didn't want my old life anymore i wanted to star over and believe,believe that there will be a better day believe that no evil in this world can break me and so i got saved and since then i'v taken baby steps but i learn something each day about God about myself.i thank God for giving me reason for bringing me to life.i am proud to say that i am christian and love God.this song is so powerful because its my life and in the confusion and ways of this world trying to cosume me i will praise him in the storm i will not back down i will live for him and him only i will love God always.

Unfailing Love | Reviewer: Brett | 4/23/09

I believe there is a time in everyone's life where they feel alone and tortured. They feel they are fading and are filled with pain. However, those who praise God anyway lose more of themselves and gain more of Christ. The Bible says, "You're blessed when you're at the end of yor rope." May the Lord Jesus send His Holy Spirit upon all those who visit this website. May all their pain and sorrow be washed away, and may God bless all those who go onto this website. JESUS IS MY ONLY SAVIOR AND KING!! HOLY< HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WHO WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME!!

Praise The Lord | Reviewer: Kara | 4/23/09

this song lifeted me up. everytime i listen to this song it just reminds me of so many things about my life. then i realize that no matter what i will always have the lord ther by my side to help me when i fall. the lord works in so many ways all u got to do is believe in him. every tim im feeling down and i think im starting to fall all i do is turn to the lord and i know that he will always be there by my side to help me out and that he will lift me back up where i need to be. i have made alot of mistakes in my life and then i look next to me and i know that he is still there. god is so great. he loves each and everyone of us equal.

Keep your head up | Reviewer: John Neverland | 4/16/09

I love this song because it spoke to my heart directly. I am a pastor and being a pastor it's not easy when you have to speak words of courage,hope and faith to those suffering around you when you yourself are in a storm. Sometimes we Pastors play the part of the clown we have to be happy all the time and make everybody laugh, Even though we are hurting inside and need someone to talk to and cry with. I told the lord that I will praise him no matter what because of who he is and not because of who I am. Every tear I cry he holds it in his hand and I know that victory is mine.

i will forever praise you in the storm | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/12/09

First of all I just want to say this song has helped me to remember that God is an awesome God and he will never close one door without opening another. This song actually helped save my life. About 5 years ago I lost my dad along with my grandpa and uncle when i was only 14 years old, the three were in a tragic car accident. They were hit head on by a drunk driver who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A year later my best friend was killed in a car accident. A year after that my great aunt passed away from a heart attack,that same year my great grandmother passed away. A year later I lost another family member. A year went by where everything was so perfect everyone was healthy and everyone was beginning to be happy again. 2009 rolls around my best friend loses her mom to cancer..i find out the love of my life has been cheating on me, i lose a 18 yr old friendship and to top it off my 3 year old little cousin dies from unknown reasons. I've had a very stressful life,but even though I had to lay my dad to rest and watch my family go through pain and hurt I stayed strong and kept my faith in God's hands. God doesn't always answer our prayers but he does everything for a reason. All the questions we have will someday be answered. You just have to always remember to stay strong and no that no matter what you are going through in life God will never leave your side he hears every word you say to him. He is an amazing God he will never steer you wrong. Just keep faith in him and never walk away from his glory. He is the best way to help mend a broken heart.

praise that touches Gods heart | Reviewer: amanda | 4/5/09

i have been through many many storms in life and at some points suffered depression from the trauma of incidents, a pastor came to see me and said just thank God, praise Him.
i could not just break into song but as i looked out the window i saw a tree and said thanks God for this tree. everyday it got easier to find things to be thankful for, it helped lift my eyes off myself and helped me rise above the storm instead of being pounded by it.
we are most powerful when we praise him in our darkest times and keep our eyes on Him.
faith is trusting Him to carry us through even when we dont understand with our human minds.
i love this song and all these testimonies.
This is how we overcome. YES! PRAISE YOU JESUS!

praise God always... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/09

yeah always praise him whereever, wheneveer, actually i'm very moved by the story from everyone review to this song....
lately i'm in the bad condition, i'm unemployee, single and alone. i'm so upset beacuse i always fails to get what i want...yesterday seems the hardest of all...i cry all day....
by hearing this song i know for sure that He is the God that Give and takes praise his name...eventhough i don't get it this time..i know God knows what best for me...this is the i must cheer up...


All mighty | Reviewer: buddro00 | 3/6/09

This song has a lot of meaning. to me it came when i was weak and was going down the wrong path and was slowly fading away from christ when i heard this song it made sense that no matter what i do and no matter what i go through that GOD will always be there and all i have to do is call out his name and praise him and he is there.... on a side note there is a verse that has really helped me out also it is psalms 61 1-4.

God is with you always | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

Recenly my husband had given his life to God. We have a new baby and his past came to haunt him.He is now incarsereted and facing 50 to 2 life sentences. I am writing this song to him to remind him that God in his mercy is always with him and will get us through this very difficult storm. Please pray for our family. Thank you.