amazing!!! | Reviewer: mike | 2/28/11

I have heard this song so many times, and loved it. But it wasn't until recently that this song had real meaning in my life. Four people close to me have died in less than four months, and my job in ministry looked like it was coming to an end. On top of that, the enemy was throwing lies into my head that I actually started listening to. That's when I got on my knees and prayed. The holy spirit reminded me of these lyrics. I will praise him no matter what because He is God. He gives the authority to give and take away. I love You Jesus!

WOW | Reviewer: Sharon | 2/8/11

I felt like a real gullible idiot because of everything this guy told me. He would always say sorry when he did things to protect his stupid reputation. I came home today and cried when I heard this song I felt like God was talking to me. Told me I need to let go and come to Him. I really love the Lord and all the ways he works!

Praise be to God | Reviewer: Michelle | 12/19/10

I heard this song the first time last year and it wasn't until this year that I fully felt every word of what it meant. My husband, 2 children and I lost our baby girl Addison right before delivery (3 days prior to being induced). God made it possible for me to breathe during this storm and gave me the strength and courage to live day by day. I know that my daughter is up in heaven with him and I praise him in this storm and the next. I give my life to him.

No storm is too big! | Reviewer: Lynne marian | 11/30/10

I first heard this song the week I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What an amazing encouragement this song has been during my journey. With each step, (double mastectomy, chemotherapy treatments, hospital stays) I play this song LOUD and Gods love covers all over me and I am full of joy! I can honestly say I am praising Him in this storm. This song running in my head keeps me focused that nothing is too big for my God. This song is my cancer anthem. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing it and for sharing it. God is my strong tower and the source of every blessing!

simply humbled............ | Reviewer: nanci | 11/9/10

"I'll praise you in this storm.....big or small, I will praise you. In the crazy of life, I will praise you O God. I will praise you and you only. Thanks you God for loving me. I WILL PRAISE YOU IN THIS STORM.

how amazing is our God | Reviewer: jidhdishds | 10/17/10

I think it is a wonderful song. I know some of it but what gets me is its telling us how amazing God is. And it makes me smile. It just makes you want to worship and it is an encouragement. It also tells you about how God gives us things when we derserve them and when we dont he sometimes takes them away. And it is such an amazing song to hear it brings joy to my heart when I think about it. And God has helped me a lot with things like going to a new church and other simple things that bother me cos he not only help us with the big things he also help us with the idi bidi probloms. It maked you think I LOVE YOU GOD if you are reading this i want you to scream I BELIVE IN JESUS or I LOVE GOD.

heartbroken | Reviewer: Rebecca | 10/14/10

Every time I hear this song I want to cry, because I have been through so many storms in my life, and I only made it through them with the help of Jesus Christ. I was sexually, physically, and mentally abused for 13 years, when I got older I married the man I thought I would spend forever with, only to be mentally abused all over again, now I am a single mom and I never imagined my life here, but after I turned 21 I walked away from church, and I can say it was harder going through 4years of a bad marriage without God than through my childhood with him because I felt like I didn't deserve to turn to him. But I made my way back to Christ about 6 months ago and my life has been so much happier, but just in the past month my brother and sister in law lost a child through miscarriage they prayed for 13 years for a baby, and today my other brother in law and sister in law buried my little niece that was only 5 days old, and they had 2 miscarriages previous to this... I don't know why bad things happen to good people but I know God is in control, and he will carry us in the storm, if were willing to praise him....

GOD's unseen wonder | Reviewer: princessjeza | 10/15/10

my course in college now is hard, there's a maintaining grade that i have to achieve in order to be qualified to proceed in the same course next sem. however, exams show that i just can't reach that maintaining grade. the results are out on tuesday 0ct 19, ONLY GOD'S MIRACLE can save me now. if i can't make it to the cut off, i won't be an accountancy student anymore. (that's a fact)
but God is a God of possibilities and miracles, i know and i believe that he works according to his pleasing and perfect will for each and everyone, and his will is not to put us into harm but put us into a place where we will pour out our hearts to HIM and his works in our lives, not in the works of this world.if we seek his kingdom first, we have that confidence in JEsus name that we can approach God's throne of grace boldly and ask for his help, support, grace and love.

as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise
the God who gives and takes away.

Strong Believer | Reviewer: Anna | 10/12/10

I was born a Catholic and will stay Catholic for the rest of my life. No one matters more to me than GOD. He has always been there for me and will continue to be there for me. HE loves everyone even the non-believers. He holds you in the palnm of his hand and will never let you fall. His love for us is beyond belife i mean he died for us, fo r our sins. For anyone who doesn;t believe in GOD, well prove it, prove to me that there is no GOD. Logic is you can't prove it, you just have to hold on to your faith and trust that your faith is the right one. The Bible is proof that Jesus is our savior. For those who don't believe me or any Christian fine your belifes are yours but just remember that GOD loves you and will always be there for you. GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tears fall every time I hear this song | Reviewer: Nancy | 10/7/10

Last year at this time I was battling breast cancer and was in the fight of my life with terrible reactions to chemo and drugs they were giving me. I felt like I couldn't go on and I couldn't see myself coming out of all the pain. The day before my surgery to remove the cancer they found spot on my lungs and thought my cancer may have metastasized. I was just in pieces riding home from MD Anderson with my husband and super sick. This song came on and though I had heard it many times suddenly the words were meant for me. I could feel God catching ever tear that fell that day. So I started praising Him and told Him I would trust him no matter what. I had all my friends and family praying for my surgery and when the surgeon came out and she told my husband they felt they had gotten clear margins and did not find any in my lymph nodes. A month later they ran tests on my lungs and found out it was not cancer but infection from low immunities. So now one year later I am doing great and definitely praising God. I praised Him in the storm and now I'm praising Him out of the storm for saving me. So this song makes me cry every time I hear it reminding me of God's great love for me!

i miss him | Reviewer: baylee | 9/21/10

this song reminds me of my 2 month year old cousin whopassed away got rolled on and he sufacated he was born june 23 2010 and his life ended september the 3 2010 i miss him and i get a simile listening to this song and thinkig about him

Its deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

I love music, ILove casting crowns, But this one song encourages me in a deep way. It doesn't rule out the terrible times that i will go through ,but it reminds me that am not alone in this storm and that though the thunder is so loud, for me to hear Him clearly He is surely here. I love this song. It pieces deep into my soul.

I've been praising him in this long Storm | Reviewer: Bryant | 8/20/10

I absolutely just love this song. I remember hearing it when it first came out, that was around the time that I came out. I've lost alot since then. My family, my church (which was like a second family). I remember just feeling all this hurt crashing down on me. And to this day these are still the issues that I deal with. Yeah I know that Homosexuality is considered a sin, and the last thing I need is anymore condemnation because of my choice of lifestyle. I know that I may be lost. But throughout this whole journey I know that God has been with me, even at times when I felt like I had nothing in this world, I felt His presence with me, because He has never left me nor forsaked me. All the tears that I've cried, he's held in His hand. As of lately I'm just feeling myself getting further and further from God, and it scares me, especially all that is going on in this world. But it's really hard for me sometimes, it's like I want to run to Him, but at the same time. I still feel like He's here with me...I just I'm just really confused. I came out when I was 18 years old, pushing 22 right now...trying to find out what I really want in life. But regardless of what I choose I do know that God loves me, and that He has a plan for me. Yeah maybe it has been altered a little bit, but I'm trying to find out a way to bring all these other people to God as well...just staying positive, trying to keep my faith and hope...And for some reason I even me writing this he has a plan for me, so please if you have any feedback i would love to hear from you....but the main point of this was to tell people, you're not alone...God is with you, and there are people who are going through tough things in's necessary for growth...Praise and Glory be to God :D

To "Once Believed" | Reviewer: Still Believes | 8/18/10

This message is to "once believed." I read your entry a few weeks ago, and the Holy Spirit has been tugging on my heart to respond. But what do I say to someone who no longer believes the Lord is in control? I don't claim to have the answer, but I want you to know that I've been praying for you ever since I read what you wrote. I pray that you would feel His love, grace, and mercy through all circumstances. This is going to sound really trite and simplistic, but I truly believe it is true: He loves us, and He will never leave nor forsake us. My church just finished a sermon series on "Why bad things happen to good people." If you only have time to listen to one of the sermons, please listen to the last one, part 3 of the series:

God Bless,
Your sister in Christ

To the first reviewer titled (once Believer) | Reviewer: Brittany | 8/5/10

Hi, I understand your hurt and pain and where you are coming from, however, I want you to know that the times in your life when you have not felt God does not mean that he was not by your side it only means that he was beside you more then ever you just never realized it. God gives us trial and hard times so that we can grow spiritually and become more compassionate for those who are having hard times. If we had no trial what kind of person would we be? the answer is a person who is not compassionate and has no feelings for anyone else. I know at times you may pray and feel like God does not hear your prayers and you feel alone but you are NOT ALONE and that is just another step of our walking in faith. and once you decide to completely let God be in control of your life you will understand that he was there all along. I have lost my father, grandpa, came close to losing my mother to liver failure and lived with my aunt for the years after losing them and then my aunt developed 3 muscle diseases and my uncle had 3 open heart surgeries and so I have had so many struggles in my life and in fact I am going through another one right now as I speak because My Boyfriend of 4 years has come down sick. Anyways I am a strong believer in christ and I will admit that there have been times I hae felt alone but I know God was there and he has brought me out of a lot of hardship and pain and blessed me in so many ways. This song also touches me so much and when I am having a hard time I remember this sonf and the truth of it. Anyways... I pray that you are able to feel Gods presence more then ever in your life! Dont give up just yet! I think Its a lot better to be with Jesus then with Satan! and you seem like you know that too! God bless you! and every one else~ I love this song=)