Gives me Hope | Reviewer: Shalom | 8/14/08

I'm having a really hard time with my realership with God as I'm going through some health issues. And I've been praying for months but still nothing's happened. But when I hear this song, its like God is telling me to PRAISE him through this storm, not constantly COMPLAIN about my problem.
I know God is my healer and he will heal me in time.. GOD'S DELAYS ARENT GOD'S DENIALS..


I Love This Song | Reviewer: Breanna | 7/21/08

I'm 14 and I have accepted God as my Lord and Savior and he has done so much for me I mean I did things grown people do and God pulled me out of it all and all the hurt i had from boys i slept with is all gone and this song is like my favorite out of all gospel songs there is. I LOVE U GOD!!!!!! :)

MMMMMMM | Reviewer: Brian | 6/24/08

I feel very overwhelmed with life at the moment, with a marriage breakup, the house I rented is now being sold and I cant bear much more. I put this song on and looked up the lyrics. Im glad I did cause I got to read that I am not alone. Not only with God, but with others that are in the storm too. Im with you guys as is God.

Knoked to my life and Said this | Reviewer: Dilesha de Mel | 5/29/08

Yesterday (05-28-2008)I had some problems with my company parner and my Girl. And all these times i was only investing money not earning. So i had to use others money to run. And now im in a big mess.
Today morning (05-29-2008)On my way i was asking God where i went wrong. And asked him to show me what went wrong. But all this time i asked him to help me. So when i come to my office i turned on winamp and some thing was wrong with the Amp so i checked and i fixed it then at that time this song was playing. I found interesting and i checked lyrics and i started to sing this. Then tears came to my eyes some thing told me to praise him in the storm.

So from now on I will praise him in the calm or the storm. For what he has done and what he will do for me.

Amazing Hymn

The Best Thing Ever | Reviewer: Caitlin Chason | 5/22/08

These lyrics were the best words that ever went into my mind. I lived a non-christian life before this, and after buying the cd, and the video for this cd, I was deeply impacted, and god is the center of my life now. I have to give God all the glory because he deserves it.

Luke 1:37- With God nothing is impossible.
Matthew 19:26- With God all things are possible.

beautiful song >< | Reviewer: kat | 4/12/08

^^ Im 15 and God is at the centre of my life <3
He is with me always & i can feel it..even if i havent actually seen Him yet..i hope to make it 2 Heaven it order 2 see His wonderful, Glorious & Majestic Beauty, face to face **

~Jesus loves you & so do i

God Bless ya all!!

never 4get that He is with you EVERY single second of ur life..each day..thru all trials, tribulations & JOYS!

I Still Praise God In My Storm | Reviewer: Miguel | 4/4/08

I've had the worst moments after leaving the military. Over paid by the Navy and paying it back DEC07. Stuck in the Philippines for seven days with a canceled flight and a missed flight. Paying out of pocket while stuck there and paying my morgage and personal bills. I hadn't seen my wife in a year. Saw her only for 17 days in Sept 07. I never made it home to PA as I'm still here in CA. No funds to get across from CA to PA. She left me after I left me March 13, 08. I just left the Navy. Depression hit me very hard for the last four months. I pray everyday. I never expected this to happen to my life. I just wanted things to work. But they didn't. God still makes all things new in my life. I "Praise You In This Storm"! I'm closer to the LORD. And I'll be alone with only God in my life. I have to sell a home I bought in 06. I'm never going to live in that's in PA. All my belongings clothes/furniture are over there and my two chihuahuas. The day my wife left me. The Dept of Corrections called me. God closes a door and HE opened a window for me. I can't wait to start the CA Prison's. So I can get back to PA and collect what I have left. Starting over.
I pray to the LORD every day. In my sleep in my wake. Cause HE's all I want and HE's all I need. HE's EVERYTHING.

Total truth | Reviewer: Aubree | 3/24/08

I love this song. I've been going through a rough time for a few monthes, and this song really reminds me that God is with me forever. I love the line, "You are who you are, bo matter where I am." It is so true. GBU, CC! AuBrEe

Did Greg Swint write this song. | Reviewer: Richard Chuba | 3/2/08

Mr. Hall:
I remember singing Praise You In AAThis Storm in a Texas Prison in 2003, it was written by a friend of mine by the name of Greg Swint.
I have not seen him in some time, Did Casting Crownns buy this song?



Very uplifting | Reviewer: Ed Turner | 2/25/08

My daughter's boyfriend gave me your CD and I have enjoyed it very much. I think Praise You in the Storm can relate to any troubles no matter how big or small. I have heard it many times and it never gets old. I have been able to lok back over my life and see where God had never left me. Thank you.

thank you | Reviewer: sherry | 2/9/08

I want to thank for this amazing song. It touches my heart each and everytime I hear it. Sometimes I just smile and sing along, other times I just sit and cry it truely touches me. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you.

Anthem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

This song has become my personal anthem as I endure tumultuous times in my personal life and with my health. I listen to this song daily and it reminds me that God is with me even in these storms of life. Blessed is our God.

~*~so touching~*~ | Reviewer: kimberly | 1/30/08

the last time i felt i was touched by god was when i went to camp cherokee and now this song makes me feel as if god made this song for weak belivers to make them be stronger!!!! (Amen)

thank the Lord. | Reviewer: Abby. | 1/30/08

I've been going through some pretty tough times since last august. and it hasn't been easy. but when I heard this song, it reminded me how God is always there. even when we can't see it. And even though our problems don't always "go away", we can be comforted through Him.