Praise you in the storm | Reviewer: Anna | 11/18/09

I'll Praise you in the Storm..thats what I do,when ever I'm down or just sad I listen to this song it really helps alot.thank you Casting Crowns for writing "Praise you in the Storm"and ALL the others,there such a blessing.

I praise you in this storm | Reviewer: Roger | 11/11/09

We all know is easy praise God in good times, when everything goes well, but when we have to face crisis, family break-ups, broken relationships, and a countless situations our faith and love for God sometimes tends to dissapiar. I love this song, and right know is helping me to face the uncertain future knowing that he's with me no matter what will happen, he is always by my side. I love you God, I love you, and I praise you in this storm.

dont know what to do | Reviewer: heather young | 11/7/09

this song really helped me through that worst time in my life and i am really thankful fo that i have been through soo much for the last 2 years my parents got a divorce got takn away from my dad and can barely see him and me and my mom dont get along at all and i just listen to your most beauiful song and it is like everything is goin to be and i can feel GOD when i listen to it so i thank you for all the songs you have done and this one

praise | Reviewer: barbara | 10/27/09

This song was meant for me i think,i am a new christian of 1 year now,and i thought it was going to be so easy,wrong.I have really been tested this past year and i'm still praising him in the storm,took me awhile to realize this is what i needed to do.Always before when i prayed i just ask God for Strength,guidance things like that.Depression is a terrible thing but God can help.I finally asked God to take away my lonliness and the very next day things started to happen,no Doubt in my mind God is doing this.Praise God.

Praise the God who gives and takes away | Reviewer: Pam | 10/24/09

This song has been so dear to my heart lately since my nephew died of a gunshot wound to the head. Life doesn't seem right. My step-daughter lost two brothers in the same week as her cousin my nephew died. We are in a state of shock that God did not reach down and wipe our tears away -step in to save the day... but once again we say amen and it's still raining....This song has become so real to us right now. I still cry every Sunday at church when I am praising God even though I don't understand - He is our God and I will praise him in this storm.

a breath of fresh air | Reviewer: david | 10/16/09

i am a middle agedman(almost elderly and over the last twelve month have
run the whole gamut medically speaking myjourney
began with a physical exam which revealed a baseball sized mass a in my abdomen and it had grown aroun my small intestine. yet it was not pinching the intestine ! surgery was performed to remove the mass along with eighteen inches ofsmall intestine. thi is where the fun really begins three and a halfweeks into recovery i had sstrokethen a massive heart attack a nd now i am facinganother surgery to remove melonoma from myneck a friend gave me this cd and it just about blew me out of the water

praising him in the storm | Reviewer: anonynous | 9/25/09

The first time I heard this song I was in the middle of a strom. I heard this song and my inital reaction was "but I don't want to praise him in my storm!" Then it occured to me, what eles was I going to do, staying on my pitty pot was not doing anything to help the situation, and it didn't make me feel better about it either. I was given the answer to my strugle and that answer was an attitude of gratitude. This song really convicted me and gave me a new outlook on lifes little suprises... instead of complaining, I'll praise him in my storm

I do Love this song! | Reviewer: Jeanne | 9/16/09

This is my favorite song. When I'm weak, I listen to it and I get strong immediately.This song touchs my heart, I can't explain how it feeds me. Theres nothing better than praise the Lord listening to this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praising Him through all my storms | Reviewer: Nany | 9/3/09

I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 26 with a 3 month old baby. Through chemo, radiation, and transplant. This song helped me through. I do give all praise to Him. The words are so fitting. My aunt passed away last year to cancer and she also loved this song and it was played at her memorial. I thank God for wonderful Christian bands and lyrics to help us saints trying to make our way down a long and winding path.

Praise you in this storm | Reviewer: simon Amos Dakop | 8/29/09

I copied the song on my cell phone and with my earphones in my ears, I get such a great inspiration in my prayer room when the song plays on. God is love, no matter what am going though, the song tells me he is there whispering in my ears to give me the desired stregth to press on. What an anointed song. Its not the kind of song you here and your entire being is not made sober and long to touch the love of the father. Thanks for spicing my life. Just like the other song "WHO AM I" Oh God is amazingly kind and merciful. I just pray you spend more time in his presence for more anointed songs.
God bless Casting Crown music group, you are a gift to this generation.

Never ending Godly Luv | Reviewer: Willa | 8/17/09

The devil is hard at work in my surrounding. Yet, day in and day out God is talking to me reassuring me everything is going to workout according to His Master Plan. Amen to that, even through all these storms!

Though my heart is torn | Reviewer: Debra | 7/31/09

I've heard this song so many times playing on the radio and never really paid much attention to the lyrics - even though I was singing along. But, now my heart is torn - I'm heartbroken - and I'm supposed to praise God during this storm? Yes I am. Especially if I cling to the promise of Romans 8:28 "We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose." God - help me to praise you.

Sister's death | Reviewer: Sue Gainey | 7/30/09

I read the song at my sister's memorial service because it truly fit what our family had been going through. My sister, at age 67, was stricken with CJD, a very agressive brain disease and died about 10 weeks after the first symptoms began. Truly, the family did "raise our hands and praise the God who gives and takes away."

I barely hear you whisper through the rain, "I'm with you | Reviewer: Mary | 7/27/09

I love this song very very much it reminds me of many things god is always with you praise him no matter where you are for he is who he is where does our help come from? our help come from the LORD the maker of heaven and earth we was sure by now, GOD, that you would have reached down and wiped our tears away. GOD BLESS

God is Love | Reviewer: stephanie | 7/9/09

This song is beyond amazing. I can be going through anything & i just listen to this song & i remember that God is always there for us no matter the situation but if we just ask for his help everything would be just fine. The situation might be difficult but at the end the reward is wonderful.

God Bless (: