keeping my faith & hope for husbands return | Reviewer: Martha Gomez | 8/12/14

been with my husband for 18 years & all of a sudden decides to abandon my 3 babies & i.. he said "i'm not happy, i am idiot & i am leaving" for his high school sweetheart whom has 3 kids. Since his depature, i have never experienced a storm such as this. He has thrown me every stone to hurt me, claims that i rejected him & doesnt want to take care of kids yet he seeks for us - HIS FAMILY. I pray to god to save him as I have already tried in so many diffrent ways.. even got down on my knees and begged, when i should only be kneeling to the LORD OUR GOD and there is no change of mind. i offered reconcilation for our marriage in which he was willing to do but would continue comitting his adultery in which i felt that the storm was getting worse as i felt that i was now loosing him more than anything. The most worse, is HIM not allowing Jesus in his heart. When i told him "let me save you" he said "save me from what?" He has turned into a monster towards me & i pray for Jesus to now save him. As the song says, every tear i have wept, every bad word said to me, Jesus has been by my side, holding my hand. I continue to stumble but that is where I am praising God more than EVER to help me Win or lose, good or bad times, I will continue to be strong in God's faith, stay on the right path as we will emerge from this storm & come out stronger, more wiser, courageous & complete from all this. Please pray for my husbands salvation as i MISS HIM SO MUCH and have god soften his heart so he can allow the LORD back into his life .. bring him back home where he belongs as in my faith in Christ will always be there along with my hope that the storm will end.

Praise you in this storm | Reviewer: Godiya tanimu ov | 7/2/14

Dis song has inspired somany youths hu thuot dat dficult situatn can nt be conuered. Fo xmpl, "praise u in dis storm" wich storm? Storm here refers to de task dat God had set ahead us, its tels us to giv glory to God nd to praise Him even in d hard ground nd He shall to raise us up wen eva we falls. Thanks to everybody dat hlp in cotributn by comments!

Im with you | Reviewer: Demshak michael | 12/10/13

This song always make me feel alive again even in dis storm i‘m in,i feel the storm lifted off me because d lord said he is with me, i feel d joy of d lord over shadowing me,castin crown may d LORD continue to give u more inspiration to do more exploit 4him AMEN

The Storm of watching a marriage end | Reviewer: kh | 10/20/13

This song has helped me keep my eyes upward and not focused on the sadness of my son in law walking out on his marriage and two babies into the arms of someone who interfered. With all storms...there can be a beautiful day coming ahead after the storm is no longer there. May this song continue to offer a peace with the words penetrating our hearts as we trust in God to lead us through.

I asked a thousand ways to take my pain Lord | Reviewer: Michael Bradford | 4/3/13

In the fall of 2005 I abandoned my ship of life and found myself distressed in a life boat on the rough seas of cancer. I had now given up all hope and lost the will to live. I was still holding on to the life jacket of Jesus Christ as my body plunged into the sea of death. With one last dying gasp, I pleaded with God; I asked a thousand ways to take my pain Lord, now I pray for you to take my life. Then I felt the death grip of such power as the arms of the Holy Spirit wrapped around me. As I was lifted from my death bed, my room was aglow with a bluish green light. While I was still in His arms, the Holy Spirit spoke in a loud deep boisterous voice "I HAVE WORK FOR YOU!" I was then lowered to my feet by the side of the bed. As beautiful of what I just shared with you may sound; believe me when I say, it was very hard to relive especially the pain and what it was like to be dying. As my strength slowly returned, I heard Casting Crows do "Praise you in this storm" I have found that when there is nothing left to lean on, fall on your knees. God bless...your Brother in Christ...Michael

Praise the God who gives and takes away | Reviewer: Kenechukwu | 3/12/13

Indeed,God gives and takes away.He knows all we're passing through and he wil never leave nor forsake us.Do not grumble in times of trouble,rather praise him.Someone said that God does not give and take away,but that is not true,God is aware of all we're going through,He is the God that brings a loved one to life and takes the person @ his own time.God is always there for us;walk with him always.Keep it up Casting Crowns,God is really touching lots of lives through you

i will praise you in the storm | Reviewer: James Tete | 3/3/13

this is a song inspired and sent by God Himself through casting crown. i am blessed without measure........God you are great and we can all trust in your SAVING POWER THAT ROSE YOUR SON JESUS FROM THE GRAVE FOR THE SALVATION OF ALL WHO TRUST IN YOU. in our most challenging situations you are ever close or rather in it with us. this is the confidence we have in you that every time we call on you, you hear us.WE WILL PRAISE YOU IN THE STORM. we bless you LORD.

God does not give nor take away | Reviewer: Jenni | 1/25/13

This song is nice and sounds good until I heard the part when it says I raise my hands and praise the God that gives and takes away. God did not say this, Job said this in a moment of delirium. It's a shame because the rest of the lyrics are a blessing. This is a misconception because this verse is used in funerals as a form of comfort. It's strange to understand that people can find comfort in thinking that God gives and takes away....

Praising Him in this storm | Reviewer: Momo | 11/29/12

The first time when I heard the song, I cried because it felt like it was talking to me and my storm, its difficult to keep our peace when our lives are turned upside down, but knowing that we are at the centre of God's will, makes it all worth it, God is faithful and able and He will answer in His own time because He loves us and knows what is best. Thank you for an inspiring song, I feel so blessed to have been introduced to Casting Crown's album.

God is our succour in tough times. | Reviewer: IRUKWU MICHAEL | 10/25/12

God has said he'll neva leave nor forsak us so dat we can boldly say d lord is our helper.dis song preaches notin bt d truth.shall we xpect nd receiv gud only 4rm d lord,certainly not.God disciplins & chatises whom he loves.he'll nt allow us 2 b temptd byond what we can bear nd he promisd a way of escape in all.dis is what i call growth a little while he dat is comin wil nt tarry over case.he is watching over his word 2 perform in our lyf.lets stay wit him,its worth it.

praise you in the storm | Reviewer: jalox | 8/31/12

when life seems tough and unfair just praise Him(God) in the stormy side of life.learn to praise God in both good and bad times. He did not promise us that we will always be happy,which means we will experience storm in our life. but praise God He promise not to leave us during this stormy times!!!

Praise the Give and the Take | Reviewer: Randy Ehrler | 8/27/12

Thoughts inspired by the song Praise You in this Storm by the Casting Crowns

We all love the Lord when our lives are on the upswing – when the economy is grooving, we are making all our payments, saving a little money, watching our 401 K’s explode, vacationing with the rat is Florida and generally living the good life with few worries and luck to spare. We thank God for our “blessings” and believe that we are surely chosen – that our innate goodness has been recognized in the divine lottery and we have been presented with a trouble free existence.

Then it changes.

It always changes in one way or another – we lose a job, are diagnosed with Cancer, get divorced, lose a child – you name it, but the worst happens and everything changes in an instant.

And what do we do?

Well, most of us ask why? We plead with God – why? Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? Where are you? Why will you not take this pain from me?

We understand a God who “blesses” us – by which we mean, He gives us stuff and makes our lives easy and joyful. We cannot understand a God that allows suffering, pain and loss. The thing is, as I am beginning to understand, if we don’t know this side of God, we will never really know God.

God wants us to be in a relationship with him. It is a two way street – it’s about give AND take. He loves us and wants what is best for us – always. Knowing this helps clarify the need for “pain and suffering.” I use quotes because it is pain and suffering to us – often, in reality, it is simply not getting what we want, not having our expectations met and being inconvenienced. God is our father in heaven, and like any parent, sometimes you have to allow your children to experience pain and suffering in order for them to grow properly and mature. Saving them from hardships debilitates them. Though they cry, we resist helping because we understand they will survive and thrive as a consequence. They don’t understand the benefit – we do. Similarly, God knows the outcome of our pain, we don’t, so like our own children, and we must trust our Father in Heaven, to have faith that from this storm we will emerge stronger and more complete than before.

We fail when want God to be like a magic lottery ticket that provides for our never-ending wants – and give nothing in return. We turn to him in our moments of despair, of hurt or fear – then promptly forget. Think of your other relationships – what happens with those who call you only when they need something - who take but never give? These relationship wither, that’s what.

But what of “good” Christians – who go to church, pray, read the bible, volunteer at the soup kitchen and adopt a stray cats? They are in a relationship with the Lord, yet they still suffer. Why?

Read Job!

Everyone should read the Book of Job! Then we – especially anyone living in middle-class America – should SHUT UP! Faith does not guarantee a trouble free life. Actually, Jesus taught that his followers could expect difficulty and challenge in this life. We must use these difficulties to strengthen our faith and help us grow spiritually. Through suffering, we learn to depend less on God more and ourselves less. True faith means you are with Him no matter what. We are to say; “I don’t understand this world or why I am experiencing these troubles – but I trust You and am with You. I dare to go with you WHEREVER You lead me!”

This is not how we think in the land of the free. Football coaches, politicians, movie stars – you name it – we love to build them up and tear them down – we are all with them when they are on top and turn just as quickly. We praise them in their success and we banish them in their failure. True faith requires that we change how we think. Each of us struggles – wins, loses, does god and sins – how do we learn to love and accept each other despite our failures and faults? We never will if we cannot learn to love God fully first – to open up, trust and obey – completely.

We need to accept that sometimes God will save us from a storm and sometimes he simply comes along for the ride – offering support and encouragement and watching with pride as we struggle, learn and grow. We must also remember that the Enemy uses our struggles to plant within us an offended and bitter heart. He uses our challenges to create doubt, resentment and ultimately a rejection of our faith – then he wins. If we allow this, we lose our relationship with the Lord AND we miss out on whatever the breakthrough was had we simply held on a little longer. You will never know what God had intended for your life. This happens all the time – we all know someone who turned from God after a loss or hardship – the belief being that if God loved them He wouldn’t have allowed this bad thing to happen.

Painful experiences can bring destruction or be a blessing – it all depends on our response to it. If we spend our time asking why we will become stuck – because the why often never comes – or it comes only through hindsight. If, instead, we turn to the Lord, concentrate on growing closer to Him and in asking Him how you are to respond to his situation or struggle – then we can endure, grow and come ever closer to what God intended us to be.

We must praise him at all times – win or lose. Surrender, be strong in your faith and stay the course – God intentions will reveal themselves when you are ready – and his blessings will follow. True faith is following Him in darkness and trusting that He and only He) will bring you to the light.

Peace & God Bless!

God is good | Reviewer: Paul S | 8/21/12

The first time I heard this song, I was going through a period in which the girl I liked and wanted to date - and the girl who said liked me back - instead went out with another man. I was heartbroken that the first girl I ever felt any strong feelings for so callously disregarded me. But I still cared for her, and when I heard she was being used for sex and mentally abused by her new boyfriend, I realized that it was really her who was in need of this song. I listened to this song day after day, and I finally came out of my depression, as well as learned that the girl I used to have feelings for ended her one-sided relationship. Today, I have a wonderful girlfriend, and she is now with a wonderful man. Of all the things that got me out of that hard time in my life, it was this song. Thank you Casting Crowns for being an instrument of God and giving me the strength to persevere and the ability to come out of a terrible situation a wiser person with a stronger faith in the Lord that we both love so much.

God is mighty to save! | Reviewer: Benjamin Reuben | 8/17/12

I used to think that some of the problems i face in life cannot be solve, because of how hopeless i feel my situation is. But now i know theres a GOD who is more than able to do beyond what i could possibly imagine. Thank you LORD!

I SAY "AMEN",BUT ITS STILL RAINING... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/12

In our life,we must pray constantly.because when we are in great trials,God did not promise us to answer right then and there.there are times,though we say our prayers still God did not answer.. that's why we are commanded to pray unceasingly specially through the storm..TO GOD BE THE GLORY