Praising Him for his mercy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/11

I am going through a divorce and at the same time watching our soon to be six year old daughter's ongoing condition deteriorate. She is the light of our lives and we adore her. She is undergoing many tests and procedures trying to determine what is stealing her ability to walk and now is affecting her breathing.

But this song reminds me that God is faithful and helps us anytime we need Him. He has seen me through MANY storms in my life and I just keep singing this one over and over because He is the SOVEREIGN GOD ON HIGH!

there is a rainbow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/11

The lyrics to "Praise You In This Storm" always help to comfort and rejuvenate my spirit. My adult son has suffered from the self-destructive effects of bi-polar disorder and substance abuse for more than 20 years. When he is not in a depressed mode, he is a wonderful, intelligent and very spiritual person. He is also a loving and devoted father of three girls. His wife has stood by him for many years during his numerous bouts with this disorder. We love listening to the words of the song because it makes us realize that God has not deserted us. That there is a rainbow after the storm if we just hold on no matter how rough and hopeless things become.

testimony | Reviewer: Christelle | 6/9/11

I have been seperated from my husband for the passed 3 weeks, he wants to devorsce vut i dont want to. I was giving up when i heard this song, i just felt that this will pass. I believe that God will bring back my husband and we will not have to devorce. But instead be reconsiled very soon. I declare that in Jesus name. God can make the impossible possible.

Getting through. | Reviewer: ALH | 5/19/11

This song has really meant a lot to me over the years. One night, my daddy and I were on our way back from visiting my grandma in the hospital. As we drove it started storming and you could see the lightning flashing in the open fields so clearly. It was so cool that we decided to pull over just to watch the storm. We were very upset because my grandma was not going to live much longer. As we sat there in the car just thinking about everything that was going on and watching this beautiful storm this song came on the radio. It was perfect. My grandma passed away the next day but God gave me this memory to help get me through and remember that it is all in his hands. Then a few months later my other grandma was diagnosed with cancer. The night she passed away my mom couldn't handle being in my grandparents house while the people from the funeral home took her body from the house so my dad, mom and I got in the car and drove around the block a few times until they were gone...and once agian, this song came on as we were driving. God is so great. This song has really spoken to me and has been a huge comfort. Every time I am down it seems to come on and I am amazed. God is good, all the time!

Those that suffer according to God's will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good" | Reviewer: Samantha | 5/18/11

I love this song a lot because it reminds me that even at my lowest, I have to reason to stop praising God. He is the only one that can get me out of the storm anyway! I am really grateful for the brothers and sisters I have found in Christ as well through the International Christian Church movement. We love God and obey the Bible and truly make up God's kingdom. (

SO TRUE!~~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

I remember heading to the hospital on the morning my husband (age 33) was to have bypass surgery after having a heart attack a few days before. I was numb. How could this be happening. As soon as I got in the car and turned on the radio, this song came on. There was such a spirit of peace that surrounded me. To this day I cannot hear this song without remembering where God has brought us from and the miracle that he performed in our lives.

amazing | Reviewer: Theresa | 4/25/11

in the last 3 weeks i have separated from my husband and then been fired from my job. when i heard this song it filled me with such comfort, such joy and such love. i am fully confident that god will bring me through this storm. i know he has something so much better waiting for me. i am considering it pure joy to go through all of these trials and tribulations on earth. if i glorify and praise his name i will be rewarded greatly...a walking testimony he has made me!

praise Him in the storm! | Reviewer: Stewart | 4/13/11

had a really stressful week, went for a gospel musical show on friday evening but didn't perform well and got so worried abt my carreer. Went for a praise nite on saturday, realised that i've not been praising Him as i ought. I prayed for a new song, browsed through my phone just to notice i have a song i've not played and the song happened to be this song. so amazing how i got encouraged and strong and began praising Him.

One very touching part of the song is "You are who You are, no matter where I am". it reminds me the fact that not even what i'm going through will stop Him from being who He is and so wether or not i praise him, He still remains who He is. but one thing is true, when we praise Him in our storm, we challenge Him and we remind Him of who He is: our deliverer and so He speeds up action to come to our aid.

Nothing imposiible before God | Reviewer: Wantwa Mwangomba | 4/2/11

Even in the gross darkness-hopeless situation one might find themselves in, the glory of God will manifest itself. There indeed times when you fell useless because of your filthy past, still God loves you. It doesn't matter how rotten you might think you are, God still can redesign your life and become a new creation among the off-springs of Most High. As a human being, God may put storms along your journey to the preordained destiny that He Himself predestined for even before you were born. Brother and sister, I lost my parents in 1996 and my two siblings. I was bruised, it was a hard blow to my only sister's life and mine. Just recently, I found myself in hopeless again for not following the commandments of God. It was a situation that left me with answer but death. Over the time I learned to put my trust in God for cares about us. From the day I accepted the Lordship of Jesus over my life, things have been the same brethren. This song "I will praise you in this storm" just reminds me that no matter whatever the storm, there is one watching you and loves you JESUS. What you need to do is to praise HIM and believe and have faith in His Words.

It doesn't matter what, God is Able, Mighty & Faithful | Reviewer: Wantwa Mwangomba | 4/2/11

It doesn't matter how rotten one might think they are, God is able to redesign and make you a new creation, an offspring of the Most High and the partaker of the Divine Nature. What matters is you believing and having faith in His words. For the Bible says, Therefore, if any one be in Christ is a new creation, old things are passed away and Behold all things are become new. Hallelujah somebody!My beautiful Jesus! Try you'll see what it means to walk and live by faith and not by sight and enjoy the righteousness of the Most High God!

God is God no matter what | Reviewer: mary elizabeth | 3/29/11

I first heard this song when a dear friend was going through cancer treatments for the 3rd time, 3 different parts of her body. Her children, 7 and 4 at the time, took great comfort from this song. My friend passed away that year right before Christmas.
In fact, another friend lost her mom unexpectedly also that year again, right before Christmas. It was a bad year. I have also suffered at the hands of an abusive husband, an alcoholic family, and sexual abuse when i was 3..........I am living proof that God exists and that God is God no matter what***********AND when we really can Praise Him in the Storm, even though it hurts
we can still see the SON shine through:)
this song is so much of a comfort:)
i pray truly Casting Crowns is Blessed and Protected by God.....thanks

AWESOME GOD | Reviewer: hannah angeline | 3/29/11

this song has encouraged me mom has breast cancer and i was really worried.everything seemed blank front of me.couldn't take a step was hard for me to put my full trust in God..but this song has encouraged me a lot..i keep listening to this song over and over again and each time i hear encourages me helps me to put my trust in God...God if Faithful and HIS Mercies are new every morning.....I WILL PRAISE HIM IN THE STROM...Amen......

praise you in this storm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/11

i first heard this song in my youth group and instantly loved it. it has inspired me not to give up on my christian goals. recently i've felt like i could bring at least 1 person to god. the casting crowns bang up job on this song.

GOD IS OUR SOURCE | Reviewer: | 3/8/11

yesterday, i was much troubled after lunchhour fellowship. ... after someone told me how he is going to take away my laptop because i delayed finishing the the evening i listened to this song en i found myself playing it over en over with joy in my heart and tears in my eyes listening to the whisper of lord in the rain -i am with you-GOD IS SAME TODAY, TOMOROW AND FOREVER

No problems is greater than Jesus. | Reviewer: Victor | 3/4/11

This song gives me hope each time I'm in trouble.I love it so much.U just need to remember that God is the greatest and His mercies endures forever.'I lift my eyes onto the hills where does my help comes from,my help comes from the Lord the maker of Heaven and earth'