praising him through my storms | Reviewer: Sephora | 7/22/12

I am a single mom and going through a lot but I am learning to praise God in my time of problems and good thanking him through it all. No matter how down life may seem know that God is there through the storm.

I'll praise You in the storm | Reviewer: Nia | 7/19/12

my dad passed away due to cancer 6 months
back. Even after knowing that he had only
few more days, my dad was so strong and had strong faith in God. He lived his life for us. There were many people known and unknown, around the world
who were praying for our family. And that kept my family going all the time until now. he had the chance to be with the family
and to takepart in our family prayer before his last breath. My dad taught me that to Praise God even when we are in the storm, nomatter wherever we are and whatever
situation we are going through. And this song reminds me of that.God has blessed our family. I know my dad is safe in heaven's hand now.

Trusting God ever | Reviewer: Iso Moreo Bilgan | 7/5/12

I used to to through alot of hardships in life. It all started in my childhood when my dad and mum would fought frequently. My dad was formly a pastor but he was terminated from the office due to some problems. We had no way to go so we came and reside in my mothers land.

For the first few months things seemed alright but then things changed swiftly. My mother would started accusing my father for everything when she realised that we ran out of money, food, etc. This usually ended up in a fight which sometimes led to my dad leaving the home. When this happened, my younger siblings would come to my room for refugee. This problem continued on 8 years.

Despite the surrounding circumstances I learned to trust my God. Now I'm doing my third year MBBS and I thanked God that He saw me through the storms of life and I will never cease to praise Him.

Thank you for the wonderful song that keeps me going!

i praise you in this storm | Reviewer: Jordan philips | 6/8/12

Is not a part of me to speak publicly about God but i do so today because i feel blessed. At a point where i almost lost my studentship and still had those stitches from the theatre of the hospital, and was in my final year in school, and had no money. That was when i heard this song: i remember puting it on replay. And when am not listen the song toweled my memory with Gods love

When I fall apart | Reviewer: Kitty | 5/30/12

My grandma has cancer and will not live much longer, but my uncle just died very suddenly. The night I heard about it I heard this song on the radio it just helped me because, God gives, and he takes away.

An song and sound for the hurting. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/12

What a wonderful song! Very well done and every picture tells a story. Many will relate to this song and it's pictures it doesn't leave anyone out. It's for everyone.
Thank you.

get back up again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/12

Ps. 42
Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him for the help of his countenance.
Sometimes we have to start praising because of who He is. Not when it is all over and we can see clearly. Sometimes we need to praise in the very eye of the storm when all we hold is a mustard seed and it is enough.

A life song. | Reviewer: Dana Joseph | 12/21/11

The song Praise You in the storm, is a song that keeps me going on in life's huddles. Studying has not been easy since the demise of my dad 11 yrs ago, with alot of challenges including that frm the state of things in my country and my family. My mum has been the breadwinner with no help frm any relation. God has really been merciful to me and my family. Am now in my final yr at the university. In all things I've really learnt to give thanks, that's why I love this song so much. It's one of my best piece.

Awesome God | Reviewer: Kay | 9/25/11

This song takes me places. lost d first man i eva dated n loved on d 9th f june. It was really devastatin cos he made my world rock.always swt n gentle and never game me a reasn to cry while we wr dated..dis song helps me wen am fallin apart

In Time of Troubles | Reviewer: Candy | 8/2/11

Back in January 21, 2011 my Husband had to go into a Drug Rehab.. This song helped me so much... With a 1 year old and having to go thru what our family was goin thru This song helped me thru the Time of Troubles.. I couldn't have done it without the Good Lord and our Families..

Relationship | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/11

My husband have been in a constant battel with exwife she always trying to cause problems; turn his kids, family destroy in his job and even trying to take our home. But thank to gods mercy he has opened doors for us we got out mortgage lower he has a better job, we are still together, his family accepts me as well do the kids. Only god can deliver such wonderful gifts in his name we are full of love. This have brought closer to god then ever and I pray he will continue to shield us with unconditional love and mercy. Amen.. I will praise in our storm and he will regin forever in our hearts.. Blessed you who believes in the only one Jesus Christ.

Holding on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/11

Yes, the song reminds us to praise God in the storm.God never forsakes us even when we feel at times that the storm is too difficult to face. My husband has been a bipolar for 21 years now. His illness getting worse. He crashes every other month. He's 44 and still, I look forward to a miracle in God's perfect time. And while waiting, I just hold on to God's faithfulness....

I felt my pores open and my anxiety leave | Reviewer: DK | 6/30/11

Working round the clock for many years, starting a business in Texas, I remember putting in my ipod as I lay on the floor in my walk in closet trying to shut out the world and rest. I felt physical pain as the pores of my skin seemed to open and something just flowed out of me - leaving a deep peace. Assurance divine.

God Is With Me Still | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/11

I just could not believe that my husband(Fernando Boleyley) died on the night of May 29,2011 just because of what his doctor claimed as complicated typhoid fever that resulted to disseminated intravascular coagilopathy whicch caused his death.I prayed and prayed with him during the onset of his fever and chilling that God would heal him as He healed him miraculously of lung infection that made him stay on bed for a year and thin to death five years ago. I asked God why in my prayers in solitude then I came across this song I Praise You in This Storm my sister Fely posted in the facebook of my daughter Kareen, I ws comforted and realis4d God is still with me. So I learned the song and keep singing it.

Peace that passes understanding | Reviewer: elizabeth | 6/20/11

Two years ago on an unusually warm night in April, my daughter was straddling her motorcycle on the curb when a drunk driver lost control of his van, jumped the curb and killed her. I was devastated. The words of this song has given me comfort on many days and nights when I felt immobilized with sorrow. I do praise God for He is in control of everything. Thank you for a song that ministers to my soul. I now dance to it. I love it.