God never fails | Reviewer: Jody | 2/20/09

I have a family friend who was just sentenced to life in prison. Tonight I am writing the words to this song in a letter so that they may comfort him. He knows he is quilty but he is also forgiven and has consecrated his life to God. Please pray for him as although he has a heavenly father his own flesh and blood father has deserted him to take the whole quilt after cohercing him into commiting the horrible act. God is at work in his life. Thank you for the song blessed and annointed by God.

During MY Storm | Reviewer: Amy | 2/21/09

I was in the middle of the ice storm that completely over whelmed Kentucky. It was put on the scale right next to katrina. But even when those 1.4 million people were without power i felt that god was near me and he was watching over me. And this song helped me get thru the literal storm.

My Praise and Prayers | Reviewer: H Thomas | 2/14/09

Touched and felt and hurt by the stories of the people,especially the 13 yr old who wrote the letter on 12-11-08 "hard but asking for a miracle". Dear little son of the Living God, you have a future from now onwards. I said a prayer to you which will attach to the prayer your brother and savior Jesus said 2000 yrs ago saying, "Father, I pray not for these alone but for all those that believe in me through their word." God has spoken to you through Mark Hall thru this song. Son, Jesus will intervene in your situation rt. now. I have housed and rehabilitate two alcoholics,which took almost more than 4 yrs to have some effect on them. Call 478-272-0100. These guys will pray for you and will advise you. "Thank God for today and praise God for what He will do for you tomorrow.": Son you have great plans from GOD. I know what you go thru child. I am with you in prayers and in my spirit along with the SPIRIT of Jesus who is the all time greatest deliverer.YOU ARE DELIVERED!!!!

I just lost my baby brother | Reviewer: TILLIE MONCRIEF | 2/1/09

My heart is in such pain right now because I just lost my baby brother Tim to aids. I could find no peace. I prayed and the pain did not go away.I have so many questions for God right now. I pleaded for God to make this all right for my family and Tims friends. We all loved him so much. I felt as if the whole world should know what a Great loss had just taken place. I could find no peace because of everything that was painful in my heart.Then I herd this song. These were GODS words for me. This song will always Help keep me in GODS LOVING LIGHT. Thank you for being able to hear GODS words when I could not hear them through the pain. I am thanking My Dear Sweet GOD for the gift of Tim he gave me for 48 years. Please Pray for me and my family. TILLIE

living prayer.... | Reviewer: ally1976 | 1/14/09

My friend recomended to listen to this song...I felt really alone few last days...it is connected to my life situation right now...i did broked up with my boyfriend some 3 months ago...I am New Born Christian and after hearing this song i know you should never feel alone...as God is there...no matter what...
God Bless you all.

God answers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/09

this song really taught me that God is always looking after us. we dont have to worry about anything because we are in God's hands and he will help with anything we ask for(reasonable) God show his love in many miraculous signs. maybe you dont get it but he means well! age 12

Lost my Dad | Reviewer: Sandy | 1/6/09

I was planning on singing this song at our church a couple weeks ago, however I wasn't feeling well and there were problems with the track. In the meantime, my Dad passed away over the Christmas holiday. This week I will sing it with real meaning. Praise God who sees us through every step of our lives.

better than a hug | Reviewer: a child of God | 1/4/09

wow...yet again truth in a song!thank you so much Casting Crowns for listening to the heart of God for the world.I am humbled by reading the preceeding reviews and am comforted by the words of this song.Right in the middle of the storm are the strong,gentle arms of Christ holding us and bringing Peace which is louder than the storm.When we see Jesus face to face we will all say with one voice that all the pain was worth it. Precious ones...keep going and don't let go!

For better or for worse | Reviewer: Ida | 1/3/09

I'm from Indonesia.

I never quite understand how people can praise God in bad times. I mean, how to praise Him when something really really bad happens ? Like maybe some one you love gets sick, or dies... Yes, this is beyond my comprehension. I mean, I can't even praise Him when something doesn't go according to my plan or what I've been praying for!

As I listen to this song, this sentence caught my attention: "...praise the God who gives and takes away."

And I cried. I just cried and cried. It's like a declaration of faith, even in the weakest point of faith... that one is willing to beileve and trust that his God will always have his best interest in heart, that his God will never do anything to harm him...

Complete hope. Complete trust.

Thank you for everyone who is involved in making this song, and also thank you for everyone who put this lyric in this website.

Dear Lord, I really want to be able to praise You, when You give AND when You take away. Amen.

Wow... He is here | Reviewer: Chris G. | 12/11/08

I have been struggling for some time now with the problems that have entered my life. I have taken my eye away from Christ and lost sight of the power that lies with him. I am so blessed that a friend who knows my struggles sent this song to me today. I know the power that God has and need your prayers to stay strong and listen for God through the Storm that the enemy has brought to me.

really impressive | Reviewer: Storm | 12/11/08

I was militair for 4 years. When I hear those background sounds shooting and screaming militairs I get the shivers! But please please AMERICA don't make a beatyfull thing of it. It's all fucked up there!!! Because of the American politics there are a lot of boys losing there lives!! And because of the enemy...the evil, the muslim extremist mf's!!
Greetz Storm (thats really my name..)

hard but asking for a miracle | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/11/08

im only 13 and have had a dad who was a recovering alcoholic, he had his license taken away, got fired from his job, had his car taken away, and had to go to rehab, a mom who is supposed to be dead since a doctor knicked her intestines and let it sit but is still living today, my closest dog had to be given away, my grandpa died, i have to leave all my friends to go to a new school since this one closed, on top of that i have just been diagnosed with alopecia universalis where u lose all your hair including ur eyelashes and eybrows, i am learning to deal with it but am asking for God to restore my hair. im asking for a miracle. it is hard but i cry everytime i hear this song

praise you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/08

im only 15..ive had 3 close friends pass away from car wrecks within a 2 year time span and 2 grandparents...my grandma that passed practically raised me. i share a very close relationship with one of my teachers with whom i talk to all my trials and tribulations about. she helped me find my way back to God and through this song i feel like i am being healed from the pains ive suffered. this song is simply, breathtaking. and i thank God everyday for giving me a teacher like her, who is more than a teacher, but a fellow Christian and friend.

a family storm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

when i first heard this song i couldnt get it out of my head .. it hit me so hard .. you see my family and i have been going through my parents seperating .. praising god has been very helpful .. this song and the voice of truth has shown whst our family has gone through and i just love it

Not a coincidence! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/08

Not a coincidence!
Several months ago I was going through a "storm" when my daughter moved to Va with my son in law and my granddaughter. I was looking for a radio station for them to tune into. Your song I Will Praise You In This Storm came on to their webstation! I was so moved and encouraged!
Well, the company he worked for ended up letting him go because of lack of work. So they are home now and living with my husband and I! (They both already have jobs and are saving to move back out somewhere here nearby) I am of course, in Bliss!

Then, last night I was sitting up at the computer because today was to be the day my brother would be sentenced for a crime he committed. He was guilty of the crime and I know he deserved any sentence he could have been given. But, since my brother has been in jail he has given his heart to the Lord. (I know it isn't jail house repentance, because the truth is, he has been in prison twice before this.) The other times he had no desire to seek after the Lord with the same opportunities. He has a praying mama and sister. We did nothing different than pray this time as we have in the past. But, he chose to surrender his will to Jesus this time!

So, last night as I awaited the sentence I was feeling nervous and trying to believe that God would be merciful. Someone emailed me an email. It was simply a link to your song - I AM YOURS.

What I haven't told you is the life that the Lord saved me from was equal to the life my brother is leading. He SAW ME! HE SAVED ME! And that song reminded me that I am nothing except for what God is in me! Through that song, the Lord showed me that as he did for me, HE would do for my Brother!!
Today, my brother was sentenced at the lowest end of the possible sentence within the guidelines. He was looking at 20 years and he got 36 months! They dropped one of the charges and that greatly affected the sentence. But, it was God's mercy that will have him free in about a year because he already served a year while waiting for his sentence. And there is time off for good behavior, etc. that will factor in.

I want to thank you for your ministry! I do NOT think it was a coincidence that the Lord sent me one of your songs a SECOND time! I wasn't even looking for them on either occasion! God sent the songs to me to encourage me!
This is evidence to me that Casting Crowns ministry is anointed and God is using you to touch others. Especially ME!
Thank YOU!
Sherii Parrett