Strength from God | Reviewer: Warrior Woman | 8/13/10

This song is absolutely amazing, I can't stop listening to it, I can't stop singing it. God is so awesome. Jesus is always with me even when I feel alone I know I'm never alone. God will never leave me. Thank you so much for this song. I thank God for people like you who encourage the rest of the world. God bless you all xxx

he is in control | Reviewer: Aaron | 8/6/10

i have just been reading all of these comments, and they are all so touching and powerful to read. Although i dont have any stories like these, i have had some very rough times as well. God will always be there, in the good times and bad, whether you notice him or not. As for the most recent comment "once believed" What has caused you to stop believing? Praying for all of you. God bless

Sadly.. | Reviewer: once believed | 7/29/10

Today is the day I truly realize that there is no God. And this song is a cop out. An excuse for all the hard times in our lives. We just have to move on. God was never there, and isn't there now. I hate what I have been raised to believe and I feel cheated. An answered prayed is a coincidence. And everyone wants to believe in something so that we can sleep at night. Learn that no matter what, you are in control. Not anyone or anything else.

being told | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

not to long ago my greatgrandmother died it was verry sad for me.this song makes me reliaze when i kept crying bcuz of the hurt inside of me he is holding my tears and he is and will always be with me no matter what.i miss my greatgrandmother very much and i know she is in a good place with god.i love you wela and i love you god.

A big storm almost cleared | Reviewer: Kayla | 7/18/10

About a years ago my brother was sent to rehab for doing drugs. I was 13. I cried my heart out that night and now hearing this song I realize God was catching my tears. 2 months passed and he came home, just in time for Christmas. But on Christmas eve we found out he had stolen something from a store. He was kicked out on Christmas Eve. We didn't get to spend Christmas morning with him and he didn't come home for a few weeks. That was the hardest thing I think I experienced. Not being able to celebrate Christs birth with my brother. When he finally came home he opened his presents and continued to live with us a few more weeks.
We found out he had a relapse and he was sent to rehab again. While he was there he had to do school work in order to graduate. My mom even had to talk to a teacher that wanted to hold him back to get him to graduate. When he got out of rehab he started smoking. And he continued to live with us. He graduated but moved into his dads. Which wasn't a good idea. His dad supplied some of his drugs before. I still cry about it sometimes when i think about it. It was a lot to take in at this age but i get my strength from god.I hardly ever see him now and he never visits. I miss him so much and i regret the day he chose to try the first pill. I wish he never did it and he ruined his life and he will never get that year back. When i hear this song it reminds me of the strength that god gave me to get through all this. I remember he is always there and always will be. This song has touched me spiritually more than once and i thank god for even giving me a brother. i go to youth church and sing my heart out to God every Wednesday. I no the storm isn't over and wont be for a while but i have god and i will be alright. I just ask for some prayers for my brother that he will find god and turn his life around. Thank you to all that will. And God Bless All of You!!

Musical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/10

This is one of the songs our church choir (high school) is singing for the musical. We're also going on tour down to Southern California, so pray for us there too! =) Out of all the songs we sing, this one really impacts me the most. It makes me reflect on my wrongdoings, and how He will forgive me and be there for me, "in the storm", and I should praise him for it. I can trust Him in any circumstances, good or bad. :) Our musical is called "Love is Here" on July 24th @ 7:30. You can find it on Facebook :)

His Glory Always | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/10

I went to FBTC with Mark Hall and all I can say is God has used and will continue to use him and the rest of CC for his Glory. This song is such a blessing to me. I am going through such a rough time in my spirit right now and any who stop here and read this please pray. I don't want to post this on my social sites because I don't want to have to explain I just want prayer.

Gives me strenght. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/10

Three weeks ago we've lost our daughter, after 41 weeks she was born lifeless, totally unexpected . This song expresses how I feel. I feel pain (storm) but my strenght is in our Lord. He truly helps and gives strenght. We're gratefull for our daughter but it hurts to miss her. (Sorry for the bad english, I'm dutch...)

Praise His name above all things! | Reviewer: Gerry | 4/29/10

Let's continue to praise the Lord our God even we though we experience the darkest hour of the storms of life for He controls everything. If we are close to Him, we will never fear. Remember Peter walking in the sea to approach Jesus and he got afraid of the big waves and start to sink? We must focus our sight in the Lord and the waves will die naturally. God bless us all. Thank you Casting Crowns for this wonderful song!

Praise God | Reviewer: God's Girl | 4/29/10

I've always known this song but never really listened to the words. My boyfriend and I (both christians) have been struggling with many many temptations and we pray and pray and like this song says, it's hard to hear God say "I'm with you". We need to remember all the times God has given us the strength to say no. So we praise God in this storm!
P.S the story about Anna really touches me. I will pray for your family

My story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

This song and others make me stronger day after day. I am living in an apartment after my wife falsely accused me of domestic violence and put me out on the street without as much as a pair of extra underwear by the Sheriff. She then lie and told me she was going to drop the charge and she didn't. I am now paying my mortgage and all of my bills and I cannot come close to my kids or house. So unjust and i have cried so many tears over the past 3 weeks and this song reminds me I need to praise God in the storm. This storm doesn't seem to pass but I'm praising him every day and even though my heart is torn I will still praise him in the storm, he is all I have!!

The amazing God | Reviewer: i am a christian is all i can say | 4/25/10

i luv god soo much!!and this song!!this is my favorite song and i wish i could sing it where the whole world could hear b/c im not afraid to say i am i christain an i will forever be 1 and when i die i will go to heaven!!!!!(:

O God who is man that you are mindful of | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

Thank you God. Indeed its not about me. Its about you. Help me through my pilgrimage not to look at me and what I am but instead look at you and who you are. For in you alone do I have my being, hope and reason to be content. Thank you Father for this song that it is because of who you that I am. How sweet it is to praise you in the storm O Lord my all.

Down the wrong path | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

I'm 20 and went through a lot when I was young. Abuse, and a divorce that made life worse. I started cutting myself and attempting suicide. I dropped out of school and I was admitted to too many hospitals to count. I tried every way to end my life, determined God didn't care b/c the pain never ended... But in the end of all this, after the things I overdosed on, I SHOULD HAVE been dead. Only THEN did I realize. He loves me and wants me here!! I haven't died for a reason. The cuts that went "too deep" and the pills that were guaranteed to kill me according the doctors, never did. TODAY, life is amazing. I still have my struggles but I know, He kept me here for something great! I'm in college and following my passion to help those who hurt like I did. This song is what I listen to on the days I want to give up and every time it reminds me of how far I've come and that He is always here for me!!

My Storm | Reviewer: Shannon | 3/21/10

This song has helped me through the worst moment in my life. But when all the bad things were happening, I sang this song, and I could feel God helping me. When you tell God that you will love Him no matter what, and that you will praise Him even when bad things are happening, He hears you and will help you get through it. And when I read all of these comments on how this song had helped others, I just wanted to say thanks everyone, this really encouraged me and touched my heart.