Giving Him My All | Reviewer: Pamela | 11/11/08

I was given a copy of this song by a Christian neighbor while my dad was suffering with cancer and his death which I missed by a couple of minutes... all of that pain & then the grieving His loss. Now I am being sued for custody to get my children who I have taken care of all by myself as their father is an addict. I am again being brought to this song & reminded by God to lay everything down to Him & praise Him in the storm.

To praise You in the storms | Reviewer: Rara | 11/1/08

My life is getting hard since I've been becoming a Christian. I was born in a Moslem family. Everyday it seems that my life is getting harder. I know that only by God's grace so that I could meet Jesus. Every time I feel that the problem is really so hard to carry on, I want to give up and go back to my family but I can't! My heart just wants to praise His holy name. I'm really devoted to Jesus. Now life is getting harder&harder, no supporter, no money and seems noone listens&understands
but I have Him and it's enough

Reminder that im with you | Reviewer: lucindy | 10/31/08

Today my father was taken off life support as he wished.. he's breathing on his own but according to the doctor's with all the complications he has.. he may not last very long breathing on his own.. listening to this song brings comfort to me that no matter what happens.. God IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL and that through it all he'll never leave my side. and it gives me strength to be able to worship him.

the storm | Reviewer: Susan | 10/21/08

I heard this song when someone sent me picture of a hurricane that hit our area. Today i was told my moms kindnies have completely shut down and she has 1 to 2weeks to live. I know she is ready to meet God, but there are things that I know I can not change in the past,but I will miss her deeply. The whole story is quite lengthy. I know God is the God of the impossible, but this song came to me as I was weeping over a decision she made not to have dialysis. I need God's peace. I just need God's help to get through this storm. I am praying for a miracle for her life at this time/ Right now it is hard to praise through this storm, but I know God can.

I love this song so much I sing it. And I'm only 17 | Reviewer: Dakota Cates | 10/11/08

I love this song! Every time I hear this song any troubles I have, it seems they get moved aside until the song is over. THis song truly tells How strong God's love is. I actually sent the music on YOUTUBE to my youth members at my church

miracles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/08

my first love shared this song with me when he was in iraq and at around this time my niece died and my brother went to jail....i fell into a depression and this song awoke me and gave me strenght day by day.....a year later my brothers dies and i listen to this song through the times that i mourn over him........may his soul and his daughters rest in peace

AMAZING INSPIRATION | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/1/08

My very close friend, recently just lost her battle to breast cancer. the cancer had spread to her lungs, brain, and lymph nodes. See her suffer was the worst. I just know her death will not be remembered, but her life. She loved this song so much, and it was played at her funeral. I know the words meant so much to her, they were an inspiration to us all. I know she's just looking down from Heaven and smiling.
P.S. Her website is www.caringbridge.og/visit/patriciachastain

Praising God in the middle of our personal storms... | Reviewer: Michael John | 9/29/08

I have heard this song only once and it hit me straight to the core! I am reminded the what the Lord gives, He can also take away. We should continue to praise God even in our most trying times! His ways are unfathomable to our mortal minds. Our Lord sometimes make our journey a little rough, but we should be reminded that the Lord will see us through no matter how hard life can get. It is only through the test of a storm that faith of a person is tested and strengthened. Let's us continue to pray our Lord in good times, and especially in the not so good times! May we all live a life of praise for our Lord!

Praise even in the strom | Reviewer: Heather | 9/16/08

This song has always been a favorite of mine, but in the past three years after so many people in my life died it became my song as I gave my life back to God.

And now, as the chance that I might lose my dog as the next door neighbors keep complaning about him, this song is once again my refuge reminding me to praise God even in the things I want to be able to control. And it also reminds me that its okay to cry- that God understands and holds every single one of tears in His mighty hands.

God is so amazing! | Reviewer: Christina | 9/12/08

WOW! I heard this song for the first time the other day at church. We had a special guest singer and this is the song he chose to sing. What makes it so amazing is the singer is going through so many oroblems and this song really hit the spot for him. I thought about all the things I go through and complain about, and then I remember that God is always there for me no matter what, and therefore I should always "Praise him in the storm". How awesome is GOD!!!!! Proverbs 3: 5-6

This song is wonderful!! | Reviewer: Tiffany | 8/19/08

My son was born with a congenital heart defect and through everything we face each day, this song truely helps me get through it! This song also brought a best friend of mine back to God!! This song will always be my favorite song, it can never get played out!

Great Reminder | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/08

My dad was diagnosed with Cancer and passed away four months later. He was 51 years old. While my family was going through that ordeal, we were definitely in a storm. We heard this song and played it in my dad's hospital room as a reminder to praise God in whatever we go through and whatever happens. Anytime I hear it, I am reminded again. What a blessing.

Gracious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

I heard this song yesterday at church and I have played it most of today. My brother was sent to prison on trumped up charges but he's soon to be released and I just thank God that he was incarcerated not for what he did but for what he might could have done. Never a day in jail before and yes I have shed plenty of tears. That was the latest of my life's trials. Too much too write. But I will praise Him in the next storm cause I know that this is not the end of the storms. To God Be The Glory.

GOD IS ALL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/08

I want to give thanks to the LORD for this song.I had a bad time this year in MAY but in the middle of the storm I heard GOD"S voice and He told me "I am with you don"t worry.You are in my plan".So this song is for me and for everybody who felt the power and GOD"s love..I love the lyrics.



Storms come but God can fix them. | Reviewer: Sheryl Rayburn | 8/14/08

I love the song Praise You In The Storm by Casting Crowns. That song Blesses me so much. The Lord is great. And it is good we can tell him in songs. I was saved 19 years ago. And God still is amazing in so many ways to me. He is there through my ups and downs I go through. He is first in my life always. God Bless You all. Sheryl