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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Are you kidding me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

I am a very devout Christian, but I don't see the problem with homosexuality. Yes the Bible says that it is condemned but the Bible also says that polygamy is acceptable and that women could give their slaves to their husbands to bear children not to mention many other things that I'm sure none of you would even consider taking part in. It makes me sad and disappointed when people think that two people who are in a committed, caring, and loving relationship are committing a "sin" because of their anatomy. Last time I checked love was about partnership and understanding, not physical appendages.

Easy way of spreading the love... | Reviewer: S | 9/26/07

I just wanted to say that this song easily compells people to share the love God had for everyone! I know that many people are scared to, or don't know what to say to their friends or family about God. Well, I have an easy way of spreading the love for those people, I even do this myself! In your e-mails or letters to friends or family, after you say your last few words, just jot down an uplifting verse or two, maybe even lyrics to a Christian song. I change mine every week or so. Right now it's 1 Peter 4:8 - Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

Remember LOVE covers SIN. This includes God's love for you, as well as yours for others. His love overcomes His hate for sin - the distance between the two of you. Just be sweet to others around you, they'll soon notice something special about you. That's the chance God's giving you so spead the love.

The BEST!~ | Reviewer: April m | 9/24/07

Okay. I think this a great song and I believe in Jesus and You all should If You Are Really Christian! I go to a Cathlic school and We are singing it So THERE! Think before you say something. It really matters on what you say, Catholics "CARE" Cathlic
Alot of love
Extra Happiness

moving | Reviewer: kirsty | 9/20/07

this song is entirely truthful. i believe as a Christian that the body (church) pushes people away and that we should therefore be focusing more on accepting gods people for who they are. we shouldn't push them away because they are homosexual or because the smoke or they look different. e should just reassure them of gods love and that he will love them no matter how they look or feel. They should know that they can always turn to god. We shouldn't over load them with rules but with love.

It's God's House | Reviewer: Whirlwind | 9/5/07

To me this song isn't talking about homosexuality, sin, thinking of sin, thinking about thinking about sin or judging anybody. What it said to me is this:

It's God's house. Not ours. Ultimately, He has decided who He wants in His house...not us. If God called someone to church, then there's a reason for this, and we shouldn't act like misbehaved children because we, after all, are also guests in His house. He choses who is going to hear His word and who is going to be saved. Not us.

We wouldn't go into another man's house and then insist that he agree with our list of people who should be invited to his party. That's just wrong and rude. God is calling people to His church; and if we chase anybody away...then whose work are we doing?

God bless.

O Boy... what a stupid discussion... but since its been started, here's my 2 cents. | Reviewer: T | 9/4/07

In today's society, there are many pressures to follow a norm that is definitely counter what is given in the Bible. Certainly Christians should not condone any lifestyle or acts that interfere from becoming more Christ-like or retard their spiritual growth. Homosexuality is one of those things. Of course, so are profanity, using drugs for non-medicinal purposes (tobacco, excessive alcohol and narcotic drugs), and pornography. Even though secular society must accept some of these in the pursuit of living in a pluralistic society, orthodox christianity opposes these, and rightly so. I won't say that you can't do these things; I am not your judge. God us merciful. But they will hurt your christian walk, and the sooner you are delivered from them the better. To not even try is to grieve the Holy Spirit.

There are other things that are not beneficial. Working too long of hours at work at the expense of family time and opportunities of ministry. Deception in the name of 'good business'. Gluttony.(That's one of my problems; never said I was perfect eithe) Not tithing (At this point, I don't care if you tithe on the net or the gross; most christians average giving is about 2%, not 10%).

And there is a call to do other things... regular communing with God's people in regular worship service, taking opportunities to learn more at Sunday School, Bible Studies and personal quiet time with God. I'm not saying you have to do go to every program your church proposes... I (a 39 year old male) would be out of place at a Ladies Bible Study or a 55+ gathering. And no one can do everything anyway. (Except God) But it needs to be more than filling a pew 1 hour out of 168 per week.

Everyone needs the love of God, homosexuals included. King David was a murderer and an adulterer. Saint Matthew and Zaccheus were both tax collectors before Jesus called them. But we aren't going to reach them if we're finger pointing. Remember, if you are pointing your finger at someone else, you are likely pointing 3 right back at yourself. Can a christian be gay? Yes. But as gay people get to know Christ better, they will be convicted that they are not all that God made him to be, and it is God that will change them. Some things take time, and in the meantime we need to accept the person.

Sometimes I see homosexuality more as a lack of maturity more than anything else, and if we are to be spiritually mature, that is one of the things that would go. The quicker the better, but that is the way of all stumbling blocks. It is not a natural state to remain in. Some people go through it as a stage, but it usually doesn't get to a sexual state. To have this happen is a great imbalance in one's life, and it needs to be corrected. It doesn't happen overnight. Like most sin, though, we think we know better and will choose for ourselves what is right and wrong.

As for the song... love the song. I'm sick of christians who go to church once a week and think some once a week observance is enough service to God. A worship service is a kickoff to ministry through out the week, where are hands are reaching as the Body of Christ. This song addresses this concern well.

Awesome. | Reviewer: Haley | 8/28/07

this song is so amazing. it got me back into God when i was straying away. and it also speaks to MY congregation at this time (and i'm sure others' congregations as well) because they AREN'T playing their role as the Body of Christ. I just think this is an amazing song that has meaningful lyrics. And it's definitely not saying you should be a conservative tightwad like the world views Christians to be these days. It's actually calling that attitude out and telling you to LOVE EVERYONE. :)

Homo is a NONO | Reviewer: Leah | 8/26/07

I think that Homosexuality is not of God. And that is not my thought but the Bible says it and refers to it in Leviticus Chapter 19. And for those who said the Bible is "outdated". He says that he is the same yesterday today and forevemore. Chose this day whom ye will serve. You either will choose the devil and your Flesh. OR the ONLY Holy and Righteous GOD. Its your choice. But time is winding down. Have you made your decision where you will spend eternity?

Love the song | Reviewer: Soully | 8/17/07

I heard this song first thru a DVD. So I saw the band playing it. It is definitely a song which helps us to analyze where we are,and wat is our role as Christians.If we all do our part in witnessing, God will draw His people to Him. It doesnt matter whether you are a sinner as long as you confess with your mouth that you sinned and ask God for His forgiveness. I was a mazed by the comments posted by 12 yr old pals. God is moving!!!

homosexuality | Reviewer: Ed | 8/17/07

How does anyone interpret anything in this song being about homosexuality? It's not! What the song is saying is Christians should be the ones reaching out to others like Christ did. Hate the sin but love the sinner. Absolutely nothing to do with any thing sexual!

Homosexuality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/07

Most homosexuals live in and are proud of their sin. As long as they are trying to fight back and cleanse themselves of this sin, as an alcoholic going to AA classes does, they are no worse than the next sinner. However, someone living and who is proud of their SIN is condemned.

The reason homosexuality is singled out | Reviewer: Kalin | 8/14/07

This is my second post after a couple months. As you can read in my 1st post, I agree that no sin is worse than another, but why does it seem there is so much focus on gays? Its because you dont hear too many people coming out and saying I am a murderer by birth, or a stealer by birth or adulterer by birth and therefore you just have to accept me as a person who sleeps around etc., yet you have this HUGE community of homosexuals that want to believe there is no punishment for their sin. It not that we hate anyone that is gay, on the contrary, but you cant expect those who follow Christ to say your sin is ok and that is truely what they want us to believe to ease their conscious. Its not ok for them anymore than it is for me to sleep with other women than my wife, or for me to steal, or break any of Gods laws, but if I do - The wonderful thing is that there is Forgiveness of sin(s).

Look I understand that some people are more prone to like the same sex and be attracted to them, but it becomes a choice to follow after that sin or to fight it with Gods help and let our old self be crucified with Christ and become a new creature. If you truly want the truth as a follower of Christ we must read the whole word of God because he reveals himself little by little from Genesis -> Revelation and you cant pick and chose what scriptures may come either, for Jesus said Matt 5:18 "For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled." I don't know about you but I am pretty certain that heaven and earth have not passed away and therefore in Jesus' on words GODS LAWS FROM THE BEGINNING has not been done away with but continues till the end. I preach NO HATE, only that truth will set us free and sin of any kind - (murder, lying, adultery, homosexuality) will condemn us to death. I pray you seek God for the truth and if you have a problem with the word you take it up with him as I love you all, saint or sinner but Jesus will come back (Very soon) as a Judge and I pray you are ready.

My take on the song | Reviewer: Humilis Vernula | 7/9/07

Despite the ongoing debate in these reviews, I would like to say what the song means to me.

The first thing I would like to say is that we as Christians are called to be "The Body" of Christ. This means that we are to form one community and be Christ-like. This body consists of different parts and functions. The most important thing to remember is that everybody is meant to be a part of this body.

Since God created each of us with different talents and abilities, we are each called to our own role. Think of it like this - a body with 3 hearts is going to move a lot of blood, but if one of those hearts was supposed to be the lungs and one was supposed to be the brain, then there would be nothing to get oxygen to the blood and nothing to tell the heart to pump. Also, if the nose was missing, the body could still function, but not as well. The same with an eye, an ear, etc. The point of it is that we each have a role and that we need to know our role and fulfill for The Body to be at its strongest.

God gave us these unique talents to be a part of the body. For example, I am good at teaching young children, listening to others troubles, and planning events, but I don't do well speaking in front of crowds, calling people on the phone, or meeting new people. However, my brother is great at speaking to crowds, making phone calls, and meeting new people. Therefore, he has functions as arms to reach out and a voice to be heard while I am more of a teacher, thinker, and ears for listening. My dad is great at helping with physical labor, so he is kind of the muscle.

The point I am trying to make is that this song asks:
Why aren't His arms (people who are outgoing, friendly, etc.) reaching
Why aren't His hands (people who can heal medically or help heal a broken heart) healing
Why aren't His words (people who know scripture well) teaching
Why aren't His feet (Outgiong people, laborers, even drivers for youth events) going
Why is His love (our entire body can love, not just our hearts, although the heart is the best at loving) not showing them there is a way

So love the sinner, but hate the sin. Remember that we are not the Ones to sit on the throne on judgement day. And finally, for those who think this song is off because it talks about doing deeds for God, I leave you with James 2:17.

means so much to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

every word in this song is all true!!! It's my favorite song and i'm only 12!!!

Take a look at the lyrics a second time | Reviewer: Mehri | 7/2/07

I'm rather shocked by some of the reviews in here. Are people not aware of the song they're posting under? This song is about showing people His love and not picking and choosing who can come.

Some of you were able to demonstrate this love and acceptance even if you do not agree with homosexuality. Thank you.

I have always been heterosexual but have had many close friends who were homosexual. We have no right to judge them. I don't believe we even have a right to say if being homosexual is wrong or right. We can not truly understand God in this. We have no right to decide for Him. We are here to live a loving Christian life and show people all that God does for us and accept who they are. Not tell them how to live.

"Jesus paid much too high a price
For us to pick and choose who should come"
This includes homosexuals, it includes murderers, it includes me with all the sins I've committed. It is not our choice to make. It is God's.

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