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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Well Said Rick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/12

Hay Rick, well said mate, like your review, I also have a great dislike for those who always bring down the Church as if it is Judgemental and evil.

The Church is the only show in town as far as God is concerned, He designed it, created it, sent His son to die for it, redeemed it with the blood of Christ, and Loves it very dearly, He will continue to build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Thank God for the Church, it is the body, and Christ is the head, shame on those who wish to undermine or ridicule it.

There are those sitting in many Church buildings who may fit the description of nor reaching, caring, healing, teaching, or going but many of them are not even saved, "by their fruit (or lack of it) you shall know them"

I understand that the members of casting crowns may have been to churches where that may be the case, my advise is, leave ... its probably not the Church, it may be a false church, so please don't label us all like them.

A great challenge | Reviewer: Marie | 1/5/12

I LOVE THIS SONG! It encourages and challenges me to not be satisfied with where im at and what Im doing. We can always do more. And if we work together, just imagine what we can accomplish!

Dear Rick: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/12

Rick, I understand tour frustration with the song, but I'm positive that Casting Crowns isn't trying to judge people and tell them they need to stop being sinful. Because, WE'RE ALL SINFUL!!! I'm positive you understand that based on your comment, and I believe Casting Crowns understands it also.

This song is simply telling people to come out of their shells a little and stop being stuck up all the time. I HIGHLY DOUBT that your church has none of that. Every church has it. I'm sure there are good godly people in your church but everyones judgmental.

I have a question for you, WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME ON THIS?! I'm here because I love the song and I want the lyrics so I can sing it. Why are you here if you hate this song?!?! Because you need somebody to hear you out about this?! Because this song has been bothering you for a long time?! I doubt it! You just want people to listen to you rant on about something! You know what? I LOVE THIS SONG! It's true and powerful and moving and it inspires me to be less judgmental, and kinder. May God move you with these lyrics. -M

Can't stand this one or songs like it. | Reviewer: Rick | 12/15/11

I get so tired of people telling the church how bad we are. It doesn't take any spiritual insight to criticize the church - pagans do that all the time. When I hear this song I want to respond to the questions like this: I really can't tell you why YOU aren't going, being his hands or feet. But as for me, I am doing what I know to do and so are most of the other believers I know. They are feeding the hungry, holding orphaned kids, telling the message every chance they get. I don't know of a church where the lost would be have a "better chance out on the road". Those churches surely exist but they are certainly the dying exception not the general rule.

So if we are his body I can't tell you why YOU aren't going, or why you support a church that would judge one coming in off the street, but as for me and most believers I know, we are working to be his body. If you aren't, then stop singing to Christians, put down the mic and go be his body. Lead by example.

Slap my face. I am being very judgmental but I get tired of people who feel it is spiritual to tell the church how rotten she is. WE KNOW WE ARE ROTTEN. That is what drove us to the cross in the first place. WE KNOW WE AREN'T DOING ENOUGH! You can never do enough for the ONE who did it all for you.

But most believers I know are doing what they can while they are still wretches themselves wrestling with their own sin, failures, pain and hurt.

Instead of heaping more guilt on, why not lead the way by doing it yourself and taking others with you? Instead of telling THEM, as if you aren't a part of the body, you are somehow above that, how miserably THEY are failing.

OK, there, I got it off my chest. I said it and I'm glad.

One Love | Reviewer: Tlou Yeken Rammala | 2/28/11

This song is a very good question that we aught to ask ourselves as individuals partaking in one body of Christ. It speaks of love not showing.. For i one believe that love over-looks everything. If we all have and breed the Christ-like love.. This one unit will reveal Abba Father to the lost souls.

TY.. -Jesus Love-

reevaluating and moving the body of Christ forward | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

As Christians and striving to live more like Christ everyday songs like this wouldn't be written. However I believe that we all need to b reminded we are a part of the body of Christ and it takes all to make the body work correctly. So lets put the ways of the world aside and start showing everyone the same God. This song is a terrific way for the church as a whole myself included to reevaluate ourselves and start HIS body moving forward!

Great song! | Reviewer: Iorwuese | 8/28/10

This song is great, one that the present day body of Christ must reflect on. In Nigeria today where I live and indeed world over, the greatest challenge to the body is the spread of Islam. Why is the body of Christ not able to show these ones who do not know the way that Jesus and Him alone is the Way? May God help us to live up to this challenge.

love as he first loved us | Reviewer: kim | 8/11/10

this song is so true--not only are we to actively live out our faith in Jesus Christ, but we all have different roles to play in futhering Gods kingdom. Some are meant for full time missions and some are not. God may lead others to be youth leaders or pastors but He will never lead you wrong if God is calling you to do something. For instance, its hard for me just to bring God into a conversation but i never regret doing it. I regret it if i do not trust the Holy Spirit to work through me to reach others. This song is really a challenge to all who claim Christ as their savior, and my prayer is that we can all function as the body of Christ, carrying out his word.

Jesus is the way! | Reviewer: Jesus Freak! | 5/8/10

This song is so true. People who clame they are christians should not just hide in the background. We shouldn't be camoflouge christians we should shine the light of Jesus and we are the body and we should be spreading the word of Jesus Christ. We shouldn't judge people by what they have done. I know it hurts when you hear someone say something bad about God but we shouldn't yell at them for it! We should talk to them and explain to them who Jesus is and why we worship him. I know its hard. I always have trouble doing it but that is what we all should do as christians. Just remember don't be camoflouge christians. Shine your light for Jesus because WE ARE THE BODY

It's time to show everyone. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/10

This song is seriously amazing. We all say we are Christians... Then why don't we show everybody. Comfort the new people in church. Make them want to be there. By just you saying hi to them Sunday mornings you could completely save someone life. GOD is an amazing god. It's time that everyone knew that.

Jesus saves! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/10

This is such a great song. Every time i listen to it, i start to cry because i feel that it is so true. If someone sees something wrong, why dont they try to fix it? Why dont people sit with the outcast at lunch? Why dont you comfort the one going through a hard time just because you arent close to them or they are known as the "weird" one? All these things seem so easy but once your in the situation, you seem to only think about what the ones around you think. Next time try to think about what the LORD wants you do, it may help a lot. Just remember Jesus is the voice of truth: another one of my favorite songs by casting crowns. If this is very hard, try praying, it will help a lot. You should look for every chance to spread the word of the LORD. This song has so much meaning and it is definately my favorite. Just remember WE ARE THE BODY.

emotional song | Reviewer: emitomo segun | 11/11/09

i tell u with a sincere heart this song is serious when i listen to it i feel the love christ has for us and how this love should be shown in return to people around us. God bless the casting crown crew. AMEN.

An all time favorite message | Reviewer: Sunday Lizu-zambia | 10/24/09

This song is among the best i have ever listened sends an amplified message of the great commission.Jesus made us part of his body so that we can fully represent him in the earth with the way we live.the best way to evangelise to the nations is by our lives.we cannot live our lives separated from the message of love we want to share.remember this world lies in wait for the manifestations of the sons of God and these are those who God himself has given the right to be his sons.lets be relevant and reveal to the world that is what the song says,sung with great passion.thank you casting crowns!

The body of Christ | Reviewer: MULEMBA NDONJI | 10/3/09

I Luv this song so much. The body of christ is not representing him fully. We are lurking behind while the devil is workin fast.Tis time we showed love to other people and preached Christ shamelessly. Most of us youths dont want people to even know who we really are. Guys lets keep it JESUS, whether in class, in da streets or bus. The other day a friend of mine was like, 'im tired of workin for GOD. I want 2 work with GOD'. This is a wake up call

so so true, specially in our world | Reviewer: | 9/9/09

i just heard this song for the first time today... and i have been repeating the song on my mp3. i'm trying to get closer to God everyday, and i love songs that tell me the real thing and teach me where we lack and how we should go about living lives that welcome even the most distant soul back to the reaching arms, the healing hands, and the teaching words of our loving God.

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