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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Abundant Grace | Reviewer: Pius | 7/4/13

Simply inspiring and amazing work of God through Casting Crowns. Indeed this is song for the struggling as one user put it. the imagery it produces is clearly of the cross, the new covenant that was written and confirmed unto us on that hill, outside the city gates. "As far as THE EAST IS FROM THE WEST, SO FAR HAS HE REMOVED OUR TRANSGRESSIONS FROM US "- Psalms 103:12 All our sins have been washed away, past, present and future, once and for all - Hebrews 9:26 / 10:10. Toda Abba Yah'uvah. :)Blessings y'all.

East to West | Reviewer: Janice | 5/27/13

Casting Crown is annointed by the Lord.The music is so powerful it touchs my heart like no other song.My life relates to this wonderful song.The music makes a person think about their live and how we all cry out to God.Jesus died on the cross so we can be free.i absolutley love this song. Casting Crowns is an amazing group.I pray they will contine to sing worship music.There concerts are fantastic.Thankyou Lord for this precious christian group that speaks to our hearts. AMEN

East to West | Reviewer: Jenessa | 12/30/12

We hear that our sins have been cast as far as the east is from the west but what does that mean? When we are in doubt of forgivness just look no further than the cross it has the power to save and his outstreached hands took our sin and cast them as far as the east is from the west.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Jesus freak | 9/11/12

I love this song. If feels like the song writer has taken the words right out of my heart.I love how honest and real it is and how much so many christians can relate to it. Beautiful.

casting crown | Reviewer: chinasa kalu | 1/17/12

i listen to the song everytime i got small chance.its a very nice song with a very nice and powerful lyrics.the song is talking about the cross.east to west representing the hands of jesus christ on the cross.this song makes me feel ashame of myself that despite all the things that christ did for me,i stil go ahead to sin.pls God i need your grace

sara blakely | Reviewer: sara blakely | 1/19/10

is my favorite song its talking about how far u can go to tell people about god and show them his there with u no matter what and he loves u no matter what you have done in your life u can talk to him like u talk to your bestfriend his an awsome god

x Sara Blakely

east to west | Reviewer: sara blakely | 1/19/10

is my favorite song its talking about how far u can go to tell people about god and show them his there with u no matter what and he loves u no matter what you have done in your life u can talk to him like u talk to your bestfriend his an awsome god

x Sara Blakely

God is God! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/09

excellent song of worship! casting crowns you know what it is to walk the life how you see it no buttering no pampering and i know what it feels like, everytime this song places on voice of life i stop to listen and just dance it away but i really looked it up online and the lyrics are very powerful! represent God ! he deserves our praise and worship.. daddy loves it he does!

Life Changing | Reviewer: Erica C | 2/1/08

I heard this song on a youth retreat and It made me cry. I have had so many issues with my faith lately as alot of my family has passed away and my brother left home. I was at a point in life where I felt abandoned by God and this song made me realize that I hadn't been and that he would forgive me for being so hard headed and turning away from him when I really needed him in my life. It was to this song that I gave my heart back to the lord.

God Rocks! | Reviewer: ashlynn | 1/16/08

the first time i heard this song was at church and it almost made me cry.
But it also made me think... How many things has God done for us that i haven't said thank you for, or how many times have i not listened to God, and He still loves me. I couldn't do any of the things that He did and does. i hope that you try to figure what the words of the song mean to you , put a lot of hope and thinking into it!

jude laguerre | Reviewer: Jude Laguerre | 12/27/07

casting crown i don't know what's make you come with that song but these a puposed for it it's really nice i love it the was i feel i don't know how i can explain myseft but everytime i listen to that song i bless may God bless you and always keep in in workship and please pray for i will pray for thank you so much for that song it's really bless

youve been heard | Reviewer: Buck | 12/19/07

i love this song. whoever you are, that has been having marriage problems, with the 4 month old baby, i want u to know that im praying for you. the Lord loves you, and is holding you in his scarred hands. _*Buck*_

Return to Me | Reviewer: Aubree | 12/15/07

My life is out of control. I have been struggling with faith for so long, and I'm young! i thought this was supposed to happen when Christians got older. But even though I'm still struggling to grasp how extravagantly I am loved by the Lord, and trying to become assured of my salvation, this song helps me remember that God never changes. He's the same God I used to find so much joy in. He's holding onto me.....Without you, God, I don't know where I'd be. Thank you.

Rest | Reviewer: Buck | 12/15/07

This song remindes me of Matthew 11:28. He gives us REST. For all of you who are weary, you might want to read this verse. Don't be discouraged. God bless you all, and Merry Christmas! Luke 2:11 thank you Lord. in the arms of your mercy i find rest. Amen

East to West | Reviewer: Andrea | 11/4/07

I felt my life spinning out of control. I was sinning and let sin almost cost me my family, I heard this song and it made me realize it is so easy to sin and harder to be a christian. Now I am trying so hard to be the christian I was. East to West made me realize God forgives and never leaves us no matter what. It is up to us to make sure we pass on his word and share our lifes drama to help others see there is someone who loves you no matter what. I know God was my only friend thru my tough time. God bless everyone!

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