i love this song! | Reviewer: taylor | 6/30/07

this song gives me shivers of realization in the likeness between me and the song character every time i listin to it. im 13 and have been falling away from my church. im the only teen and i have so much pressure to be perfet. i feel pain and im lost. like the song-im trying, but the canyons ever widening in the depths of my cold heart. i love this song because it helps me snap back into it after a few tears and i realize im not alone.

Helpless | Reviewer: chaz | 6/26/07

last year during the summer i was in a dark spiral and couldn't find my way out. my parents sent me to church camp to see if it would help. thinking that if i was around nothing but God i would pull out of my "funk". while there it seemed the same as any other day... that was until i heard this song. the first time i heard this song someting inside of me just snapped and i started to burst out in tears... God was callin out to me and if it wasn't for this song i probably woulnd be hear any more.. i was on the verge of a mental breakdown and i was contimplating suicide... God let me know that He does care and it was through the talents and songs by Casting Crowns... i thank God and the Group for me being here todya...

Song | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 6/18/07

I love that song it is the best it i always listen to it and i love all the casting crowns songs!

The way God sees us | Reviewer: Aida | 6/15/07

i get so caught up in myself, my life, my job, my friends, my family that i forget to stop and look at what is going on around me. I barely glance at people i am too busy chasing my own life. When god looks at us he sees as as we really are it doesn't take much to smile and say thank you and be polite and love as God loves instead of being judgemental and looking down on people just because they are different or have had different experiences in life! God loved me first and i need to remember that and this song reminds me that i need to really look at people, and pray that i may see them and not overlook them maybe i am the only person that God wants to impact their life that day and i miss that chance because i am too caught up in my life and not looking.

That was Me | Reviewer: jessica | 6/16/07

When I heard this song about 4 months ago I almost had to pull over. I am the mother of 2 small boys and a Christian woman. I have had a fall from grace for about 2 years. I have ran so hard and fast in the wrong direction for so long always knowing that God was pulling me back to Him. His Love and Sovereignty are amazing. My prince charming said all the right words and was so attractive and such a hard worker, yet he took me into a very scary place. I am 29 years old and have known the Lord for well all my life. God works in amazing ways I am only in the very early stages of not just head knowledge of my Lords Love but of a very personal walk with my Father. Every thing in this song spoke to me, it mapped out my past. Thank God for my today and tomorrow!!

Another Chance | Reviewer: Saphyre | 6/14/07

I really like what Marnie said about the song. It is beautiful and touches me. I felt invisible through my childhood. But I would like to add that it is not our place to decide to give another person a chance or even to decide if they deserve anther chance. God tells us to love every one- regardless of their past or even their current behavior. He decides if we get another chance and only He can give it to us. Our responsibility and duty as a Christian is to love, in the action sense of the word and without condition or expectation. help me Lord.

ANYODY KNOW | Reviewer: rachael | 6/5/07

does anybody know why it says "HE is running a hudred miles..." at the very end and not "SHE"

The change of my life! | Reviewer: Chrissy | 6/4/07

wow i dont even know where to start...

when i first heard this song i started to cry.
This song relates to me sooo much.
Growing up i was soo involved in church and i
still am i would always play like the cute little innocent girl
and i really wasnt deep down inside i was so
broken. Then i started goin in the wrong direction because i felt that no one EVER listen to meh. i did some really stupid stuff.
Then i realized that the people at my church loved me they showed sooo much love i never really got that much love EVER! i started hanging out with the teens and my new youth pastor more and more and they changed my life.
Dont get me wrong i was always a fan of casting crowns i jus never got the words. i listened to this song and now i understand it. its amazing i never felt so good in my life this song really changed meh.

A SYMPHONY OF HOPE | Reviewer: Joseph Asadare | 6/2/07

Resident in Africa means it's only by chance that you get to know an obscure Christian band based in the USA but this not withstanding the band made an impression with the song American Dream. Does anybody Hear Her is only the second song i've heard from this band and it speaks expresses my inner feelings. I took my life too seriously and ended up seeing a lot of it pass me buy. With my best years behind me, I wonder what the future holds.

Does anybody hear her? | Reviewer: Kae | 5/31/07

This song has been such an inspiration to me to go out and not only look for people who act like they need help but to look past the fake smiles and fake laughs and see who really needs help.I love All of yalls mucic.May the Lord Bless you with more words.

God Bless!:)

can someone help me understand | Reviewer: Darius Journigan | 5/28/07

I listen to this song, and I know it means something, but I dont understand what, Im only 14, so I have time, but it kills me not to know...can someone help me understand it?

wow | Reviewer: taylor | 5/24/07

this song is awesome its so sad my cousin was arrested today cuz she was wit a guy and stole her step dad/s truck and she never got the attention she needed at home but everyone was to blind to notice and now she's havin to go thru a buncha crap

This song and GOD'S PLAN | Reviewer: Andrew | 5/24/07

This song means a lot to me because I sometimes feel this way. God has a plan for everyone though just like He has for me. He has been there and will always be there even until the end of time and He is there for anyone who needs to know Him. God blessed me in letting me hear this song and He has used this song in my life to bless not just myself but others as well. This song has kept me out of trouble and I know that He can do the same for you. You just have to let him do so. God has used this song to bless my life in so many ways and I know that this song would bless you as well. This song is there for everyone who has been in a situation like the girl in it and it also is there to remind us Christians that not everyone is bad because they want to be so we don't need to look down on them. It tells us that some people need help and we need to be sensitive to that no matter what they may look or act or dress like and help them. This song has been a blessing to my life and I hope it will be to yours as well if it hasn't already.

does anybody hear her by becky | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

this song really touched me because this past few months my life has been really hard and i felt like no one had noticed or cared. but i reminded me that no matter what happens gods always gonna be there. Also to those girls out there who are having trouble and feel like they need to hide who they are i advise you to listen to stained glass masquarade

This Song Used To be me | Reviewer: Paige | 5/20/07

i used to feel exactly like this song. i was thirteen years old and my life was falling apart. my dad and stepmother were constantly fighting and my best friend sice third grade would not speak to me. instead of relying on God to make things right, i ran from my own fear. i know this is hard for anyone to hear, but i was going to kill myself. i was running from my own fear. even though things are alot better now, i still cry when i hear this song.