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Performed by Casting Crowns

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my fav song ever | Reviewer: casting crowns addict | 9/27/07

i LOVE this song and their my fav band, when i looked this up, i found out what he was talking about jack, LOL, it is amazing to find out what realy happens in these secular (worldly) homes. i'm taking a class called "world views" and it is amazing how these things can really happen.
link to a music vid of this song

The American Dream portrayed in film,literature etc | Reviewer: Michael | 9/25/07

Hi there, this isn't so much a review, more of a question. Im doing an assignament on 'the american dream'. I need to research and anser questions on 5 text whcih portray the american dream. I am having trouble finding these five. They can be either film, poetry, novel, music etc.. Can anyone please give me some ideas on some text which CLEARLY illustrate the american dream such as 'The Great Gatsby'. Much appreciated.

american dream | Reviewer: douglas | 8/28/07

this song was a reality in my family some years ago, my parents worked all day long,and had no time to our family.but know things have changed.when I listened to this song I remembered about it..
if God isnĀ“t in our lives, whatever we build will fall apart.

This song is wat we can call ''R.E.A.L.I.T.Y'' | Reviewer: Gina | 8/24/07

I really liked that song cuz... I think da it's nat the american drem bt all people in need in all the world live the same thing... they have the same dream "tomorrow will be better"...
Bt at the end all they relly want it's a lil' differnce in their lives... a lil' mo' u kno'... which will satisfy 'em... MADE BY GOD ONLY...

Then I heard the words.... | Reviewer: thomas puricelli | 6/24/07

This song often played in the background, then one I heard the words which were actually insight to a friends difficulties. (not too mention just a great message.) My friend has been wading in the world of innovative technology marketing. At this time he has been having a hard time keeping his head above water. He's a very spiritual man who I feel is lost on path that is not God-chosen. He is being transformed by industry instead of that whicch God has intented for his. or His heart.

My Fave Song | Reviewer: Danielle W. | 6/16/07

I was listening to my iPod the first day I got it on Shuffle and this song came up. I immedietly fell in love with it because it can be so true and I love the beat and the feel of the song. It shows how God really makes a difference in people's lives.

great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/07

i really love this song..its talkin bout if u aint got God then u aint nothing!

Real Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/07

This song is great. It shows me that everyone that lives will have difficulties along the way and that all you need to do is to turn to God in your time of need and he will help you. If you need money to pay off your house or to buy the necessitys he will help you out in his own way.

This Is A Great Song | Reviewer: Damien | 3/7/07

I listen to this song every morning and every afternoon this song has touched my life dearly and i think it will touch others god bless all of you.

American Dream | Reviewer: Stephanie | 9/16/06

I think this must be one of my favorite songs ever. I am in a reading group in which we read a short article on a certain *unnamed* celeb who had no time for his family, and we were asked to make a media connection, and I immediately thought of this song.
The words just pierced my heart and I began to rethink my motives after hearing that song.

This song changed my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/05

This song was one of the driving forces for me to quit my management job and go back to school so I can be what God wants me to be. So I can help people; not just make money. It is exactly what I have been thinking for the last year, I just didn't know how to put it into words.

American Dream | Reviewer: Marie P. | 5/28/05

This song is a very real reality for many American families. Casting Crowns does a very good job telling this story in an original way with stunning vocals and instrumentals. In my opinion, it is one of the best songs Casting Crowns has ever produced.

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