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Performed by Casting Crowns

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Casting crowns a blessing and inspiration. | Reviewer: Emmanuel Ibezimakor | 11/23/13

Wow. Dis is great. I ve bin trying to get d lyrics of dis song but couldn't. D words were not so clear. But what attracted me to it was d first line "all work no play makes jake a dull boy". Am so happy to ve dis lyrics on my phone. Casting crowns ve bin a blessin

My Friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/13

I had a friend in highschool named Jack who's dream in life was to live the full American dream. He started doing drugs and left the church. I've been praying for him, but I have no idea where he's at now this song just reminds me of him.

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/12

I really like this song - it shows u how much we don't focus on wat God gives us - instead we try 2 gain wat we don't hav. I like the part of the song that says "this American dream is beginning 2 seem more and more like a nightmare" coz that's wat happens. I really love casting crowns' music :)

Thank you JESUS for C.C. | Reviewer: Chaigogo | 8/27/11

Thank you JESUS for C.C. . . . .and this song too. . .it's the unalloyed truth about our lives. . . .the truth is bitter though. . .but help us LORD. . .TO Apply them to our daily lives. . . .BIG AMEN!

True Believer | Reviewer: Samantha | 11/22/10

I love this song it points out the importance of God's part in our everyday lives. We need God in our hearts our minds and yes our ideas. You must pray to God to ensure that what you want to do is what he also wants you to do. You can have nothing on earth but your relationship with God and in the end you will have MORE than he that has billions of dollar but no relationship with God. God is the most important and essential thing/person that should be in everyone lives.

The most touching song out | Reviewer: Shawn | 1/25/10

I have not been good at giving my time to GOD on sundays. We went to a new church in Tabler Station, WV outside of Martinsburg WV, called New Life and they played this song. I have never had a song touch me as much as this song does. Like I said I dont make time for GOD but they way this touched me my family and I had decided to join the church and be a big part of all they do for our community......GREAT SONG...

A Castle in the Sand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/09

This song is truly moving to me. I know many people dream of living the "American Dream" and many assume that we live in the center of luxury and pamper ourselves greatly. But it can be a harsh wake up call when they realize that we have to work hard too, and we still have to put in our own time to live how we do. I think Casting Crowns illustrates this point perfectly. This is one of my favorite songs, and worth a listen to.

"American Dream" | Reviewer: Michele Skeen | 6/16/09

Well honestly who doesn't try to live the "American Dream?" I am reading a story in an English class where it refers to the story of Rip Van Winkle as living the "American Dream." Of course I referenced Casting Crowns song because the only true and important detail to the song is that the "American Dream," can only become true with the help of the Lord. Our whole family loves Casting Crowns and the song. They truly sing the word of God.

So True | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/09

My fathers name is Jack and the first time I heard this song it gave me chills. It tells the same old story that is so true for many of us.

And "different approach" the shack on the rock is a direct reference to Matthew 7:24 :)

I hope this song inspires many to keep their focus on what we need to in life so we can finish the race to hear "well done my good and faithful servant"

life. | Reviewer: stephanie | 11/27/08

the song is about americans and how they spend to much time working and trying to gain so much in this world, when they aren't giving god enough time and they should be working hard on the relationship with god. he doesn't spend time with his family, work is all he does.

he doesn't have a firm foundation is christ. he's doing it all on his own. he's working up things that will end up disappearing.

"I'll take a shack on the rock Over a castle in the sand," is my favorite part of the song. the way mark in i love.

different approach | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/08

i noticed all these reviews are about God, and im not saying your wrong, but another way to view it is just on the american dream and family, how people chase down monetary possesions in a search for happiness for the ones they love, but they forget to love the ones they love. This happens alot in america today as the american dream has gone from "good family values and family life" to "good job and high pay so that i can get the good family life" .. sadly this turn in the american dream is happening, and its good that we have so many people who notice it and hope to prevent lives from being lead down this path.

reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

this song displays the true difficulty of straying from God that everyone faces. Though the ending is never well without him, some do believe things will get better.

Back 2 the Basics | Reviewer: Icthis | 12/13/07

This song is so cool! it really shows that in our lives, we can so easily forget the whole reason we're here. This song shows that sometimes, you have to forget about all of that and focus on the race that you are called to run with endurance, until we're called home. God bless you all!

First line | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

Has anyone else noticed that the very first line of the song "All work no play may have made Jack a dull boy" makes a referance to Stephen King's The Shining where the main character, Jack, writes over and over again "All work no play makes Jack a dull boy."

that this song I like | Reviewer: Bledar | 10/16/07

I like this song because I take more exsperience because in my country of Albani,many of the people try to be a reach people to work day and night but We need to trust only in Lord jesus for a focusin in wour life.I thanks Lord jesus that he is evything,and I like this song from Casting crowen

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