hi | Reviewer: brittney | 6/26/07

hi cascada aka Natalie horler i think i am your biggest fan i know every thing about i have all your cds my favirote some is everytime we touch and u are so beatiful i know your dad david and your two sisters and i just love your music and i am pretty sure i know every thing about u will have to go to work oh and i am 17 just to know

uree amazingg | Reviewer: paige | 6/21/07

hiyaaa....i thinkk u well pretty :D idee loveee 2 b ina moviee withh uu(dancing) ivee hadd mah hair dnee lyk uu wat u had it done like on ure song miricle :D uree a brill singerr xx xx !!

to cascada | Reviewer: sharon mizrachi | 6/18/07

i love you your songs are very beautiful
if you gonna to read this
please give me an answer on my phone: 03-6764677 or: 0502521844

Your music is inspiring. | Reviewer: Ellie | 6/16/07

Dear Cascada (Natalie) I'm in love with ALL of your music! I absolutly love 'Truely Madly Deeply' it's mine and my boyfriends song =] 'Everytime we touch' is an inspiring song, it's a beautiful song that touches everyones heart, and so is 'Truely Madly Deeply'. I love the techno beat it's awesome club music. Thank you for inspiring me =]

to cascada | Reviewer: sharon | 6/15/07

hi cascada my name is sharon moskuna i'm 13 years old
(almost 13...i have a birhday on 1 of july...)
i'm from israel.....
i think that your amazing and your songs are beautiful!!!! spachly bad boy everytime we touch endless summer and truly madly deeply....
your a diva!!!!!!!
and your my favorite singer!!! i opened a site about you
i love your songs (all of them!!!!)
i dont stop to talk about you (a good things)
and i want to get your atograph...
i hope that i will see you someday...somewere...
here is my email if you want to give me an answer: sharon_1300@walla.com
or on my phone: 6773604
yours: sharon

UR FIT | Reviewer: JACKIE GRAY | 6/12/07


I love all of your songs | Reviewer: Jamie-lee | 6/8/07

Ilove Cascada she is the best singer. I love 'everytime we touch'.It is such a cool song. My fav song on her album is How do you do'.It is such a cool song.I dance to it everyday.I hope you come to Dublin on your tour.I will be first in line to buy ur ticks

cascada read this okey?... | Reviewer: sharon | 6/7/07

hi! my name is sharon moskuna and i live in israel i'm 13 years old (almost 13...)
cascada i love your songs and i love you!!!
your my favorite singer!!!! i love all your songs!!!!
spacly i love your songs bad boy
endless summer and everytime we touch.......
and.....i want to see you in my birthday...
(i opened a site of you)

100 % RAVER | Reviewer: leanne | 6/7/07

I love hardcore nd as soon as im 18 i will be at evry rave speshialy if ur there i love every time we touch and truly madly deeply and will never get bored of them unlike some people at my scool keep writing leanne

very good | Reviewer: Melika | 6/3/07

please help me
I win in your math this morning.I don't know what shoud i do.please help me?please...

Reason | Reviewer: Heather | 5/23/07

I am a huge Cascada fan. My favorite song she has sang is Reason, because it's fun to dance to. I like the electronic. Reason would make the perfect hit single. It would be a cool music video also. I would like to make it into a video with my friends.

Bad girl | Reviewer: Mark Dooleweerdt | 5/16/07

this text is for you Cas ;)

"Be my bad girl, be my girl, be my weekendlover, but don't be my friend" ;)

Cascada Rocks! | Reviewer: Cascada Fan | 5/9/07

Her songs Kids in America and Everytime We Touch are really great. Her songs are enough to get you hooked. They're really catchy. I love a lot of them. Cascada is such an awesome artist! Getting her CD isn't a must though....it's not on my agenda. Maybe a bonus, if you're truly addicted. The music has some dreamy qualitites to it, and is awesome. If you want really cool music, try Cascada!

sngs | Reviewer: laura forsyth | 5/5/07

cascada ure sngs r soooo great i can sit and listen 2 them all day ure music is just the best and natalie is not a snotty brat like some other singers !!!

ive just gotta say... | Reviewer: emiliano | 5/1/07

not only 'Everytime We Touch' but every song on ur cd is absoluely amazing!you are my #1 idol, you have helped me get through so much in my life. ur songs explain REALITY, keep doin what ur doin, never stop.