WOW!!!! | Reviewer: sharnie | 4/27/07

Cascada! ur songs r amazing. Ilove them so much. I had 2 go and buy ur album as soon as i knew it woz out! Keep writing these awsum songs!!! And make evry teenagers life a little bit better!!

wicked | Reviewer: ishaque | 4/27/07

cascada u r da bst singer in da wrld u r so wicked iluv u i hope u tour in hull in england tat would be wicked all ur songs r wickek thy al rck ur numba 1 bye

u ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: maria | 4/27/07

cascada i bought your album everytime we touch two days again and my cd player has'nt been turned off yet! my dream is to see u in person i really hope u can perform in millstreet cork. it would b a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shannon a.k.a shazzy | Reviewer: shannon | 4/24/07

hi nat i just wanted to say i think u r gr8 i no u proberbly here that alot but its true and it think u have a singing voice so good its hard to explain i wish i was like you wich also u proberbly hear alot to lol i think u are very pretty and ilove all your songs

luv ya loadz and loadz
shazzy 12

hiya | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/07

hi i love your music soooooo much i swear i have listened to every song a million times hurricane is my favourite keep on writing please

------ About the artist/band Cascada | Reviewer: Kieran | 4/20/07

Hi Cas Your Songs are the best ever cause they are always like my feelings xxx keep writing xxx

o.m.g | Reviewer: anonamis | 4/6/07

hey i love bad boy it rules and i can sing it very well i have your album and every time we touch on c.d and all you amazing songs love guess who limerick ireland.

It's beautiful. | Reviewer: Sammie (I'm a girl) | 3/9/07

I love Cascada's songs! The first time I heard 'Everytime We Touch' I fell in love with it. I just closed my eyes and appreciated the music. All Cascada's songs are truly beautiful and meaningful, at the same time really hip and techno. I don't know how she does it. She's a miracle. Thank you for brightening up my life =)

d best! eva | Reviewer: paschal | 3/5/07

You're a diva! Cas. "Everytime we touch" is the best of all. Rock!!!!!!!!!on girl

i love your music and ur attitude | Reviewer: cassie | 3/1/07

dear cascada
you are the collesst me and my freind can sing ur songs so good the beat thing i likea bou u is that ue not a snotty little brat like some other ppl ...................lots of love cassie aka. cassdog

I love your music | Reviewer: Tiffany | 2/20/07

Hey,cascada you are so cool you are my idol are my hero and i love all of your songs i hope you come and tour in Little Rock Arkansas my dream is to meet you and i have been wishing on the same star to meet you are i love you and you cloths and you hair i want to be like you when i grow you you rock my workd cascada lots of love XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO...

you rock girl friend me and my friend love u | Reviewer: dionne | 2/9/07

cas you are the best singer ever me and my friends love you so much you are my inspereration rock on xxxxx

Your sooo great! | Reviewer: Cheryl | 12/17/06

Hey Cas I just love your music. No one can listen to it without at least nodding to the great beat. My fave is Ready For Love and I also lubb Love Again. Your one of the only American singing artist that I know who has those dance musical parts after the chorus! I never get tired of your music. Hope your doing well on your touring! Can't wait till you get over to Chicago in Jan (5 days b4 my bday!). See ya!

your the best | Reviewer: Kelly Connors | 12/5/06

Cascada all your songs are amazing. One thing i find the best is if you listen to the same songs alot useually you get sick of them but i listen to your songs every day on the bus and i'm not sick of them you make them so interesting if you want to keep listening to them they never get old or boring that you want to just spot listening or say she/he's not my favorite singer because her songs are boring i've done that before with Hilary and soon maybe Kelly Clarkson but not you and i've been listening to the same song every day for at least 3 or 4 months.
Your songs are the best

Everytime we touch is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Katrina | 8/10/06

I think that you are an amazing artist, your songs are so real. I really love Everytime we touch. Keep it up and keep writing!!