Hi Natlie | Reviewer: George Kmep | 11/3/13

Hi and thank you for the music Cascada is one of my favorites, i love your music so much when are you bringing out a new album and have you toured Australia yet, would love to meet you.

regards George

i love your music | Reviewer: Dixie Floyd | 9/30/13

When I first hear everytime we touch I feel in love with your music!!! I have almost all of your music but I can't find any of your cd's :) my friends and I have looked everywhere :( but i also love yanou and Djibouti manian! Yallare amazing!!!!

092 | Reviewer: Barack | 6/28/13

Hi cascada i really luv ur music more than i can say evreynight i lesten 2 ur songs till morning comes u re my bigest singer.and i hope that one day i can meet u i luv u much more.i'm 22 years i'm young nigerian black Boy

ΜΥ FAVORITE SINGER CASCADA <3 | Reviewer: kelly douropoulou | 6/15/13

My favorite cascada admires VERY I like all your songs make me feel perfectly-loving madness have all of your photos and I make in my HP e have many more good and the regulations and still continues this effort Anyway I adore many has of your beauty every day and night YOU ARE THE BEST <3 ;-) :-*

music lover | Reviewer: fabiola | 4/29/13

dear cascada i love all your songs it made me feel like the winx club member i wish i have your atergraph and your music disk here are the songs that i love
everytime we touach
summer of love
one more night
what hurts the most
and everything
i wish you have more songs oh and how old are you i'm 14

My idol | Reviewer: CascadaGirl | 12/18/12

Hi Natalie my name is Emily and I am a huge fan of yours I visit this site every day and this my first comment sorry it is really short but let me just say ur my idol and thanks to I am more confident with my singing liv ya Natalie!

Cascada rocks | Reviewer: Josiah | 8/19/12

as a kid i love your songs, my brothers dont like your songs very much cause they say it has to much computerized beets in them. but i love it no matter what. your songs rock and your my favorite singer and all ways will be

hi | Reviewer: ... | 5/9/12

HI Natlie, am a huge fan of your song "everytime we touch" in fact i have an assignment to pick my favorite song or band and write a report on it. I picked you for my assignment.
This is random but if you ever get the chance PLEASE look on a Wyoming map and look for the small town, Frannie. Also, can you please think about haveing a consert here in Wyoming?
I hope you reply to me because i swore to myself that some how my name would be known and i just might start with this,what the hell. SM

emergeny for cascada dear natalie | Reviewer: omid | 11/11/11

hi dear cascada
i love u so much as u can not imahine. as u and i are in same age. when ever i hear your songs i feel that im very young and and see you in my dream. please reply my letter and know that in iran is one man waiting for u. i kiss u. دوست دارم- امید

Cascada is my favorite singer | Reviewer: Renday | 6/27/11

Nat is very nice, handsome and very talented singer and a great dancer. I recently had a project on "One whom I admire," which was just about Natalie because she is really admirable. I listen to it from the very beginning and even more tired of me because she always reveals something new and I liked it at. I hope it lasts a long time... and This new cd is great I can not stop listening to it...

I´m sorry for my English

I <3 U | Reviewer: christina | 6/15/11

I love your songs, i don't really know why. I really really like your songs so here is my list ...
1: Everytime We Touch
2: One More Night
3: What Hurts The Most
4: Bad Boy
5: Miracle
6: Truly, Madly, Deeply
7: Butterfly :p jk but i like that one too ^_^
soooo plz tell me your list ;)

i love cascadas song bad boy super coooool | Reviewer: merliah | 4/23/11

when i went to internet i found an interesting song by her and i starded collecting all her music i feel that someday shes going to be popular in my world but tooo bad no ones ever heard her song hope she comes to illinois usa

:) | Reviewer: beckie | 1/13/11

hi this site hasnt been used for a while so i dont even no if what i say will ever get seen but ur such an inspiration ive got "unbreakable" tattooed on me just because i saw it in your video and it made me a stronger person, it helped me in all the pain i went through in the last few years and id love to see u in concert xxx

PLEASE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/10

PLEASE COME TO HALIFAX CANADA WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT'S CRAZY! I want to be a singer just like you when I'm a tad bit older. Please come to Halifax or anywhere in Canada my friends and I adore your group music.

Hi Cascada | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

Hi! I'm a big fan of your music. I love so many of your songs they are amazing. I love to dance so I often dance to your music. It would be awesome if you had a concert in Halifax. That would be my dream! Keep on singing and making music!