truly madly fan | Reviewer: Mahmood | 12/6/07

I'm from and I love Cascada 'especisly Natalie...
she is a wonderful singer and the band is fantastic... Cascada's songs are really powerful and breathtaking ...mixing such nice songs with lovely voice of Natalie...I love this group and I hope listining more works from them at future
all of songs are nice but my rating is 1-ready to love 2-truly madly deeoly 3-bad boys 4-miracle 5-everytime we touch and .....
goodluck CASCADA

cascada are the best | Reviewer: andrew | 12/6/07

hi, my name is andrew, i`ve loved cascada from the very beginning, your brilliant. i was wandering if you could come and play in the cardiff millenium stadium, wales anytime,

your biggest fan andrew

AWESOME! | Reviewer: jeff | 11/2/07

i have to write a buisnus(pardon my spelling)letter for english class so one and only famous person that came to mind was u so send an adress igot to send a famous person a letter

I love Cascada | Reviewer: Guy | 10/31/07

Hello my name is Guy and I love cascada so sexy and great! I love her album ''Everytime We Touch'' and i'm so looking forward to the 2nd album,... as i've herad the new song Endless Summer. Well its a lot better than listening to ''Rihanna - Umbrella'' Singing along with its raining all the time. As we do need an Endless Summer after all. Go Cascada love you're songs: ''How Do You Do!'' ''Truly, Madly, Deeply'' ''Everytime We Touch'' I won't the 2nd album now! Natalie Horler's music is so sinsational and it always gets my heart pumping. Everytime I hear a new track my heart jumps with giggly excitment. I love her video Miracle cool sexy moves from Cascada their? From Guyxxx

has anyone heard the hip hop remix of EWT?!?! | Reviewer: maggie | 10/10/07

First and foremost, I'm a huge Cascada fan!! However, not why I'm reviewing.....I have downloaded the hip hop remix of everytime we touch and it is pimping. The problem is I can't figure out who raps over it...anyone know?

I love your songs!I'm a chinese student.I think you are the most successful singer in the world! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/07

I'm Chinese,butI like English songs.I like your dance music.i'm your fan.your songs are very nice.Can you send me an e-mail??
if you can,please send to

i have done u as my cousework for pop stars and i have got a A* | Reviewer: marianne | 10/4/07

i really like you songs and i have got a a star please can you send me some stuff like can you chat to me in 14 years old and i was born on 14th april 1993 and i think you are fabulous i really think that u are really pretty and your boyfriend is really luckly please speak to me xxxxxxx my email address is thank you please take care hope you make some more new songs love ya cascada xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

songs | Reviewer: emz wilson | 9/19/07

cascada you are one of my favourite singers. i have always thought your songs are beutiful and the put a smile on my face.
please make more!

We share same birthdate | Reviewer: Pankaj | 8/29/07

Cascada i would like to teell u that my birthdate is also 23rd September.And d u know both of us r born at a very special date as 23rd September is the world's longest day and the difference between dayand night is same.
u r doing a great job i LOVE ur Music alot
Keep up the good work
Take care.

I love ur music..and u of course!! | Reviewer: Harrison | 8/7/07

wow i have everyhting of u...and it is amazing that u can sing like this, and dance too. well plz come to america and do a concert in georgia,,,, not alabama... My favy song is miracle and i love u sooooo much

Help | Reviewer: Hannah | 8/6/07

Hi Cascada, I'm currently doing a portfolio on you for my NVQ and Key Skills, I chose you because I think the group is really talanted and I love your music its great. Iv'e been searching everywhere on the internet but can only come up with so much information, for example, I haven't found out if you have any sister's or brother's I just kno you have a mum and a dad, and part of my project is to do a mind map ect... So I was wondering is there any chance of you e-mailing me any kind of information at all that would help me improve my portfolio that would be amazing, thanks! Keep up the good work!! x

--------About the artist/band Cascada | Reviewer: Becx | 7/25/07

Hello my name is Becky i'm from Australia and curantly moved to England i'm 17 years old and i apsolotly love your music. i have every song you have made + your album all i liston to is your music and i think i am your bigest fan lol

I like your songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Pedro | 7/19/07

Hi Cascada my namw is Pedro and I live in Puerto Rico. I love your song. PLEASE COME TO PUERTO RICO!!!!!!!!!! And make a concert. My favorite song is Magic Summer Night.

im loving u long time cascada | Reviewer: Jessie | 7/16/07

cascada i love u and all of you'r songs... i have 2 tell u that i am doing my project on u and all the guys in my class think that u are sooo hot anyway have 2 go x0x love u cascada x0x

your awsome!!!! | Reviewer: Roxyheart | 7/7/07

hi cascada my name is Roxanna and i live in Mexico, let me tell you that i love your music, i love the lyrics there awsome and the rythm excellent i love it. i woul like a lot tha you come here to mexico you have a lot of fans plese come i hope you can recive this

love ya!!