your great!! | Reviewer: Cascada's biggest fan ever!!! | 9/28/08

Hey, cascada,My names Kat and im 12, i think your great and have a wonderful voice! Your my idol!!!! You have a special gift about you. Your unique and i like that. I'm hoping to go and see you in October or November, please carry on being you and what you do!!! I wish i was like you. I want to be a singer when i grow up- i want to be just like you!!!! Im also a song writter and have written a few songs, 7. This is my email: that way i could maybe send you the lyrics.
Keep it up Natalie, your great!

i lov your music | Reviewer: kimberly | 9/28/08

hii cascada i really really really really lov your music you just dont know how much cause i have your cd and am always listennig to it its so much fun.. well thats all i have to say beyebye nice writing to you

dan jenks / cascada | Reviewer: danielle | 7/24/08

omg...... cascada u are a legand i love ur music and ma 3 brothers do shaun william hopkins and kristian jenkins im 12 shaun is 24 william is 22 and kristian is 16 i am big big big big big fan of urs i hope ur making a new song ma favourite t one is mirical but all of the a my favourite soo
i mostly listen 2 them on youtube but it dose not make a different so love uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I Love Cascada | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/18/08

I Just Love Your Voice And You Look Adorable.Last Week I Turned The Channel And It Was Turkish Channel And I Saw You Singing I Could'nt Believe it Your Voice Was Beautiful.
Me And My Big Brother Love You So Much!Im 10 And My Big Brother Is 14.Love You Cascada.

Great | Reviewer: Christie | 6/30/08

I Really Think You Are Amazing, You Are My Best Ever Singer I Also THink You Sang Last Christmas Graet, I Think You Sing Like An Angle, I Really Like Your Hair Aswell And I AM Thinking Of Gettin Mine Done The Same Thank You X

queen Natalie lol | Reviewer: natalie 3ll | 4/13/08

heyyyyyy chick ma name is natalie a just like to say yoohr the best singer tht i have ever saw and yoohr a great romodel to every young adult out their yooh were the one artist tht actualy listed to thre songs tht us teenagers listen to these daz and thought of bring the kind of music wee like and wee are greatfull for tht a sent a wee letter to the blue arts studieo hope yooh get it coz its from glasgow lol and hope yooh can reply add me on msn at luv natxxxx

Cascada da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Carly | 1/27/08

i absolutly lurveeeeeeeeeeee cascada, my name is carly wilson and i am 16, i know itr can be a bit of an embarass. but most of my friends think cascada is a stupid dumb blonde, but i totally disagree with all my heart, i have got all of the cascada albums, i have even got cascada vs playboy in my bedroom.i alos think cascada outcomes all the boring people wgho do all the songs, when cascada remixes them with such a a blast out,. i am also a big RAVER, i lourrrrve T.F.I. and UPRISING. but some of cascadas have mixed by rave aswell. oh well i better go. see ya later, andf you CASCADA

She is my cousin | Reviewer: Taylor {yh I am a girl} | 1/24/08

Most of you wont believe me but yeh she is my cousin not to be horrible but why cant famous people be our cosins to i mean that dont make us different does this. I mean yh she has a really good voice and I really think that hers and my other cousin James Cohen Should marry Sally.
And yall wanna no she will be doing a concert in Wembley this yh or next so remember GET TICKETS

Rock On My Wonderful And Talented Coz

Luv ya Lodz n lodz


princess cascada | Reviewer: Princess Lisa, | 1/24/08

Heyya xxxxx my name is Lisa n ive jst turned 17, I think your songs r really gr8 n your ansperation to many ppl as 9 - 18 years old. Keep on writing gd songs. if u dnt mind me sayin can u write some slow songs cos everytime we touch slow was gr8 i wuld like to ere more slow songs. I love your cd i gt it for ma bday from ma 14 year old bro n he loves ur songs especially ma 2 year old cousin she cant gt enough of your songs she listens to them all the time when she comes over so i can babysit her, she wuld like to meet you as she is turnin 3 this year on the 11th june n she cant wait she pronouces ur name as 'cade' n its so cuite when she says it. Ma addy is n plz add me cos it will make my day or email me fanx love u loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s keep up the gr8 work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I love ur songs | Reviewer: Dave | 1/25/08

ello im an eltronic n dance fan n heard all sorts of it but u make the diference ur songs av a special touch they make us feel the song ratter then jus listen Cascada is probz the best eltronic n trance band eva n Natalie u the best singer eva n ur dj's make a gr8 work they combine ur angelical voice wiv the best beats n melodies eva makin ur songs 20 out of 10 wish u ldz of luck with ur work u can b sure ur songs touch alot ppl n make there lifes more alive n less sad fanks x x x

I love your music !!!! | Reviewer: siobhan gordon | 1/16/08

woww ...i love cascada and all your songs..natalie you are such a great singer and i would love to be able to sing like you. ii love dance music and ii never used to listen to it but now ts basically all ii listen too.i love What Hurts The Most and What do You Want From Me... ii have basically all your songs on my i-pod. Your great...and carryy on makiing fab new songs :):) xxxx

cascada is grate | Reviewer: lisa urkit | 1/10/08

I luv the song what do u want from 14 u can talk to me at plz cascada gett his and tok ot me i luv ur songs soOoOoO mutch xxxxxxxxx hope u maked new songs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cascada! | Reviewer: christopher allen | 12/21/07

omg, i love your style, lyrics are easy and understandable, and i hope you will continue your work. you're are all i listen to. i haven't heard a single rap song in 2 months. i am obbessed with your dj's manian and yanou. i hope you will continue. everytime i hear one of your new songs, i tear up.

i love yah loads and your new song last christmas!!! xxx | Reviewer: siobhan | 12/15/07

heyar cascada (natalie) lol
i really love u and your songs. i think your 2 best songs are last christmas and what hurts the most. I also love the way you dress. I have been wondering, when are you going to have a tour at newcastle?? plz tell me soon. my name is siobhan millican and my email is plz talk to me soon. xx what is your email?? (if you have one) lol

i will talk again soon byeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I Love Cascada | Reviewer: Beckie Gill | 12/15/07

I think cascada is awwsome specially natalie' I love her shes an amazing singer and shes done some amazing songmy favourite one at the moment is last christmas i can't stop listening to it its amazing......... Natalie your amazing and your my favourite idol .......Good luck in the future CASCADA!