You are my Idol, Natlie Horler | Reviewer: mahafakir | 3/6/10

You say Alicia Keys is your idol. You are my idol. I love hearing your songs. You did not say anyting about your self like if you have a boy friend or are a lesbian and have a girl friend. There is atleast one female singer who is a lesbian. You say you are english but were born and raised in Germany. So probably you do not eat spicy Indian food. But I love german food.

thanks a lot cascada.. | Reviewer: bista | 12/24/09

thanks a lot cascada for the christmas song.i like your every songs.not only me -even every world peoples like your no need to explain to you.because u already iam from nederland will u marry me?

the awsomest person in the world | Reviewer: rhiannon | 12/17/09

cascada your the best i never thought i would ever find my favorite singer and i did im 14 so its kinda weird how i did well i like pokemon so i was watching a tribute on pokemon and thats how i found out about you your my favvvvv singer

Cascada your a Techno Dance Genius, your epic! | Reviewer: Blue Moonlight Girl | 12/9/09

Your very epic when it comes to Dance and Techno, your just unbelievable. I love that recent song you sung "Dangerous" it's my fav, it use to be "Miracle" and "One More Night", I'm crazy about that song, it feels so energetic and it makes you wanna sing it out in front of you Lover!XD

G O C A S C A D A F O R E V E R!xD

OMG! | Reviewer: haleigh | 11/12/09

hello cascada!
i love you music! i love listening to all of your songs, i know every song by heart and am inspried but all of them. they paint a picture in my mind and i act like im relating your songs to my own world, you know bringing them to life.
i love you music an always have. your song miracle is the best!!
love it

My idol .. | Reviewer: eLa infante | 11/9/09

hi cascada ,,you know what whenever i surf the net i always watching your music video ..also the Dangerous i love that're so beautiful ... here in Philippines all my friends become crazy whenever i play the Everytime We Touch ..
Mabuhay Cascada ..We love you ..
i wish that you could have a concert here in Philippines ..

Cascada is totally super cooooooooooooooool! | Reviewer: Daniel Schapiro | 11/3/09

Hi Cascada, I've never been to a concert before that has music I like and I hope the first one I see is a Cascada Concert! I love your music! My favorite song of yours is definitely going to have to be Dangerous! I also love Evacuate the Dancefloor and What hurts the most! I can't wait to hear your songs of 2010!
Way to go Natalie, keep on singin'!

you're unstoppable Cascada | Reviewer: djalal | 7/13/09

Hii Cascada . I remember the first time that I hear'd ur song (miracle) I couldn't stop crying ,expressly I've felt in love with ur songs one after one .Shortly ur the best 4 me and i hope to reply at least one message . peace dude

For the best singer | Reviewer: Sylux | 6/2/09

Hi Natalie, despite the fact that everyone says they are your biggest fans, is a lie, because your biggest fan is me, I have 15 years and one could say that I am DJ, I am currently looking for a singer, but I'm disappointed because I won't find someone as good as you. Just wanted to give you my congratulations to you, to Yan and Manuel Reuter, you're the best... I would love to meet you ...

omg | Reviewer: tara | 4/20/09

omg i am your biggest fan. the reason i am on this website is to write an essay on (if i was famous who would i be and why) and i picked you because i find your songs beautiful and heart warming. also i am your biggest fan, i listen to your song miracle everyday of my life!!!

Cascada is the ultimate best!!!!! :D | Reviewer: HugeCascadaFan | 1/8/09

Hi Cascada! I am one of your biggest fans ever, and I think your music is so much fun to listen to, and it is totally amazing! I think you are the greatest singer, Natalie, and keep up the great work, you are super awesome!

Concerts | Reviewer: Anna | 12/22/08

hi cascada i have always wanted to come to one of you concerts but we can never get the tickets as your that popular i love you your the best woman singer and the best man singer of mine is shayne Ward so you can do a duet together

conrtulation | Reviewer: ahmed | 11/30/08

Really cascda is a nice singer she is the first elemment who make me give important to the english language. Really i fall in the love of her sounds and her voice also her movment; so i want her to be a friend of mine pls contacte me on 0021272881253

Hi my idol Cascada | Reviewer: Mongolion girl | 10/8/08

Hi Cascada. I am mongolian girl. You are my idol. I love your all song. I want to meet you but i can't. Because i live in Mongolia. Can you come in here?

you're amazing. | Reviewer: Terra | 10/3/08

Hi! I love your songs, they're so upbeat and completely impossible to dislike. I have your album "Everytime we touch" and I love all the songs. I recently found your song "Runaway". And I totally fell in love with it. I could not stop listening to it!! Thanks for being my inspiration to sing (even though I'm not really good at it). You'll always have a million fans even if someone else becomes the next top idol. Cause hey, you're just that amazing.

You're so awesome, keep up the great work Natalie!

PS: I had no idea you were English until I saw it in my "Everytime we touch" album. Even then I had trouble believing it. You hide your accent REALLY well. It's like it's nonexistent.