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Performed by Cartel

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yes...please save us | Reviewer: Melissa | 1/10/13

To me the song is talking about alot of things. It holds major power in family structure, God, struggle with self, and inability to carry on the facade anymore...needing guidance for change in every single area of total existance.

LOVE IN DIS AGREEMENT | Reviewer: KShawn | 9/24/12

I sense anger over religions inability to save. Proof that belief is a Love should be but so hard when you don't know what to beleive or worse yet refuse to.
To eric who wrote "This song isn't about a god or about it being religious...its about a girl ''simple words we never knew..the power behind what they put us through'' he's talking about l LOVE U".
Well. it is about God (Abba YAH). Because YAH i sLOVE. "God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him." "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

Ohhhh :) hand on heart | Reviewer: Spiffy | 1/28/10

Okay- guys...gals...everyone.
Put this song on, loud so you can actually hear him breathe, right?...Now, open your window, at night, plug it in your ears, feel the wind and listen to the damn song...doesn't matter what anyone thinks it is- we're all different. But listen, close your eyes and...just...feel it- best way to listen to cartel and man does it make you feel good, weak at the knees voice. Beautiful song x

Cartel = Win | Reviewer: Jesse | 10/3/09

Cartel are a pretty spiffy band and this is one of their better songs. As a musician I like the way that Cartel have arranged their songs in Chroma to generate a recurring theme throughout the album.

Runaway does take the cake, though.

:I | Reviewer: Riley | 9/15/09

Guys, settle down. songs are for the listener to interpret. People base what they make out of songs by their individual ways of thinking, experience etc. so just listen and find what you think it means, there is no right and wrong. (but just to add, i do so love this song ^^)

wow really???? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/09

i think who ever wrote that comment right under this one needs the shut up. cause that's other peoples opinions and if they want to think it's a religious or a political song then they can. and it's not bullshit cause like i said before it's their opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Just Love the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/09

What is up with this religious crap and political bull shit. It's just a song so enjoy it. If you wanna be analytical about it than go through each line carefully and decide from that. Dont just make assumptions about the song from just one line that seems religious and or political or whatever other bullshit it is about. but fitting everything together i think it could be all of it. Love, love, and love. It's a love song i think that's pretty obvious. although there are some allusions that can cause some people to mistake it for something else.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Dan | 7/20/09

Every time I hear this song I think of God - It just seems that the cry of "Who will save us?" is felt by any and all who have been ravaged by the world.

The lyrics go "...give us Truth and nothing more..."

In seeking truth, I found Him. (Or, rather - He found me). And He saved my life.

I realize everyone feels something different when they hear music, but I thought I would just add my two cents. :)

dd | Reviewer: eric | 3/27/09

This song isn't about a god or about it being religious...its about a girl ''simple words we never knew..the power behind what they put us through'' he's talking about l LOVE U and that the couple never knew what they were getting into...they thought it was the perfect relationship but all there left with is memories of what used too be

I love this song. | Reviewer: Wes. | 12/10/08

And I think it's pretty cool how the words "We hold these truths self evident" is also found in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" Speech. =]
Makes me smile.
And oh my, Will has an absolutely beautiful voice.

Who will save us? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/08

I know that going off on my religious beliefs on a secular song such as this doesn't fit in. But I can't stop from saying that it seems like God is the one who can save us. The song is confusing, and like it was said above, poetry does have a different meaning to each of its readers, but the lyrics of this song are hard to understand in a general perspective. I really like the fourth stanza and the chorus, 'we all need someone to tell us how to save the state of where we are' and 'we hold these truths self evident the lies we used to represent what we are because it was never meant to be' its almost as if the lies don't matter in the end becuase we need to be who we were meant to be but not who society wants us to.

political? | Reviewer: sarah | 11/25/08

It seems very political and third-worldesque. "the power behind- what they put us through", "Out of rhythm with our time", and the line about meaning is, despite the punctuation here, sung as 'without the meaning and the rhyming-can you save?" almost like can someone help without all the political bull and spin? I've used it before to accompany a poverty awareness presentation and people commented on its suitability. However, someone above said that the meaning was hard to pinpoint so it could just be a song open to interpretation. Many poets say that once a poem is written it no longer belongs to them, but to its reader.

poetic reviewer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/08

i chose this song for my poetry unit in english
because when i listen to it i feel like they are trying to get to something
that is much deeper than you and me can get at.but in realality it is very hard to prove my point because of their lack of peotic divices in this song.
now some people that read my reply might be thinking wft is this person on, it is suck an amazing song.
and yes it is one of my favorite songs but since lyrics are a form of poetry i expected to find some when i did my poetry analis

outstanding | Reviewer: Megg | 10/29/08

The first time I heard this song was at my birthday party and I started to cry because I'm having family problems and it was just how you feel. You know? Like is there someone who can help becauase its so hard to tell yourself it will be okay someday.

So reaal. | Reviewer: Hunter | 8/15/08

Yes I get chills every time listening to it as well.
The emotions in this song are so out spoken.
Such real words with real meaning.
& the ending is just out standing. God Bless you guys.!

Keep it up you all are wonderful.

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