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so cool | Reviewer: alyssa | 6/13/2007

i just started listening to cartel like 2 weeks
ago and i think that they are an awsome band!!
in fact they are my newest favorite band!
when they release the new cd in july i am definatly buying it!!!!!!!
i am gatting cartel chroma the cd too!!

Aww =] | Reviewer: Emilyyy | 6/2/2007

Their songs pop in my head at the most random parts of the day and once you listen to one song it's stuck with you forever! Their lyrics are so catchy and I'm obsessed with Will. =] I love Cartel, you guys rock.

Bassist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/2007

Jeff (Lett i think is his last name, but not positive) is their bassist now...

You Rock | Reviewer: Marguerite | 5/15/2007

i love ya ya rock!!! But not better than fall out boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I love Cartel. They are aamazzing!!! | Reviewer: Khrysten | 5/13/2007

haha i love you guys. your gutiarist have the right beat for it and then drumer same thing. and the singer woah he is a good singer for a guy. its a great band!!! good luck.

i love cartel! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/2007

will is so cute and he has a really good voice!
i love all thier songs and i never get tired of them after hearing them like a million times!

I love Cartel | Reviewer: Ciera Taylor | 5/7/2007

I love this band omg ahhhhhhhhhhhh i love this band yeah>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>any ways u guys rox i love ur song Say Anything (Else)u guys totally rox to the ex-trem man i used to just love My Chemical Romance but then omg i herd u guys and i riped all my MCR posters off my wall and hung up posters of Cartel i love this band.

Keep Rockin!!!! :)

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: sarahsikari | 4/8/2007

I LOVE Cartel! My favorite song it Say Anything(Else). It is the best song ever! Will Pugh is soo cute! I wish more people would be into Cartel and I think Cartel should have more music videos. I LOVE YOU CARTEL!♥♥♥♥

WOW | Reviewer: Brianna | 3/2/2007

Cartel what can I say they are awesome. I saw there music video on MTV and ever since then I'm been hooked. And on top of it the Lead singer will pugh is super sexy.

Cartel Rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/2007

I have to agree with all of you. Cartel is definitly the best band... ever! I just bouht thir c.d. like yesterday, and havent stopped listening to it since! Their songs are the kind that you dont get sick of. I love them!!

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