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Performed by Cartel

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My thoughts on ''Honestly'' by Cartel | Reviewer: Crysbie | 7/8/07

I so love this song, especially the lead singer. He's sooo hot and looks just like my biggest crush.

ii LOVE THiS SONG iTS THE BEST!!!!!! | Reviewer: DANiKA =) | 7/9/07

YEAH ii DONT LiKE THiS SONG.. ii LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE iT! ALOT! <33333 =) iTS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 A&F DANiKA

this song rox | Reviewer: Audrina | 6/22/07

i love this song
it really gets me going for some reason
cartel is such a good band
if u like this song u should try these songs out:
1.face down - the red jumpsuit apparatus
2.hum hallelujah - fall out boy
3.faint - linkin park
4.numb - linkin park

Pretty Sweet! | Reviewer: Zipper | 6/13/07

I used this song 4 a project at school, no one knew them, and now they are all huge fans! Love u guys!

I Found Out It | Reviewer: Giosmar | 6/6/07

I was looking for somes covers about oasis and i found out this band. :P i`m very lucky... Good band, good song, now i`m a cartel`s fan. hehe

Ah-mazeing | Reviewer: Bethany | 6/5/07

This song is just great. This is how I found the band, through this song. If you haven't listened to it yet. Go right now. Trust me. =D

mv | Reviewer: Jeremiah | 5/31/07

love the song a lot and for others who also love this song,i suggest you watch the music's very good and it's just fun to watch

♥Honestly♥ | Reviewer: Amber | 5/29/07

i love this song! its great to dance to!
i give it a 10!

SO COOL!!!!!! | Reviewer: stephanie | 5/29/07

i think that this song is sooooooooo cool i mean its like wow

awesome | Reviewer: izzy | 3/4/07

so to me this is one of the best songs ever. just like face down by the red jumpsuit apparatus, it talks about something thats going on that are important. we have to be honest or things wont go as smoothly. This talks about it greatly and the music video is awesome!

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