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Performed by Cartel

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Lets Go! | Reviewer: LovesCartel | 3/21/10

I have listened to this song, like, 1 million times since I've heard it. I have their album "Cycles" and I never even thought about checking out any of their other music. But I'm glad I did. And BTW, someone made a comment about not liking famous bands, and I just had to say how lame that is. I hate people that try not to conform, if you like it, then like it no matter how popular it is. Anyway, great song and band.

reminds me | Reviewer: Nick | 7/23/09

This song reminds me of my girlfriend sooo much. We recently broke up and she's already seeing other people. Call me crazy but I still love her more then anything and listening to this song only makes me want to get her back in my arms where she belongsss

my thoughts on cartel Honestly. | Reviewer: maegan3 | 5/3/09

I never really knew who they were. I got the ringtone honestly on my phone loved it and went like three years wondering who sings it. Then i finally googled it and i was like cartel never heard of them. And that was a good thing I don't care much for famous bands so I was really interested and I fell inlove with them. I hope to be seeing more of them soon. And i'm totally gonna buy there album.

boyfriend | Reviewer: alyssa | 8/1/08

im completley in love wiht my boyfriend mikey,
and this is like a song that reminds me of him so much, we never really get to see eachotehr because were both very busy and it doesnt help that we go to two different highschools. but yeah i just want you guys to know i love you and i love your music.
<3 alyssa

my feelings | Reviewer: krissy allen | 5/30/08

today my husband were talking and i had to go but when i got to were i was going on got on myspace and he left me a message to cheek out my new profile song and this was the song he put on my myspace...maby he really does mean what he says...i love him sooo much!!!

!♥! | Reviewer: kaitlyn | 4/23/08

ive just recently lost a boyfriend
and i seen him today
me,my friend,her boyfriend,and him
where walking down the road
and we had to leave and i was listening
to your song and i started
crying my friend was calling him to come back
and i bot my firnd and ran off....
i couldnt let me see me like that
i rele love this kid
and he dumped me 4 another girl
so lets hope 4 the best!!!
i love you guys!

Think About | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/07

Has anyone ever realized the similarities between the opening riff of this song and Boy Like Girl's Five Minutes to Midnight? Its pretty much the same thing.

~Honestly~ | Reviewer: *Mwah!* | 11/20/07

This is the reason I got interested in Cartel to begin with. This song is so great-the lyrics, the tune, and the totally hot band themselves!!!

I Don't Kno How | Reviewer: Sammi | 11/20/07

i don't kno how but this became me and my boifriends song, it's kinda a weird song to be ours but it really is, i kno we are weird but i really do love cartel and my boifriend dennis!:P

Cool | Reviewer: Jay | 7/16/07

This is one of the best songs i have ever heard.. I seen their video on MTV2 one day and fell in love with this band... I made all my friends listen too them and now my friends like them... Keep making songs like this and i will buy ur second album i already have the first one

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