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clutch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

carrie's performance on the idol finale was a revelation. i mean bo was supposed to win but apparentely someone forgot to tell carrie. talk about clutch if she didnt win she wouldnt of gotten a deal i bet. bo doesnt even have deal anymore actually. one thing about carrie is i think fames goin to her head she was very valleygirlish at the cmas. i dont know if she can stay successful i mean when you start off that way its hard to stay relevant because if you cant repeat a huge success everything is billed as a dissapointment. i hope to god im wrong about carrie she breathes life into country music.

Right On Girl!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/07

CARRIE! You are my hero! There are hardly any famous Christian bands/artists out there that are well-known like you are and have such an amazing voice! I hope to be a famous singer/songwriter like you someday and keep my Christian faith up!! Keep up the good work!!

P.S. - I can play your song "Jesus Take the Wheel" on the piano and am going to ask my voice teacher if I can do it for voice!!

inspire | Reviewer: Misty Adkins | 10/3/07

You really inspire me Carrie. You have such a great voice and you are a great christian. I hope you keep on doing your best and don't worry your self. I hope to meet you some day.

Best Singer | Reviewer: Sara | 10/4/07

Carrie Underwood is the best singer. I love her songs my two favotite songs are, b4 he cheats and Somehearts. She is such a great singer!!

She is my fav... | Reviewer: Kimmi | 6/22/07

Carrie Underwood is my fav.. singer She is so pretty she has an amaving vocie!!!!!!

biggest fan | Reviewer: briana | 6/16/07

im ur #1 fan i can sing just like u to all my friends say so

i want to meet carrie so bad | Reviewer: Mckinley Johnson | 5/27/07

i want to meet carrie so bad and that ryan dude who said she sounds like crap he is crap he should get his ears checked!!!! ooooo i just dissed him! bring it ryan whoever you are you posted that crappy thing about carrie! he is probably just desribing him self oooooo another dis!!

Before He Cheats | Reviewer: Michele..... | 5/24/07

I like this song. I love SINGING this song. I love listening to other people Singing this song!!:)

i want a lyrics | Reviewer: julio | 5/5/07

hai carrie is a hot artist i mean idol she sings very well and i like her very much oke bye bye

I Love Carrie Underwood | Reviewer: Parris Behm | 5/1/07

I am 12 years old and I am a huge fan of Carrie!
She is so awesome! She has wonderful and great music. She is one of my top singers. I LOVE CARRIE UNDERWOOD!

Thanks Carrie | Reviewer: brilball | 4/26/07

I heard your album so many times and love it so much. The first song i heard is Inside your heaven and this is my favorite song. This lyric is too beautiful and another songs i like are before he cheats (U sing so fast, i cant sing along), and jesus take the wheel (so cool, music is so beautiful) and the latest song which i can see your clip is dont forget to remember me is still good. Thanks for all!!!

I think you are the GREAT singer. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

I've seen you twice in person and would love to see you more. I can't wait until your next CD comes out. I'm a lady in my 60's and think you are a great gal. I voted for you on American Idol.

jesusat the wheel | Reviewer: patricia lutes | 3/30/07

Jesusis At The Wheel is a very,very powerful song. It has such a great lesson to and meaning to it I like the song very much no mattter who critizes that is there opinion.

patricia lutes

God has truly blessed you. | Reviewer: LDoper | 2/12/07

I think you are so beautiful but I think it's on the inside also which is so much more. You seem down to earth and a good Christian girl. Hang in there and don't listen to the critics out there. Would love to meet you and for you to meet my son. God bless you in all you do.

Carrie Underwood rox!! | Reviewer: Jimmy | 1/28/07

Carrie Underwood is freakin' awsome! My favorite songs are Jesus Take the Wheel, I Ain't in Checotah, Wasted, Don't Forget to Remember Me, and The Night Before (Life Goes On). They are so awsome! Its amazing how someone like her can come up with such amazing songs, I don't know how she does it.
P.S. Those people that think she has no talent whatsoever, are just jelous because they don't have talent. I don't see all of you making an album to prove that youre better! I just see ya'll discrediting the amazing talent that Carrie Underwood has and you don't!!!!!!!!!

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