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Performed by Carrie Underwood

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it brought me back to God | Reviewer: linda | 3/21/14

D very first day i heard this song i wept cos it made me realise how distant i was to God and nw dat i av realised that nd changed my ways i av carrie to thank for...tnkz carrie...we love you

you have blessed my soul. Jesus Take The Wheel | Reviewer: mercy | 3/10/14

The very first day i listen to this song i was touched by the voice and and inspiration of the song. Indeed Jesus Takes The Wheel. You are really a blessing to my soul and to our generation. God bless more than ever,

Ever Green | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/14

How I wish I had the opportunity to see, shake hands and speak with you. This song is just wonderful. I think it should recieve the award, 'song of the century'. Just simply the best.

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL | Reviewer: Liberty | 2/22/14

Am soo bless & happy to have you in my time . Your song is more than powerful & I love it soo much . God richly bless You with more inspiring lyrics & increase you from grace to grace

Jesus take the wheel | Reviewer: Martha Rofo | 1/7/14

I heared this song and I love it so dearly. Infact my sister told me that your voice sounds like that of Rehianna but I recented to that, only to browse and see that it's no Rehianna's voice. I'm inspired of your songs, God is using you greatly. Be blessed dear. We love you.

Holy Song | Reviewer: Jethro s Grant cka miracanho | 12/30/13

Thank you carrie for this song the first time heard this song i really think that Jesus has taken my wheel away.thank you for the time you took to put this song together i love you carrie.let God bless your thinking.

heart touching song | Reviewer: lyrrad arnado | 12/25/13

what i love dis song is it remind us that Jesus is always with us and with GOD everything is possible :) give thanks to the person who write dis song thank you carrie underwood for an inspiring song "JESUS TAKE A WHEEL" :)

Mark A Akerley | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/13

You are the best carrie .I love your heart and soul you put into your songs.keep it up .
Your friend forever:
I wanted to tell you how one of your songs saved me but android or this site screwed both of us.if you want to hear my story get a hold of me at. my name is mark.i realy sincerly would love to thank you from my style.. .

I just can't stop hereing this song | Reviewer: Augustus Wright | 11/27/13

Carrie, the movement I heard this song, I just felt in love with it, I am doing everything humanly possible to just learn this song, and made part of my day to day prayer points.Thanks a million for the time you took to put this song out, as of the day I heard this Jesus had taken my wheel that I know.

Jesus take the wheel | Reviewer: James Gwary | 10/14/13

As i went through the song of Underwood, i personally felt that each and every one of us need Jesus to control the movement of our lives each passing moment of our days on earth.Jesus takes the wheel it not only a song as i see it, it worth a message of salvation.

A song for every season in life | Reviewer: Beulah ajena | 10/8/13

U know the part that struck me in this song was the fact that this lady was able to recognise the need for the presence of God in her life, she says " cause I can't do this on my own"...there are times in life that we really need Jesus to take the wheel and this song of underwood has really brought this joy to me...the amount of times I have listened to this song is innumerable...and I appreciate God's gift in you...

Jesus has taken the wheel | Reviewer: Tessy | 9/15/13

Thank you so much carrie, the very first time I heard this song, I played it repeatedly for days, at one point I painted the woman and the baby in my head and I imagined Jesus stepping into everyone's life challenging situation and making them all go away. This is a song for all season. May it minister more to lives that will listen. Your voice carrie, made it more perfect to enjoy. Thanks for this song really.

JESUS IS ALWAYS READY IF YOU ARE WILLING | Reviewer: Bro kola amos | 9/1/13

d devil wil put you in a conditn dat he cannot help u bt GOD will help u out of d condition he didnt put you. All u need is to allow him TAKE THE WHEEL (think on this) d earlier d better

so blessed | Reviewer: Lucy Joshua | 8/15/13

it's a wonderful and live changing song. I'm so blessed and inspired by this song, the rhymes were just perfect...Carrie's voice on the other hand, fantastic! Thank you Carrie...may the Lord bless you.

Thank You Carrie. | Reviewer: Vini | 8/13/13

Jesus takes the wheel. I love this song from the first time I heard. Thank you Carrie for this beautiful song. And I Pray that Jesus also will come to me and takes my wheels away.

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