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Performed by Carpenters

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Review about Maybe It's You
------Performed by Carpenters | 04/22/2005 11:00:00 AM

Maybe it's you

This is argueably one of the Carpenter's finest albums. Certainly it is my favorite. And this song is the sleeper of the mix. Made at the advent of their meteoric rise, their sound was a contrast to the period's more dominent and wrathful heavy rock. It's a tribute to the age-old adage 'a soft answer turneth away wrath.' Beauty is found in the most unlikely places, or times.

Maybe it's just me. But considering the success of the Carpenters, to say this is their best work, and this a favorite of that work, I think says something.

'Maybe it's you' is simple-yet has a powerful underlying complexity. I've listened to it, off and on, for most of my adult life. I think of it when I pause to throw a stone across water, or stoop down to pick up a penny..."I've never been the kind who can pass a lucky penny by."

Like the penny, it's a song you can put in your pocket and it lasts a lifetime. Richards musical gift, and Karen's "Heaven-sent" "Dulcet" voice, it is to be cherished as any fine work and enjoyed for generations yet to come.

Thanks to Carpenters fan in Broomfield Colorado for submitting the review.