Carole King | Reviewer: nancy | 9/21/07

I have always been a Carole King fan since the early 70's. Her voice is so clear and emotional. I could listen to her singing all the time. Jazzman is one of my favorites.

CAROLE SINGING GOD BLESS AMERICA | Reviewer: kathy white | 9/8/07

Ijust saw her on tv singing God Bless America ,and her performance was blood warming goose bump experience .To me she perming was representation of my generation at a Tennis Match that the players were all unfimiliar.She was the high point of the tennis match ,and I wont forget her performance soon.!

carole king political heroine | Reviewer: ken keegan | 8/5/07

I always loved Carole King. She helped the protestors at U.C. Santa Cruz in 1984 when she performed in front of McHenry library that was temporarily renamed by the students to Nelson Mandela library in honor of the imprisoned leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. The protest/takeover at the library forced the Regents of U.C. to divest their money from the oppressive regime. This caused a domino effect as companies like Coca-cola and other major investors removed their money from South Africa, too. Carole King was a big part of this effort and made me happy that such a warm talented woman still spoke out against injustice when she could have suffered in her music career for being outspoken. I heard her sing once with her daughter and the harmony was the most angelic sounds I have ever heard. Her voice is simple and honest and beautiful as is the woman it comes from. Her and Carly Simon have always been my fantasy women of music in all respects!

I love her singing! | Reviewer: Rosemary Chase | 4/28/07

I have been doing a lot of research on Carole King. She is only two years older than I am, and I can't believe that I never knew her; I only discovered her about 3 or 4 months ago. I love her singing. I've just ordered her 1994 concert DVD and her concert at Carneige Hall. I can't wait to get them. Does anyone out there know if she is doing any concerts this year? I would love to see her in person and hear her sing. Thanks.


Rosemary Chase

Great admirer | Reviewer: Rosemary Chase | 3/16/07

I just discovered her about 3 weeks ago when I heard her singing on what I think was a James Taylor Concert on PsBS. She was singing 'You've Got a Friend," and James came in and joined her. Since then, I have been doing research on her, I have the Diva CD and DVD and I love them both. I want to know more about her and what is going on with her, and especially, if she will be having any concerts in 2007 and if so, where?


Rosemary Chase

. magnificent women ,and magnificent performer., | Reviewer: don | 6/23/06

Ive been in love with her forever, and if present hubby checks out I want to be next on the list, Hey ! and i,m bloody serious !.