memories | Reviewer: Scott | 3/30/14

My sister is 8yrs, older than me. And i remember coming home from jr.high and your songs would be on my mom & dad's hifi and singing with my sister. Good memories, all three of us

Carole King amazing musician,songwriter and giving person! | Reviewer: Karyn Black | 3/16/14

Although we've never met ,I would love to meet but I have met you in your words and you in mine"Friends From NYC" which you tagged as liking I think a few years back_I felt honored. As a singer at 19 in Newport R.I. I was playing guitar and singing your songs every night! "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" such a great song. Then while I was performing in Bermuda , I heard Vivian Reed bring the house down with her voice but it was your song again that resonated through an amazing emotion LET ME BE YOURS UNTIL TOMORROW" thank you for all your songs over the years.. I myself am still trying to get there with one great song! Your fan since the 70's in NYC !!!!Karyn Black (karynblackmusic)

Amazing Carol King | Reviewer: Linda Partridge | 2/24/13

I have just seen Carol King at Mission Estate here in New Zealand with Barry Gibb on Saturday 23rd February. I grew up with your music (I am only 8 years younger than Carol)and your music is as strong today as it was when I was jumping around my parents lounge as a teenager.

Carol you are amazing.

natural woman concert in australia | Reviewer: mary | 2/21/13

Just last night i saw carol king's concert in adelaide and the magificent Tridoor concert with carol and James taylor, I have love her music emensely for years, she was great, her voice never faltered once during the concert. I am going to run to a book store and get her book, nothing ever beats the 60's and 70's of her songs and hits she had. CAROL KING YOU'RE THE GREATEST!

love carole king ! | Reviewer: kate downey | 2/6/13

Carole King is the best - extraordinary music, songs, voice. beautiful person - my dream is to meet her - I am going to her concert on 18 Feb - can't wait - i just love her - they dont make musicians like they used to - Carole KiNG ROCKS! LOVE - KATE DOWNEY

Soundtrack of my Life | Reviewer: LaTonia Harris | 6/22/11

I feel the earth move... I literally hugged my Tapestry Album for years when it was gifted to me by my parents. I was 11 yrs old. Every talent show I sung her songs. My daughter (age 30) just informed me of Carole Kings upcoming book she's searching for a early release as I type, for my Birthday.

Always Been a Fan | Reviewer: Jim Goodwin | 5/7/11

Carole's music has always been some of my favorite music. The first time I heard "I Feel the Earth Move," I felt like the earth was moving. "So Far Away" spoke to me in times of loneliness. And I'm a jazz saxophonist and love to play "Jazzman." Thanks, Carole, for all the wonderful songs.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! | Reviewer: Jerry Feldner | 2/9/11

NOT A REVIEW! Just a birthday wish for an artist to whom I have listened and appreciated for many years and still do. Her popularity on local radio stations and many iTunes outlets is amazing. Carole, have a happy birthday on 02-09-11!!

Carol King - Icon | Reviewer: marlene young | 10/11/10

Carol King's exquisite songs and lyrics helped me through some tough times growing up, since we are about the same age. I don't think there will ever be another and how lucky we are that we still have her.

July 17th Vegas Concert | Reviewer: Sandy | 7/21/10

Just saw James Taylor/Carole King in concert...It was an amazing show...Carole was warm and energetic, and James modest and charming. Their music was so nostalgic and heartfelt, and both sang beautifully. I felt privileged to be there.

With James Taylor in Chicago-United Center | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/10

Awesome, Awesome Awesome,

What a great Show--Carole's voice is incredible!!! She is tireless too!!!
Paired with James Taylor-recieved two standing ovations--one of the best concerts I have seen!!!!

Write these musicals! | Reviewer: Sidney Goldberg | 7/10/08

Write the music to these hip Jewish styled shows! Maybe the new 'Fiddler on the Roof'? Click and you'll see I write up a storm: book and lyrics to 20 musicals. Eight have been completed by some of the most accomplished composers (see bio) and are currently under consideration, the rest are waiting to be composed.

One of the funniest musicals ever written, about nutty, meshugeneh Jews; Abraham, fulfilling his covenant with God by circumcising himself. "Abraham's Cut," is a hysterically funny story about the last Mohel, circumciser in the Bronx. The three desperate candidates who have come to be circumcised are petrified when they meet the Mohel, who turns out to be wearing very thick glasses, his hands shake and says he like to drink bourbon before all his circumcisions.

"That Bestseller," is a funny and sexual story about how the Bible was supposedly written by two starving messhugeneh brothers, Abie and Leyzer 5,000 years ago.

"So Far Away" | Reviewer: Kayla Spencer | 5/26/08

"So Far Away" is my favorite song ever. I love the whole idea of the song. The first time I heard it I remember thinking wow,that song is really moving & really touched my heart.
Yours Truly,
Kayla Spencer

INCOMPARABLE | Reviewer: Pamanda | 2/7/08

Never before, and most likely never again will there be an artist of her caliber. Her music has touched the hearts and souls of all genders, races, and ages. During the sixties and seventies she is the one artist that my grandmother, mother and I would listen to together.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Person to Person - Morty to Carole | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

Tis is personal for carole king. I live at lake waubeeka. I knew your father sidney klein well and also your mother ginny. I bought your wurlitzer spinet piano from ginny before she moved to florida. I am planning to sell it because I may relocate. So I offer it back to you first before I put it on the market. Are you interested? Morton Morrison 12 arthur street danbury ct 06810 203 748 7339