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Performed by Carole King

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Brings back great memories of early '70s in BC Cda | Reviewer: Réal R GuérinBrings | 9/10/12

Now I'm 63 and will teach it to my 16 year old grandson who is learning the guitar.That song pirks you up. You want to do something positive each God's given day. Chanson magnifique! Perpétuelle. Tout comme « You've got a friend ».

Beautiful | Reviewer: Pamela Moldan | 5/3/11

I was wondering why this song that seemed so familiar was in my head for the past week or so and then searched for it. As soon as I saw it was by Carole King, I realized that the lovely blond on American Idol had sung it and it was still swirling around in my head... as it IS... BEAUTIFUL!! The way it makes you feel! You GOT TO... GET UP... every morning, with a smile on your face, and SHOW THE WORLD... all the love in your heart!!
Just makes you smile!

Wonderful! | Reviewer: Gina Scala | 11/19/09

I've been a Carole King fan since I was just a little girl and here I am at 41 today,still loving her music! Beautiful is a great song,especially when a person needs his or spirits lifted. Very inspirational!

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