This is what people listen to? | Reviewer: You-don't-need-to-know-my-name | 8/16/13

One word. WHY?
I'll admit,it's catchy, and gets stuck in your head,but still. I bet kids are listening to the radio or something, and this comes on,and they start either,
1,Crying their eyes out
2,Eye's and/or ears start bleeding
or 3,They start laughing.
I know,when I first heard this song,I liked it the 5th time I heard it.
And then,I hated it for everytime after. I mean,it's overplayed,the lyrics are just 'goggle gu', for all you 7 years olds that means 'BAD',and they just...don't make sense. LOOK AT THIS,
'But it's in my way.' What exactly is in your way,Carly? Is is it a wall? Can we make it sound proof,too? 'And all the other boys,try to chase me!' Yea, to get you back behind that wall. And let's not forget...'Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad!' does that even make sense? Can she read fortunes now?
I once heard a metalcore of this song. It was better than the original. And one last thing...'Where you think your goin',baby?' That seems like someone is locked away or something,I don't know.
OVERALL, i think it's a terrible song,and i know i'm not alone. If you like it,eh,not my problem.

Response to song written poorly | Reviewer: will | 11/26/12

Regardless of if the song was written poorly or not it is a money maker I wish I was able to write a song like this reap the benefits of the money regardless of how it sounds. Bottom line , it's a catchy tune and it made a lot of money

Filler on top of filler | Reviewer: Shane | 11/11/12

This song is written very poorly. In the first line she starts talking about some guy who she has certain feelings for and then out of the blue says that he is in her way.She talks about this guy as if she knew him for a while. The lines afterward make it sound like she's talking about the same person but now she's talking about how she has no idea who this guy is, and she thinks he is hot. Worst line in the song, and many will agree is "Before you came into my life I missed you so bad". Words cannot describe how poorly written this song is. It is obivious this song has barely any thought put into it.