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my father | Reviewer: Bobby Belew | 7/26/09

I'm the son of Carl Belew and I just found this site and I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words concerning my father. Mom passed away about a year and a half ago so its just me and my family now. I have most of his recording that I converted to CD from a group of records a policeman let me borrow (we couldn't keep a copy of any of his records because he kept giving them away), so I have a nice collection now. God bless each of you and once again, thank you.

Bobby Belew

Louisiana Hayride Ballinger, Texas 1957 | Reviewer: sid holmes | 7/20/09

We (Cavaliers) had the pleasure of opening for Johnny Horton & Carl Belew at the Texas Theater in 1957. The crowd was nearly 900 mostly teens so we held our own doing Elvis numbers. Carl sang "Stop The World" with his 2 piece band (up-right bass & guitar) and don't remember what Horton sang? Fun times for sure.

Tahlequah, OK | Reviewer: John Blackard | 1/11/09

Carl used to play at the rodeo ground in Tahlequah, OK when I was a student at Northeastern in 1957-58.
His shows were probably the most crowded of all the singers who played there.

Most people know "Crystal Chandelier" by Charlie Pride and they have never heard of Carl Belew. but the true country fan knows of his achievements.

I so enjoyed reading the input from Carl's family members here. Family is special to me and I want to thank the members of his family for sharing with us. Especially his granddaughter Crissy, "whistle, fart and ride in a cart". They don't make them like him anymore!

Carl Belew | Reviewer: Paul | 12/23/07

My mother had the good fortune of meeting Carl Belew way back in the 60's. I grew up listening to his music. I own the cd that was recently released, but it does not have all the tunes my mother used to play. I would give anything to have "Masquerade Party" and "Speak to Me". My mother passed away two weeks ago, and am in a nastaliac mood to hear them again.

Memories | Reviewer: Joan K. Williams | 12/17/07

I Remember when I was a child back in the 1960's hearing a song on the radio by Carl Belew called "Crystal Chandaliers". I so liked that song, but hadn't heard it for years and years. Finally, after years and years of hunting for a Carl Belew CD with that song on it, I was surfing the internet about 2 months ago and what do you know? I found a Carl Belew CD (brand new, I might add) on!!I bought it and it's like that pearl that you search & search for and you treasure it when you find it!! Still love the song!! Carl Belew difintely did not get the credit he so richly deserves. God bless!! Joan K. Williams

my grandpa | Reviewer: crissy belew | 8/29/07

carl belew is my grandpa. i was 9 years old at the time of his death. i dont remember very many things about him. just random bits of memeory, like the way he walked and the silly songs he would make up on the spur of the moment. he always told me my sister and my brother that he could do 3 things at once; whistle, fart and ride in a cart. lol. i cant remember his voice but my dad took a lot of his records cleaned them up and burned them to cds for the family. so when i want to hear his voice i just put his cd in and there he is again.anyway, thank you to everyone and anyone who enjoyed his music. he was truely a wonderful man husband father grandpa and singer songwriter. thanks again on behalf of his family....crissy belew

Fond Memories | Reviewer: Gary Wallace | 6/6/07

Carl Belew was married to my Aunt Kate (actually my mothers first cousin) When I was a kid he would stop by my Mom and Dads house and play and sing for us. Some items to add to his bio, he made appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, was a regular on the Louisiana Hayride, and made over twelve albums. Carl could belt out a honkey tonk rockabilly song, bring you to tears with a tender love ballad or reduce you to peaceful reverence with an old gospel hymn. He truly was one of the most musically talented people I have ever known...GARY

Belew on Blue | Reviewer: carl mann | 6/3/07

carl was a close friend of mine. also my favorite great songwriter of all time , I also recorded songs of carls including> I can't forget you> born to be bad>Stop the world &others.I toured with carl quite a bit in early sixties he was a great agreat guy .my guitar player Eddie Bush also worked with carl a lot. Thanks carl for all your beautiful songs. We all miss you. carl mann

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