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feels like im a devil after of my deathhh... | Reviewer: Godkiller manoj | 4/18/14

Fans of lady gaga may be r into pussy but those who after CC are bout to get eternal prize....1 respect to legend makes death easy if you wana into death metal with CC....

To All The Haters | Reviewer: Stupid Haters | 11/4/13

CC is a band that pushes musical limits, I mean how many countries non musical bands like Ne-Yo,or flo rida, selena gomez been banned from performing at concert. That and I would like to see most of you haters perform some of these musically inclines riffs and growl every night and still be able to talk. My guess is you can't. You see murder in horror movies , Let me guess that disquits you too So keep on hated. It will only fuel us real CC fans to love them more and generate more music like this

review of the album : torture | Reviewer: corffenide | 6/9/12

Torture is just a awesome pick in the field of brutal death metal.. the growls are just a fucken boilers to the metalworker.. we deadly growlers just wanted to squeeze our head with the tempo of the songs..

Corffenide( melodic metal band from Assam) picks the scourge of iron as their best est work in the album....

metalworkers just don't scream in metal but scream with a dream..


CC | Reviewer: Helena | 2/1/09

CC is in my honest opinion one of the best death metl bands ever. If you are into death metal then CC is definately on the top of the list of the bands to listen to. I mean, they were already making their sound when half of their fans weren't even born yet. Reeling in fans ranging from 12 to 30. That kinda sais something about a band i think.. seeing that most CC members are not 20 or so anymore and still give a performance full of energy and power, and still have the want to tour and stuff.. it's just amazing. Some may whine that they don't give much of a shocking show (like Manson would..) but that's the trick. They don't need the laser lights show and huge scary props to set the mood. They just come on and do their thing and that's all that's neccessary. nothing over the top. great music, great concerts. Brutal to the core by just being the way they are. \m/

brenda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/08

its quite funny to read most of this nonscence haha i mean seriously i guess theres verry few of me out there that are less dumber than the usual
haha yea a GREAT DEATH metal band but ofcourse i agree there isnt a lot of people in the world that appreciate this kind of so call it work of art but than again thats not a bad thing if we war all the SAME i think we would all have gone MADD!! and im so damn sick of these walking young sacks saying CC IS DAMN TRENDY !! lol is it 2008 folks ? because 15 years is a LOOONG time to trend and their biggest selling record came out in 1994 so these people are what ?? 9 years late hahaha and now their hoorriiffiic lyrics lol i guess its just a personal choice in how to take their work and interpret it them selfs in so may different ways but when i read their lyrics or listen to their songs i enter a dimension of a horror scene and me beeing the narrator i mean hell i will never forget Shredded Humans i mean that story was amazing it game me the chills of exitement well ill leave you with this named Style : "We don't sing about politics. We don't sing about religion. [...] All our songs are short stories that, if anyone would so choose they could convert it into a horror movie. Really, that's all it is. We love horror movies. We like gruesome, scary movies, and we want the lyrics to be like that. Yeah, it's about killing people, but it's not promoting it at all. Basically these are fictional stories, and that's it. And anyone who gets upset about it is ridiculous".By Cannibal Corpse
Ps I appreciate this band and im here to show my support and i mean this is better than reading a book or watching a movie why ? cuz i hate to read or sit my flat ass for hours infront of the box i guess music is just my first choice i have all their damn cds scince 1990 till NOW !! and this is the way cannibal corpse works for me

CC | Reviewer: CC FAN FOR LIFE | 10/5/07

Cannibal Corpse fucking owns, despite all the people who hate it after hearing three seconds of there music i still love it. When u get down to the musicality of CC they own all. They have faster, more technical stuff than nearly any band out there. The death growl is extremely hard to do CORRECTLY without injuring yourself, and this music is as valid as any other kind.

omg | Reviewer: Grim Reaper | 9/26/07

r u sick in the head.those guys suck.death metal sucks!!its just noice and they even hav lyrics...?who cares,like anyone understands them.death growl is a discusting way to sing.i can do it,but never would.its just moronic

these guys are great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/07

You know, I honestly don't know why people hate them. Sure there lyrics are disgusting and indecipherable, but who gives a fuck? Behind all that shit is a bunch of damn well talented musicians.

CC Is Good | Reviewer: Ben | 6/8/07

I never liked death metal because the lyrics were just too disgusting, and the messages were grotesque, until I found CC. I listened to them, and yes, they are quiet... sick, but their sound is amazing, especially the guitar solos on I Cum Blood.

KEEP IT BRUTAL | Reviewer: George 'Corpse Grinder' Fisher | 6/3/07

I would liek to than k all the people that support us in here and CC dosent care if we have soem haters..I think from the hundred thousands of people that come and watch our showws or other metal bands i think we are doing just good with out those people...thanks to all our supporters and haters...check out our myspace too

George ' Corpse Grinder' Fisher

cannibal corpse is the shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

cannibal corpse is the shit you guys are just fucking fags

cannibal corpse is fucking awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

cannibal corpse is one my favorite bands they got some fucking wicked lyrics they are the best death metal band in the world fucking period.

Cannibal Corpse | Reviewer: Me | 6/14/06

Cannibal Corpse are quite a unique band. There's lots of things to like and dislike about this band

+They are very unique. Not many bands would go so far to push and break all boundaies. Despite being banned in loads of countries they are the most sucessful death metal band out there.
+Great pounding barrage of instruments. Despite all that they are very talented and complex. Not as complex as Bolt Thrower and Carcass, but in broad music terms they are complex

-10 albums of the same ridiculous lyrics gets annoying. For decent lyrics try Bolt Thrower and Death. (Well Death have deceased now but if you haven't tried them I recommended it!)
-What's the point of putting such controversial lyrics out there if the lyrics are undecipherable! The lyrics are extreme to the point of the band being banned and yet the death growls are so low and incoherrent.

Turned Away | Reviewer: Frank | 6/4/06

I listen to a bunch of types of metal, but Death Metal isnt one i listen to a whole lot. and i think that it was bands like CC that made me not want to listen to Death Metal that much. Not so much that theyre a bad band, its just their image and their lyrics are a little extreme, what with all this talk of death and ways to die or be torchered. not something i wanna hear about if im trying to eat, you know what i mean?

How can death appeal to someone that much? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/06

Ok sure its called DEATH METAL, but most bands of this genre dont always talk about death. Cannibal Corpse seems to go out of their way to find new gross and disgusting ways for someone to either die or torcher someone. I mean noone wants to die, but these guys seem to think dying in these ways is amusing. Even their name is grotesque. And the lyrics are just something i cant even begin to tell why they arent right. Im just glad that they sing in such deep voices that you cant hear these stomach turning lyrics.

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